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Tuesday August 3, 10:06 PM

Archbishop Raises Doubts over Resurrection

Third Wayism is infecting everyone these days.

Tony Blair has led the Third Way march in Great Britain, as the Clintons
have here.

The Third Way is socialism using non-economic means. It calls for a
restructuring of the social, educational, religious, medical and other major
institutions that create the framework for a modern capitalist society.

Blair set the tone when his new education ministers started reforming
Britain's national school curriculum. Among the topics immediately dumped
from teacher lesson plans was Winston Churchill.

No matter that Churchill had helped win World War II and had been a major
figure for more than five decades of the century. No matter that some
historians view him as the most important figure of the century. Blair's
government had him stricken from all British history lessons.

Such Third Wayism has a way of spreading like a bad disease.

Earlier this week, Britain's Daily Mail reported that the archbishop of
Canterbury, George Carey, has raised significant doubts as to whether Jesus
of Nazareth ever rose from the dead.

The archbishop's pronouncement might be akin to the pope stepping out on his
balcony overlooking St. Peter's Square to announce he just realized he may
not be a Catholic after all.

Using the opportunity of the Millennium -- which marks 2,000 years from the
birth of the Jewish carpenter -- Carey wrote to the faithful, "I can tell
you frankly that while we can be absolutely sure that Jesus lived and that
He was certainly crucified on the Cross, we cannot with the same certainty
say that we know He was raised by God from the dead."

Carey argued that the resurrection "goes against human experience, and our
first instinct is incredulity." He also suggested the idea of the
Resurrection may have helped contribute to the Holocaust.

The archbishop is the head of the Church of England. He is the second-most
prominent figure in Christendom
after the pope. He has now questioned the validity of the central tenet of
all Christian belief.

The Church of England, as a state-sponsored religion, has close ties to the
state. The archbishop apparently didn't think he'd ruffle any feathers with
Tony "Third Way" Blair.

Carey blames the Jesus movement for all evil throughout history. He wrote
that Christianity "has contributed to the oppression of women, to policies
of imperialism, slavery and the repression of free speech."


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