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(Copyright, 1992-99, William R. Lyne)
Dear Remy, and Lloyd,
        it may be true that Lusar was a German officer during the war, but he was not in the Luftwaffe, and his information on flying discs was limited on a "need to know basis", so he really didn't have any information beyond the general appearances of the ships. Lusar's knowledge and speculations were based on conventional jet-propulsion technology already generally known to the public by the time he wrote his books, and the "boundary layer" technology, which was strictly aerodyne technology, of Prandtl and later Coanda, was also declassified early on, showing that it had nothing whatsoever to do with REAL flying disc technology. The secret agencies have declassified NOTHING relating to true, electro-propulsive flying ship technology, including any historical origins, theories, or related developments which might lead investigators to the real technology. I was able to piece the technology together during over 50 years of research, during which I saw electro-propulsive flying saucers up close (300' maximum distance), in broad daylight, with many witnesses. I was able to discover Tesla's secret primarily by reference to papers published prior to 1900, supplanted by remarks and tidbits leaked through news paper, book, archive and magazine material since then. I combined this with numerous information gleaned from numerous personal contacts and experiences to come up with the complete picture. I have pieced together the major substance of Tesla's Dynamic Theory of Gravity, which was completed by Tesla in 1893-94, which was never published by him, and which is still classified by the U.S. government, because in the theory lies the secrets of the electro-propulsive technology.
        The persons Lusar named, such as Miethe, Schriever, etc., etc., were primarily aerodyne DESIGNERS, not inventors of the technology. This was particularly true of the Italian, Belluzo.  The aerodyne projects (based on aerodynamics and jet-propulsion, or in the case of Habermohl's Flugerad, heliocopter technology combined with rotating jet-propulsion pods) were for misinformational purposes, because the Germans had already acquired the far superior electro-propulsive technology of Nikola Tesla, as early as 1934 insofar as I have been able to determine, and tested the technology at Los Alamos, New Mexico, in a secret project called "p2", between 1936-38, under the direction of Wernher von Braun, who had come to New Mexico on the invitation of the American Rocket Society, the Smithsonian, and the Simon and Florence Guggenheim foundations, to work with Dr. Robert Goddard, at his laboratory at Mescalero, New Mexico, with a test range at Eden Valley. Tesla apparently agreed to work in the German project, after he had offered the technology to the U.S. government on several occasions, and was treated like a lunatic. He was led into the project under the idea that it was "for peace" and "all mankind".
        In late 1945, General George Patton made a deep penetration beyond Russian lines to Peenemunde, to retrieve or destroy all the electric disc technology, rocket technology, and related technology, so the Russians wouldn't get it---at least from that source---and among the things found by Patton, was 200 celestial guidance systems for German flying discs, which were stored deep underground in a salt cave. Patton was ordered to destroy the systems, which really made him mad, but he didn't know that our intelligence and the corporations already had all the duplicate files on these weapons and developments. The Germans had around two large stashes of these files, and we got them both. This trip by Patton---in which saucer-hunting intelligence officers posed as tank commanders---has now been completely purged from all war histories available to the public, and the entire incident classified, although I read about it in 1957, and discussed it with my co-workers in Air Force Intelligence. In 1979, as detailed in my book, PENTAGON ALIENS (1999)(the third edition of Space Aliens From the Pentagon), I acquired a Peiltochterkompass ("polar slave compass), which was brought to Sandia Base, New Mexico, with some of the electro-propulsive German saucers after the war. This device is one-half of one of the celestial (inertial) guidance systems which Patton found in the Peenemunde salt cave.
        I was personal friends with a rocket pioneer, Peter van Dresser, who was angry about Goddard's sharing of his rocket technology with von Braun, and considered him a traitor. Van Dresser's technology antedates that of von Braun and Goddard. His solid-fueled rockets outperformed all theirs until the liquid fuel technology was finally improved by Goddard and later by von Braun at Peenemunde. Van Dresser also knew of the early project which von Braun participated in at Los Alamos, which I later unearthed physical evidence of. The fact that von Braun was in New Mexico after Hitler and Himmler had commissioned him and promoted him to project leader at Peenemunde, and the chief professor of all rocket research in the Third Reich, has been carefully hidden from the American people and the world, because of the embarrassing truth, that Goddard's technology (and van Dresser's mathematical formula, called "Van Dresser's Constant") were used to fire thousands of rockets into Belgium and England. The reported performance characteristics are mere hearsay. Meanwhile, at Peenemunde, where the  REAL "flying disc" project was being carried out, in addition to special projects nearby, Wernher von Braun and associates were building and testing ships which were exclusively electrically propelled, based on technology developed and tested by Nikola Tesla in 1894, et. seq.
        The ironic thing in all of this is that the greatest rocket genius the Germans had, Willi Ley, was the original invitee to work with Goddard (and to conduct the secret p2 project), but Ley realized already (in 1934) that there was going to be a war, and he didn't want to be on the wrong side. Ley was also Germany's greatest microwave expert, something which made him ideal for the work on the discs. He defected, took out American citizenship papers in 1937, and married a Russian ballerina in New York City, named Olga Feldman. He then worked as a science writer until 1944, when the U.S. government finally hired him under the auspices of the Burke Aircraft Corporation in Georgia, which then took up residence at College Park, Md., to begin the first American electro-propulsive flying disc project, which had come to the government's attention due to allied encounters with the electro-propulsive discs over Germany. After Ley was lost by Germany, Dr. Heinz Fischer became the head microwave expert. Fischer was later employed at Wright-Patterson A.F.B., working on electro-propulsive American versions of the German discs after the war.
        I personally viewed the gun-camera film taken of the small, manned, German electro-propulsive ships which were encountered in the night time B-17 G bombing raids over the ball bearing factories at Schweinfurt (around 1943 or 1944). The reel of film I viewed was the original film taken by some of my co-workers, since my intelligence outfit was the original 8th A.F. group which was in charge of the intelligence in those raids. Some of my co-workers rode as observers and some manned cameras, as the gun-crews tried in vain to shoot the "foo-fighters", which travelled in spirals around the bombers, at speeds well over 1,000 mph. It was clear that the ships were electro-propulsive, because of the profuse corona discharges, while the windshields through which the pilots could be seen, glinted in the sparkling light produced by the corona.
         The aerodyne technology is now being used to conceal the electro-propulsive technology, just as the Nazis used it during the war. Lusar was under the control of the post-war censors at the time he published his books, and couldn't have revealed the true technology even if he'd known about it.
         I hope this information is useful to you and the group in understanding that the technology is not aerodynamic. The saucer I saw in 1953, performed two absolutely square turns at over 200 mph and accelerated to perhaps 25,000 mph in three seconds, on a bee-line for Ft. Bliss, Texas, where von Braun was brought in 1945, as the new chief of U.S. Army ordnance. The Peenemunde project was under ordnance, and they considered the flying saucer as ordnance.
        The secrecy of this technology benefits the old-money oligarchs who control the economy and politics of the world, is a detriment to mankind, and even Edward Teller agrees with me on this issue.

