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FYI --interesting posting from "Coalition To End Media Bias" discussion
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Haven't read the Post today, but I do recall some of their most recent
corrections. To whom, in the political realm, do the papers answer to
when it comes to repeated corrections like these noted below?


> Begin forwarded message, Clark Beltzer, [EMAIL PROTECTED],
> 10/11/99
> Has reputable "The Washington Post" already picked its favorite for
2000? Media bias comes in all shapes and sizes, but the Post has made
several  recent notable snafus when it comes to reporting on prez
contender Gore.
> First, on October 8, the Post runs the following "correction:" An
article yesterday incorrectly
> reported the value of stock held last year by Tony Coelho, Vice
President Gore's campaign
> chairman. The article said he owned 1.2 million shares of Service
Corporation International stock,
> which would have been worth nearly $49 million at the time. In fact, a
financial disclosure form shows Coelho owned SCI stock worth $1.2
million."  Trying to make Coelho seem richer, maybe?
> The same Pg.2 "Correction" column then goes on to owe up to another
slight error: "The article also said Coelho is on the board of Crop
Growers Corp. He resigned from that board in 1997." Further confusing
his corporate  affiliations...
> On the same day, believe it or not, a WPost correction regarding
Gore's  birthplace: "In an early
> edition yesterday, an article incorrectly reported the birthplace of
Vice President Gore. He was born in Washington, D.C."
> C'mon, the VP's birthplace? Hasn't Gore been VP for nearly 8 years? In
addition, of course, to his
> days in the Senate? Oh, by the way, isn't Gore the one who's
desperately trying to distance himself
> from being viewed as an "Establishment" insider? That would be mean
reporting the wrong
> birthplace may simply serve to reinforce the "Establishment" label
Gore is desperately trying to shed. Oh no, say it ain't so...
> If that's not enough, in the Monday, October 11 issue, the WPost
writes, "The name of the hotel
> where VP Gore lived as a child was misstated in yesterday's Tony
Kornheiser column in the Style
> section. It was the Fairfax Hotel." Ok, here they go again. Doesn't
Tony read his own paper (see
> Oct. 8 correction above)? Someone really ought to get him a
> Can't the WPost, the supposed "inside-the-beltway" paper, get the
facts straight on Al Gore? Or,
> maybe, Bradley is the paper's favorite? In that same time period,
interestingly enough, I didn't see any "Corrections" on Bradley. Hmmm...

> Furthermore, today's WPost article "Bradley Stays Course Despite
'Darts'," by Dan Balz, who
> covers the 2000 Elections beat, does nothing to dispel the paper's
"admiration" of Bradley.
> While some would say the article is nothing more than an analysis of
Bradley's campaign and his rise in polls versus Gore, it's apparent that
Balz and Co. are simply in awe with Bradley, giving the former Senator
and pro-basketball player the print space where he's viewed as the
complete opposite of "oh-we're-so-sick-of" Washington-insider Gore.
> Check out the article's final quote, from none other than Bradley
himself: "You have, in other words, entrenched power at your beckoning,"
he said of Gore. "I've only got the people."
> Oh, pleeze. Are we to believe that one can simply raise millions of
dollars, especially, nowadays,
> when presidential campaigns have become so utterly expensive, without
the backing of
> "establishment" types? Bradley would like us to believe that. How
about Balz and Co.?
> Granted, the media can always say that it's simply reporting the news.
But what about how it's read
> by folks, many of whom have yet to make up their mind on who to
support for the Democratic
> nomination?  Especially with the ongoing criticism of where Gore
actually lived during his youth and
> whether he's just part of an establishment, versus the supposed
"outsider" or "unconventional"
> Bradley.
> Or, how about the jabs against Gore's point man, Coelho, and how he's
got such a ugly checkered
> past, filthy rich and supposedly about as out of touch as Gore
himself? The list goes on and on....
> Could Gore be, dare I say, too conservative for the reporters at the
Post? Maybe Bradley's liberal
> credentials are what the Post finds appealing?
> Memo to WPost editors: Check your facts, circulate an internal memo to
all your beat reporters
> outlining Al Gore's bio, or else your readers may begin wondering
whether there's a growing bias in
> _favor_ of Bill Bradley.
> Like I said, media bias comes in all shapes and sizes. This one simply
fits the "liberal bill" (no pun
> intended).
> -cb
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