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Author: AR
Date: November, 1997-98

     There were some interesting photos taken recently of the CIA
air base T&G AVIATION in Chandler Arizona capturing tail numbers
of 9 C-130's and 25 DC-6s and DC-7s. Once the photos reached
ASSOCIATED PRESS in Washington, D.C. they were shot over to the
DEPARTMENT OF DEFENSE where sparks began to fly. The next morning
the story is out on the AP wire to every newspaper, TV, and radio
station in the country. All Phoenix area newspapers carried
variations of the wire.
     The MESA TRIBUNE in the article "Chandler Company Leased
Planes To Firm Said To Be Drug Cartel Front" disclosed for the
first time that T&G was involved with the Herrera drug trial in
Chicago and the current drug czar in Panama.  The ARIZONA
REPUBLIC carried the headline "Plane Probe Turns to CIA."
     Three of the multi-million dollar C-130s at T&G were being
hidden from the bankruptcy court in Santa Ana, Ca. for another
defendant in Eitel's suit and a fourth was the very same plane
being brokered to the Medelin Cartel which was part of the issue
of the Chicago trial. One of the C-130s that was sold to an
African mining company was loading at a U.S. military base in
Portugal as these photos were taken. These planes were only to
be used to fight forest fires in the United States! Read the
first two articles and see if they do not read like parts from
this journal. These articles mention "billions of dollars of
cocaine". They do not mention the massive runways at T&G --- one
which is 8,000 feet and the second +11,000 feet which are both
sufficient to land the largest plane in the world. All this is
located on an indian reservation. Remote. No DEA. No Customs. Not
even a control tower --- just lights embedded into the runways.
No public assess. Clandestine.
     Looking across the T&G runway 9 C-130s and 25 DC-6s and
DC-7s are seen in the distance, standing alone in a barren remote
section of an indian reservation which is denied to the public.
     Sometimes one picture is worth a thousand words. Sometimes
one picture is worth a thousand indictments!! I will soon post
these photos! So that everyone has a vivid idea of just what we
are talking about


     Astute film viewers will recognize the plane that General
Richard Secord made famous in the Golden Triangle and Oliver
Stone made famous in the movie thereof --- AIR AMERICA.
     Also at T&G is this French Experimental plane which excites
the imaginations of those doing clandestine work.

     Several highly credible web sites are putting forward
definitive proofs of the knowing involvement at the highest
levels of the U.S. Federal government with trafficking as much as
50% of the heroin and cocaine into the UNITED STATES. If there is
a single reader who does not believe that Oliver North, John
Poindexter, Robert McFarland, Bill Casey, George Bush and Ronald
Reagan knew about the cocaine coming by way of the Contras, that
reader should take one hour to review a site presented by GEORGE

   This scholar's site presents far more original declassified
NATIONAL SECURITY documents than are required to indict all of
the above many times over.

     The best summary statement about the Gary Webb SAN JOSE
MERCURY Dark Alliance series is made by Dr. Peter Dale Scott on
the FREE SPEECH TV web site
yword1=drug&keyword2=&keyword3=&=Start+Search). Look out Rupert
Murdoch, this signals the end of you and your kind.  Readers can
download for free the REAL VIDEO software needed to run the Peter
Dale Scott interview (which is first on their page).

     Dr. Scott says in this interview that "Meneses and Blandon
were not the largest traffickers --- neither were the Costa
Ricans. It was the Honduran Army that was supplying 1/3 to 1/2
the cocaine reaching America.  In the final days of the Contras
the Honduran Army got busted with more than 6 tons of cocaine
headed for the UNITED STATES. Now, what we are talking about here
is Carl Lindner and UNITED BRANDS when we speak of Honduras.

     The best archive of the media response to the DARK ALLIANCE
series (http://speech.csun.edu/ben/news/cia/index.html) COCAINE
Northridge.  The DCIA site will also be mirrored there for
safety. Set your bookmarks for this location to prevent

     Reading through the local media coverage of the Temple
Murders, which is all included on this site. I happened to notice
an article about a federal indictment of General Khun Sa. The
general had monopolized the poppy fields of the Golden Triangle
for 20 years until the day he offered to sell the U.S. government
the entire year's crop of Golden Triangle opium for 1/10 of the
drug suppression fund that the U.S. gives the CORRUPT Burmese
communists. Suddenly our DEA notices Khun Sa and trys to kill
him. Our government is supposed to not like communists, but it
likes the Burmese communists so much that it supports them
against the democratically elected president that the communists
have held under house arrest for 6 years!! Check out the web site
FREE BURMA (http://sunsite.unc.edu/freeburma/index.html).  These
people may be the most dedicated liberation activists on the web.
This article is one year before the Temple Murders. The weight of
this shipment is only 3 off the weight mentioned in the note
left at the murder scene. The Asians know who is running the drug
trade in their countries. It is Americans. The wealthiest
families in the world have reserved the most lucrative business
for themselves.