William R. Lyne

Remy C. wrote:

Dear Lloyd,

I let this through to the end secrecy list even though the list is only for
articles and not discussions, because the question widens the debate on this
issue. A-albionic has been around for a long time and I've always enjoyed
your input ever since my Factsheet 5 days. But it will be deleted from the
archives once it has been posted to subscribers.

In the future, any article you may have that could benefit the objectives of
the rally, please send them directly to this email address.

You can click either the S4 or the Skywatch icons at the bottom of the
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Remy C.

Subject: Re: German Secret Weapons of World War 2 by Rudolf Lusar Air Force
UFO Footage

Anyone have any inside information on the following quote from Lusar, an
apparently well informed officer in a Nazi technical unit about German
wartime technological advances:

"Flying saucers have been whirling round the world since 1947,
suddenly turning up here and there, soaring in and darting off again at
unprecendented speed with flames encircling the rim of the saucer's disc.
They have been located by radar, pursued by fighters and yet nobody so far
succeeded in establishing the existence of such a "flying saucer" or managed
to ram or shoot one down. . .Experts and collaborators in this work confirm
that the first projects, called "flying discs", were undertaken in 1941.
The designs for these "flying discs" were drawn up by the German experts
Schriever, Habermohl, and Mieth, and the Italian Bellonzo.  Habermohl and
Schriever chose a wide-surface ring which rotated round a fixed,
cupola-shaped cockpit.  .  . Within three minutes they climbed to an
altitute of 12,400 m. and reache a speed of 2,000 km/hr in horizontal
flight(!).  It was intended ultimately to achieve speeds of 4,000 km./hr. .
. . existing models were destroyed but the plant in Breslau where Miethe
worked fell into the hands of the Russians who took all the material and
experts to Siberia, where work o these "flying saucers" is being
successfully continued. . .Schriever escaped from Prague in time; Habermohl,
however, is probably in the Soviet Union, as nothing is know of this fate.
The former designer Miethe is in the United States and, as far as is known,
is building "flying saucers" for the United States and Canada at the A. V.
Roe works. . .Years ago, the US Air Force received orders not to fire at
"flying saucers".  .  . diameters of 16, 42, 45, and 75 m. and speeds of
7,000 km/hr.  In 1952, "flying saucers" were definitely established over
Korea and Press reports said they were seen also during the NATO manoeuvres
in Alsace in the Autumn of 1954."

German Secret Weapons of the Second World War by Lusar pp 164-166
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