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Packaging abuse of women as entertainment for adults  TheStar.com - living - 
Packaging abuse of women as entertainment for adults -  Cruel, degrading 
scenes `normalized' for generation brought up in dot-com world  1/26/08 Antonia 
Zerbisias Living Columnist....According to the Internet Filter  Review, 
porn revenues, including in-room movies at hotels, sex clubs  and the 
ever-expanding E-sex world, topped $97 billion in 2006. That's more than  the 
revenues of the top technology companies combined: Microsoft, Google,  Amazon, 
Yahoo!, Apple, Netflix and EarthLink....Every second, 28,258  Internet users 
are viewing pornography....That's a lot of women who, for  whatever their 
reasons, and most likely they are economic, are being  tortured....There's a 
market for the domination of women....Robert Jensen,  a journalism professor at 
the University of Texas at Austin, has been tracking  the trend for years. In 
his new book Getting Off: Pornography and the End of  Masculinity, he writes 
with alarm about how the "cruelty line" in mass-market  pornography is driving 
up. At the same time, the "normalization" line – "the  measure of the 
acceptance of pornography in the mainstream of contemporary  culture" – is also 
sharply. "If pornography is increasingly cruel and  degrading, why is it 
increasingly commonplace instead of more marginalized?" he  writes. "In a 
that purports to be civilized, wouldn't we expect most  people to reject sexual 
material that becomes evermore (sic) dismissive of the  humanity of women? How 
do we explain the simultaneous appearance of more, and  increasingly more 
intense, ways to 
humiliate women sexually and the rising  popularity of the films that present 
those activities?" _http://www.thestar.com/printArticle/296391_ 

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