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In "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom", Indiana Jones searches for and
finds several "holy stones" that gives unlimited power to anyone who
possesses them. These "holy stones" parallel the mythical history of
Lodestone thats said to give the holder whatever power they wanted.
In "Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade" we get more connections to
Freemasonry and hidden information. In the film, the father of Indiana Jones
is on a search for the Holy Grail and along with Indiana they find it being
guarded inside a booby-trapped cave by a member of the Knights Templar.
According to several different sources, the Knights Templar are the
predecessors of the Freemasons. It is said that the Freemasons inherited a
large body of hidden information from the Knights Templar. Earlier in the
film, Indiana Jones is nearly killed and then befriended by protectors of
the Grail. These protectors wear Fez caps similar to Scottish Rite
Freemasons known as the Shriners.
As a metapor, Holy Grail can mean "eternal life" or the inheriting of a
large body of information that would enlighten the world. It can also be a
metaphor of George Lucas reaching the upper levels of Freemasonry. The
ultimate possibility is that it's all of the above.

This glpyh of high-tech devices implies the existence of an ancient
high-tech civilization that existed thousands of years before our current
civilization. All of the theories regarding this civilization lead to one
conclusion, that there was ancient involvement in human affairs by
extra-terrestrials. This is the ultimate secret known by the Freemasons,
George Lucas and several other powerful Hollywood personalities including
"Titanic" director James Cameron.


The following is from the book  THE BLACK SUN:  Montauk's Nazi-Tibetan
Connection,  by Peter Moon:

There is a lot more information yet to come forth with regard to the whole
subject of Star Wars.  Preston Nichols was involved with the sound
production and has publicly claimed in lectures that psychics were used to
project into the filming so that people would come and see the movie several

The Star Wars series itself was based upon George Lucas's Journal of the
Will.  Although it has not been publicly released, this journal contained
the dreams and inspirations of Lucas, a man who is reported to have lived at
Montauk.  The use of the word "will" is a distinct parallel to Aleister
Crowley's concept of the will.  When one unleashes the will, whether it is
through George Lucas or any other individual, the truth has a way of coming
forth.  The truth we are concerned about, lest anybody wonder, is unlocking
the secrets of time.

It seems clear that both Duncan and George Lucas were pulling from the same
source.  When we consider that Mark Hamill was once a roommate of Duncan, a
childhood friend of Preston and eventually became the brother-in-law of
George Lucas, their is less room for speculation.  There was an active but
unseen influence working on all of them.

It seems that Hamill, Lucas and Preston (who worked as a sound engineer for
these movies) all contributed to the Star Wars effort in an attempt to
remind the population at large of its ancient legacy and predicament.  They
were shifting mythological archetypes with this work of art, and there is no
question that Star Wars totally revolutionized Hollywood, particularly in
regards to special effects technology.  More importantly, it shed a more
respectable light on how science fiction would be viewed.  It became
mainstream.  Preston, Duncan and Al [Bielek] would eventually take this a
step further and release the Montauk information.


Jan [van Helsin] explained to me that after the Berlin wall crumbled,
certain information could no longer be contained.  Secret Societies such as
the Knights Templar, which had been severely repressed under the East German
government, were now coming forward and releasing what had been closely
guarded secrets.  Jan proceeded to clue me in on all sorts of information
which became the focal point of my investigation....

Secret Societies and their Power in the 20th Century is the title of Jan's
book.  It was written in the German language and quickly became a best
seller with over 50,000 copies being sold in Europe.  As it became more
popular, the book caught the attention of the German government and was
banned as being "inciteful to the masses."  The book was primarily about
political conspiracy and included only a few chapters on esoteric subjects.
The main controversy which got Jan into trouble had to do with the Jewish
issue.  He included The Protocols of the Elders of Zion, a document which
conventional historians claim to be a forgery.  Conspiracy historians do not
necessarily accept this view.  Their main point is that if The Protocols
were a forgery, they are an exact methodology through which a group such as
the Illuminati would use to control world politics.  Whatever the exact
truth of The Protocols is, including them in a book is not going to win
support from organizations like the B'nai Brith and the Anti'Defamation

....The secret he was unveiling had to do with the Black Knights, a group
who trace their origin back to the original Knights Templar.  According to
his research, the Black Knights are the legitimate heirs of the Knights
Templar who were burned at the stake during the purge of the Inquisition.
Jan said that the Nazis, via the Black Knights, had an ancient manuscript in
their hands that had once actually belonged to the Templars.  Before that,
it belonged to the scribes of Israel.  The precious secret contained in this
manuscript is that the Hebrew scribes identified their God as El Shaddai,
the outcast Archangel or Satan.  This information might sound shocking to
those who are particularly self righteous.  It apparently had the same
effect on leading proponents of the Aryan cause and flamed their

