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Child Maltreatment, Vol. 2, No. 2, 91-112 (1997) DOI:  
10.1177/1077559597002002001 Videotaped Discovery of a Reportedly Unrecallable  
Memory of Child 
Sexual Abuse: Comparison with a Childhood Interview Videotaped  11 Years Before 
David L. Corwin...Erna Olafson...This article presents the  history, verbatim 
transcripts, and behavioral observations of a child's  disclosure of sexual 
abuse to Dr. David Corwin in 1984 and the spontaneous  return of that 
unrecallable memory during an interview between the  same individual, now a 
young adult, and Dr. Corwin 11 years later. Both  interviews were videotape 
recorded. The significance, limitations, and clinical  implications of this 
case study are discussed. Five commentaries by  researchers from differing 
empirical perspectives who have reviewed these  videotape-recorded interviews 
follow this article. _http://cmx.sagepub.com/cgi/content/abstract/2/2/91_ 
Child Abuse Negl. 1985;9(4):457-67. Child sexual abuse: a study of  
prevalence in Great Britain. Baker AW, Duncan SP. Of 2019 men and women (aged 
15  years 
and over) interviewed as part of a MORI Survey of a nationally  
representative sample of Great Britain, 10% reported that they had been 
sexually  abused 
before the age of 16 (12% of females; 8% of males). There was no  increased 
associated with specific social class categories or area of  residence. For 
all types of sexual abuse, the mean age of victims when first  abused was 
significantly lower for females. Subjective reports of the effects of  sexual 
indicated that the majority (51%) felt harmed by the experience,  while only 
4% reported that it had improved the quality of their life. We  estimate that 
there are over 4.5 million adults in Great Britain who were  sexually abused 
as children, and that a potential 1,117,000 children will be  sexually abused 
before they are 15 years of age. At least 143,000 of these will  be abused 
within the family....PMID: 4084825 

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