    The Asians are quick to recognize in their cartoons the
Chinese/American role in the heroin trade.

     The country of Burma is lush, rich in natural resources and
home to dozens of peoples and cultures.
     But due to a military government of isolationist economic
mismanagement, the 45 million people there live without their
human rights and in extreme poverty.
     The country of Burma has been under military dictatorship
since 1962.
     As the SOLAR becomes more desperate, the threat to Aung San
Suu Kyi's life grows greater.
     "There are no compulsions or obligation for any country to
sign the U.N Convention on Human Rights. Like some other
countries in Asia, we have to take into consideration our
culture, ethos and the standards of development before
accepting these declaration."  (SLORC Foreign Minister Ohn Gyaw
     "I would like [the west] to see us not as a country rather
far away whose sufferings do not matter, but as fellow human
beings in need of human rights and who could do so much for the
world, if we were allowed."  (Daw Aung San Suu Kyi)

     Recent slideshow from CNN (750k):
     These images of peaceful protesters running from baton
weilding soldiers and sitting before blasting water cannons are
from a video taken in late 1996, smuggled out, and shown on CNN.
Reporters are now routinely denied visas by the military
authorities so that you cannot see things like this. Thanks to
the <A HREF="http://users.imagiware.com/wtongue/">Burma
Song Page</A> for collecting them.</FONT>

    The PORTLAND FREE PRESS is now providing the full coverage of
the Gary Eitel civil law suit that Arizona journalists know would
lead to their dismissal. Just imagine this. The CIA air operation
known as T&G Aviation named in this suit, which used Senator John
McCain to obtain 3 C-130s from the DOD via Roy Reagan, is located
at the old Chandler (Arizona) Municipal Airport which is
conveniently on an indian reservation where the customs and DEA
have no jurisdiction. When I covered the AMERICA WEST AIRLINES
drug trafficking trial one of the defendants, Bill Russell,
was working for T&G flying guns to Kuwait for the CIA during the
trial!  It is little wonder the defendants laughed so hard after
they were sentenced.
     The PORTLAND FREE PRESS does not pull any punches with
Arizona's U.S. Attorney, Janet Napolitano, who gave 11 130s back
to one CIA broker -- planes that Roy Reagan and Fred Fuchs were
convicted of stealing in a recent criminal action in Tucson
District Court!!  Napolitano resigned saying she was going to run
for governor. That office is a big step down. So is the Attorney
General's office. How was she SPOOKED? That is a good question.
There is a large stack of court records, thanks to Eitel,
implicating the CIA in massive cocaine trafficking. These will
soon be posted. Until then check out this other cocaine story
from this same paper.
     "Yet another CIA-Mafia drug connection: Richard Brenneke
puts mob boss John Gotti and CIA boss Donald Gregg in the middle
of contra drug operations at Mena Airport."
     Be sure to check out the links below.

New York Mob at Mena

by Ace R. Hayes

Portland Free Press, January/February 1997

     Just two more hard hitting articles. If anyone thinks the
Thai government is full of angels, take a look at the CHRISTIAN
SCIENCE MONITOR calling the current Thai Prime Minister "Mr.
White Powder".

     And check out http://www.latinolink.com/news/0611npan.html.
This C-130 civil suit related article from the NEW YORK TIMES. .
With this information fresh in your mind, read the indictment of
this "air cargo company in Chicago in 1994 which trafficked the
greatest volume of cocaine for both the Medelin and Cali cartels
-- more than 20 tons!! Now the U.S. Attorney was polite enough to
leave Aleman out of the indictment, and all the American
companies like T&G, a professional courtesy for Hall of Fame drug
traffickers. It did not escape the public back in Panama that
Aleman was the principal of this Air Cargo company and the drug
bank.  Readers will find these drug traffickers inspecting
T&G's air strip in Chandler Arizona. Pretty nice when you can get
help from senators and U.S. attorneys when you are hauling tons
of white powder.