The Celtic tribes emigrated from Central Asia and made their way to Egypt.
Once there, they lived quite compatibly with the Pharaoh's ruling
establishment.  Both peoples contributed to the Egyptian legacy that we know
today.  A cultural break during the time of Ramses II is symbolized in the
story of Moses taking the Hebrews across the Red Sea.  The term "Hebrews" in
this sense actually refers to a potpourri of different peoples which
included the Celts.  We also know during this time period that a Celtic man
by the name of Niul married the Pharaoh's daughter, Scota.  Their
descendants named Scotland in her honor.  The Scottish islands of the
Hebrides are an obvious reference to Hebrew or Hebron, a city south of

While writing this book, I received a letter which revealed another layer of
mystery with regard to the Montauk-Nazi connection.  It was from a gentleman
who worked on the Star Wars films.  In no undertain terms, he said that
those films, as well as the Indiana Jones series, were all produced in
England at the facilities of Thorn EMI, the mysterious company already
associated with Aleister Crowley and The Philadelphia Experiment.

Raiders of the Lost Ark, written by George Lucas, is of particular interest
when we consider the Nazi connection.  Steven Spielberg, who directed this
movie, is said to have taken a lot of heat in the Jewish community for his
role with Raiders because it popularized Nazis and made them remarkable
characters, albeit evil ones.  Some consider this a glorification of the
Nazis' so-called mystical powers.....

Different news stories have reported Spielberg or his companies buying
defense industry properties on Long Island that are known to contain
extensive underground facilities.  The locations and companies reported have
varied, but the theme is always the same.  He is bringing his studio to Long
Island to make a film about aliens.  Spielberg's connections to the
government are legendary.  They begin with his movie Close Encounters of the
Third Kind and extend forward to E.T. where he reportedly gave a White House

More about the Montauk Project:




This is a collection of Material from the book "Matrix III" (The
Psocho-Social, Chemical, Biological, and Electronic Manipulation of Human
Consciousness), from Valdamar Valerian, First Edition Printing May 1992,
Copyright 1992 Valdamar Valerian.
Adress: Leading Edge Research, P.O. Box 7530, Yelm, Washington State 98597.



This report was constructed from over 9 hours of video interviews, personal
interviews and individual commentary. It is structured in an open
question-answer format, without regard to who is asking the question and who
is answering; this format also allows insertion of other data in the later
part of the report in the same open Q&A format. The data is not proven or
verified, but is reported as received. This report contains information on
the following: The Philadelphia Project, or Project Rainbow, Phoenix
Projects 1-3, origins of the Radiosonde and connections with the work of
Wilhelm Reich, government weather control programs and hidden agenda, the
Montauk Mind Control projects, the deliberate murder of thousands of
American children in mind control research and time tunnel experiments,
government time-tunnel projects and operational procedures, how Nickola
Tesla and Von Neumann contributed to these projects, the "martyrdom clause",
mind control by individual signature, technical ways to produce planetary
holograms and Matreiya effects, the explanation behind closed time loops,
government rationale and plans for the confinement camps and slave labor,
Project Dreamscan, Project Moonscan, the Airborne Instrument Labs, Project
Mindwrecker, the alien groups known as the Kondrashkin and their interaction
with US Government mind control programs, the Kamogol II and Giza Groups,
the negative Sirians, Soviet scalar weaponry, Orion Group manipulations, 6th
root race incarnations, telepathy producing drugs and their use and
suppression, the FAA and zero-time generators, technical spin-offs from the
Philadelphia project, the International Aerospace Alliance, cross-section of
implant device, Wilhelm Reich and mind control, Reichian Orgastic-type
programming and its use by the US Government and Sirians, the Psi-Corps,
Alien soul-trading, Montauk and the aliens from the Antares system, the
Leverons, the Elohim Group, the US Navy and time-tunnel projects, the US
Government and the Greys, electronic life support,systems of the Reptilian
Humanoids, new life form masses over the poles and their relation to yearly
outbreaks of flu-like disease, AIDS and Fort Dietrick (NSA), Maglev trains
and the US underground tunnel network, the missing human genes, buried
spacecraft and alien technical archives under the Giza pyramid, the coming
new money, the "Black Nobility", Nordic and human copper based blood systems
and physiology, the technology of cloning and the development of synthetic
humans and political replacement programs, the Middle East situation,
Congressional awareness of drug and alien agenda, the MIB, the US Army and
the black helicopter forces, government mobile mind disruption technology,
nature and purposes and the Orion Group, fourth density transmutation of the
human race, geological changes, Sirian Mind Control technology, and more,
along with illustrations gleaned from witnesses with photographic memory and
a lot of courage. This information is supplementary to that in Chapter 7
(Matrix III).

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