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Al Gore’s Vision of Planetary Oneness
by Berit Kjos <www.crossroad.to>

"Al Gore's celebrated new emphasis on ‘religious values’ is as phony as a
three-dollar bill," said WND editor Joseph Farah in his July 16 column. "… I
truly believe Al Gore is the point man in a campaign to set a fatal trap for
America's churches and Christian charities."

Mr. Farah is right. Vice President Gore’s "faith-friendly" campaign hides
beliefs that oppose Christianity and his Baptist roots on every point. The
evidence is in his book, Earth in the Balance - Ecology and the Human
Spirit.1 It calls for a "panreligious perspective" that would squeeze
Christianity into a universalist mold. The old biblical absolutes simply don
’t fit the new global spirituality needed as a foundation for a global
earth-centered ethic. Whether Buddhist, Baha’i, Native American, or
"Christian" (without the cross), each model for this blended spirituality
must be:

· pantheistic: god is all, god is in everything

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