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Subject: Rudolph Diesel and Hemp oil

Rudolph Diesel, inventor of the diesel engine, designed the diesel to
operate on Hemp oil. The Hemp tree produces four times more oxygen than a
tree, thereby solving the greenhouse effect, produces no toxic exhaust, only
Co-2 and water. The plants use carbon dioxide, Co-2 to make oxygen. IT is
estimated that less than 20 million acres of farmland would supply Americas
fuel requirements annually. It costs just pennies to refine Hemp oil into
Hemp fuel. Smog devices would no longer be needed on engines. To pump and
go, all that is necessary is a simple computer mapping change on fuel
injected cars and trucks, and a small carburetor jet change for older models
and we would be set to operate an efficient, nontoxic and inexpensive
alternate energy source. Do your own research and you will find this message
to be quite factual as well.


How DID True Hemp ( Cannabis sativa,
 sub-species sativa ) disappear from American

 Starting in the late 1920's, forest-products,
 cotton, oil,
 petrochemical, steel, and perhaps even aluminum
 industries feared
 COMPETITION from a very innovative new technology;
 the HEMP

 HEMP DECORTICATORS were just becoming
 commercially-available on True
 Hemp farms. This key technology would have allowed
 family farmers to
 create a carbohydrate economy to replace what is now
 a system dominated
 by hydrocarbons (oil, coal, and natural-gas).

 In fact, in the February, 1938 edition of Popular
 Mechanics, hemp was
 heralded as a 'New Billion Dollar Crop'.

 Exactly what caused the demise of True Hemp
 commodity farming? Well, in
 1917 George W. Schlicten pulled off a sort of
 stunt, only way better....he patented the HEMP
 farm-machine that mechanically seperates the fiber
 the True Hemp stalk. This labor-saving device was
 just barely beginning to kick some
 in the
 late 1920's.

 Coincidentally, this is exactly when a deliberate
 smear campaign was
 launched (by print, newsreel, and radio) to
 discredit what was THEN a
 very new and mysterious word: marijuana. A negative
 image was assigned
 to that now-dreaded M-word.

 Non-drug, True Hemp simply had to be stopped (if you
 were a wealthy
 industrialist, that is....)

 Although the indica sub-species may or may not
 compete with patented,
 synthetic, man-made-chemicals that can be centrally
 controlled by
 pharmaceutical corporations,
 I do believe that sativa
 sub-species-non-drug-True-Hemp commodity
 COMPETITION is what very big business actually
 stopped (by clever

 Gary Thomas

Hemp Hurds as Paper-Making Material by Lyster Hoxie Dewey and Jason L.

Creator     Dewey, Lyster Hoxie, 1865-1944
Creator     Merrill, Jason L.
Title     Hemp Hurds as Paper-Making Material
United States Department of Agriculture, Bulletin No. 404
Language     English
EText-No.     17855
Release?Date     2006-02-25
Copyright Status     Not copyrighted in the United States. If you live
elsewhere check the laws of your country before downloading this ebook.
Base?Directory     /files/17855/

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 Project Gutenberg Literary Archive Foundation


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