     How do we know that all this rhetoric in the House and the
Senate about campaign finance scandal is just insincere flim flam
for the uninformed voters back home? Has anyone noticed that not
a single blow hard senator has pointed a finger at Bob Dole for
"using" Carl Lindner's UNITED BRANDS corporate jet for his
campaign? Lindner had 7 S&Ls that failed but he was unmentioned
in the scandal.
     Remember Charles Keating was never anything more than
Lindner's attorney. Readers can learn a great deal about Lindner
by reading all the pages in the JOURNAL section.
     Candidate Bob Dole arrives in Phoenix in style aboard Carl
Lindner's UNITED BRANDS corporate jet.
     There is one web site that lists 635 failed White Water type
developements in George Bush's Texas alone!!. A hundred billion
dollars worth of looting took place in Houston!!

P.O. Box 58,
Tempe, Arizona 85280
(602) 966-3540

Copyright (C) 1996 Intelligence Connection

THE BEEBE NETWORK - The Cast Of Characters and The History

     --Herman K. Beebe Sr., Louisiana financier with offices in
Dallas, convicted felon and Mafia associate; many connections to
the intelligence community; godfather of the dirty Texas S&L's;
did nine months in Club Fed; Charles Hurwitz introduced Beebe to
B G Wylie, half-brother of Carroll Kelly; funded start-up of
Contra related Palmer NB.
     --John Connally, former Texas governor; Connally's law firm,
Vinson-Elkins had Walter Mischer as a client; Charles Keating
worked on his 1980 Republican presidential race; he and his
partner Ben Barnes, borrowed tens of millions of dollars from
dirty S&L's; served on Hurwitz's Maxxam Inc's board of directors
from 1988 until his death in 1993. Participated in several CIA
related covert actions.
     --Charles Keating, S&L looter; spawned by Carl Lindner;
worked on John Connally's 1980 presidential campaign as Westcoast
fundraiser; controlled Lincoln Savings and Loan (the first big
deal Lincoln did was with Connally); Lincoln involved in a daisy
chain with Larry Mizel's MDC Holdings, Silverado and San Jacinto;
his chief pilot in 1979 was CIA operative Ken Qualls.
     --Peter Munk, a Canadian businessman, investor in Palmer NB;
an associate of H K Beebe; business partner with ADNAN KHASHOGGI;
an associate of John H Roberts Jr. and John P Holmes Jr. in
Goldome FSB.
     --CLINT MURCHISON Sr. and Jr., Dallas oilmen and wheeler
dealers; Sr. was involved in business in Haiti with a CIA
operative; Jr purchased Mischer's interest in sawmills in
Honduras; Jr was involved with a CIA operative in Libya and did
business with H K Beebe and ADNAN KHASHOGGI.
     --Stefan Halper, co-founder with fellow George Bush
supporter Harvey McLean of Palmer National Bank, which was
financed by H K Beebe and funneled private donations to the
Contras; former son-in-law of past CIA deputy director Ray Cline;
helped set up legal defense fund for Oliver North. Peter Munk
also an investor in Palmer NB.
     --Ben Barnes, former Texas Lt. Governor; business associate
of Herman K Beebe, Walter Mischer and John Connally.
     --Tom Benson,a partner of Stanley Rosenberg in Groos
Bank(influenced by H K Beebe) and Bank of Leon Springs; a Beebe
associate; partner with Peyton McKnight and Charles Hurwitz(?) in
Culebra/1676, a Rosenberg boondoggle.
     --Thomas Gaubert, big Democratic fundraiser from Dallas;
former head of Independent American Savings, which purchased 20
branch offices from Hurwitz' USAT; owned a piece of Sandia
Federal Savings in Albuquerque; head of Telecom; A right-wing
flag waver.
     --Joseph Grosz, Chicago mob associate; worked for Gouletas
family; ran Southmark's San Jacinto Savings; director of
Gaubert's Telecom.
     --J B Haralson, former head of Mercury Savings and Ben Milan
Savings,where he was fronting for his old associate George Aubin;
old hand at Surety Savings, which Hurwitz attempted to buy in
1977; managing officer of two other Texas S&L's which that
failed; partner of B G Wylie et al in the purchase of Brazaport
S&L from Lloyd Bentsen.
     --Charles Hurwitz,controlled now defunct USAT, majority
stockholder of Maxxam Inc; longtime friend of most Houston elite
including John Connally; a Milken Insider; often accused of fraud
and other security related schemes; knew H K Beebe.
     --Carroll Kelly, who epitomized his Kappa Sigma fraternity;
owner of Continental Savings and associate of H K Beebe (I'm
Beebe's man in Texas," he bragged to S&amp;L regulators.)
     --Ed McBirney, "Fast Eddie" from Dallas; former head of
Sunbelt Savings; associate of H K Beebe, Jarrett Woods and George
Aubin; attempted to buy branch offices from Hurwitz' USAT; funded
Hurwitz associates including Rosenberg.
     --Peyton McKnight, powerful Louisianan, an associate of
Beebe and a partner with Charles Hurwitz, Stanley Rosenberg and
Tom Benson in a Rosenberg deal.
     --Harvey McLean, Shreveport, Louisiana businessman and close
associate of H K Beebe; owned Paris (Texas) Savings and Loan;
co-founded Palmer National Bank with Stephan Halper and Beebe's
     --David Saks, business associate of Stanley Rosenberg;
partner of Doyle Spruil, both convicted felons; borrowed from
Beebe controlled S&L's.
     --Doyle Spruil, business partner of David Saks and Stanley
Rosenberg; a convicted felon; borrowed from Beebe controlled

