-Caveat Lector-

>The bad guys, just like the communist revolutionaries, have a tactical
>advantage because they fight with no rules. To overcome their upper hand
>without sinking to their level, we must be ready to outmaneuver and
>overwhelm them. With a functioning government in cyberspace, already in
>place, we will be able to outmaneuver them. With trained judges in
>America's top 100 cities and in every county in the country (one of our
>first goals), we will overwhelm the opposition. Be prepared.

I don't want to seem like a damp blanket - but the idea of using the
internet as a hub of 'subversion' to change the world is ludicrous.
The Net could be zoned off in seconds - and online people siphoned
off into covertly controlled mirror sites without them ever realising
You could never be sure who or what you're talking to.
I was posting a free energy paper out one night to a huge list of relativity
scientists when I noticed connection problems.
The guy at easynet said I was lucky that I was speaking to him and
that he was one of the few people that had core access.
He said my internet line goes to Cambridge, Bristol and Cheltenham [GCHQ],
then to two LINUX mainframes in London before it goes anywhere near the Net.
He then said nervously ..... should I be talking to you ???
So as far as Cyberspace government is concerned forget it.
Use carrier pigeons, they're environmentally friendly, secure and also
very tasty -
The British Military Intelligence set up a carrier pigeon unit during
World War 2 - intended to drop leaflets behind enemy lines - staffed
by a bunch of socialites and aristocrats it was called MI 10 ...

Andrew Hennessey
Transformation Studies Group
Edinburgh   Scotland


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