     Beebe connections to Barnes-Connally, to Hurwitz, to S&L's,
     (Source: Page references are to "Inside Job")

     Beebe starts American Motels, Inc. (AMI); invests in Holiday
Inns. (231)

     Beebe & Barnes develop complex business association (232);
Beebe controls Bossier Bank & Trust, Bossier  City, CA; Barnes
invests in Holiday Inns&nbsp;

     Barnes, then Lt. Gov. of TX, involved in Bank & stock fraud
scandal. In '71 a grp of TX banks looted a network of businessmen
who bought & sold stock in a business owned by Frank Sharp. (358)
Connally bribe to cover indictment led to indictment of Connally;
acquited (368#6)

    Beebe & Barnes from banking and insurance assoc.  By 1976 B/B
control 19 banks & S&L's in TX &amp; CA.  Prior to Ch. Keating a
ExecVP & Director of Carl Lindner's American Financial Corp.
(AFC); also a founding partner in AFC's law firm Keating,
Muething & Klekamp; Lee H. Henkel, a Republican, was Treasury
Dept. & IRS Counsel in the Nixon Admin. Later a tax attorney and
real estate developer in Atlanta.  Jul. 02 -- SEC v. Keating,
Muething & Klekamp a judgment against Lindner, Keating & Klekamp
enjoins self-dealing in an Ohio bank subsidiary.  Keating buys
Continental Homes of Phoenix, Inc. from Lindner & renames it
American Continental Corp (ACC).

     Henkel & Keating are Connally for Presidents' East & West
Coast financial chairs. Henkel is Keating's attorney.

     ACC buys Lincoln Savings with DBL issued junk bonds.

     Lincoln makes $70mm loan to Connally on a land deal near
Austin, TX and $134mm loan to Henkel; Connally defaulted leaving
Lincoln (and not the taxpayers) holding a $70mm loss (Nation

     Herman Beebe associate Ben Barnes in partnership with
Connally borrows from 17 S&L's in 3 states ($40mm from Vernon S&L
and some unknown amount from Credit Banc (where Barnes' son
worked); ACC employed Mark Connally son of John Connally.  Press
reports Beebe & Marcelolo control Continental S&L (Houston).
Fails in 1988.

     Feb. 13: WSJ reports Lincoln S&L made at least $61.9 million
in loans to corporations & partnerships in which Lee Henkel had
an interest.  In mid-August 1987 the records of  Southmark, San
Jacinto SA, Strauss, Barnes, Connally and about 200 others were
seized according to the Dallas Times Herald.  Southmark had done
about $90 million in business with Beebe who held 62% of its
Series E Pfd according to Southmarks 10K85. Southmark bought
Bebe's nursing homes and also owned 37% of Pratt Hotels. Beebe
did business with Morris Shenker and also was related to many
Contra figures.  Southmark also purchased the Beebe built AMI
tower in or before 1988.  AMI had 17 subs and 14 affiliates.

     SEC v. MDC Holdings, MDC (has close ties with Silverado), is
caught in shady deal with Lincoln S&L. Neal Bush is loaned $550m
for a house; Connally elected to Maxxam BOD.

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