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Hello EarthChangers.

I recently sent a communication about the ancient site that was
found under the water near the island of Malta.  I have pasted it at
the bottom of this e-mail.  I have also pasted below a recent "Code
Gang" communication.

In the excerpts below, Maurice Chatelain mentions the Crusaders.
The Knights Templar, of course, were Crusaders, and are associated
with the legends of the Holy Grail.  They are also associated with the
island of Malta.

One of the major symbols of the Knights Templar was the Maltese
Cross.  To find a diagram of it, go here:

 <A HREF="http://www.symbols.com/">SYMBOLS.com -- encyclopedia of Western
signs and ideograms</A>

You can find it with a word search.  The above web site offers a
free download of the symbols, which I find quite handy.


Joe Mason
 <A HREF="http://www.greatdreams.com/gem1.htm">CODE OF THE ANCIENTS</A>
Subj:   Malta Site, The Flood & The Maltese Cross in the Agean Sea
Date:   11/8/1999 3:34:23 AM Pacific Standard Time
From:   JMason4557

In a message dated 11/2/1999 4:59:08 AM Pacific Standard Time, M writes:

<< Subj:    Re: [M-TRAC - MSAA] Ancient underwater structures discovered

  On 1 Nov 99, at 20:28, Al Cornett wrote:

  > JJ:    If professor Zeitlmar could accurately date these structures then
  > we may better pin point the date of the flood and of course that would
  > seemingly date the arrival(maybe), of Nibiru. AC >> (snip)

[Michael responds]

    But ... there may be more to consider, here. It might be, according to
  Laurence Gardner's work, that "The Flood" happened around 4000 B.C. ...
  whereas the last 'Pole Shift of Earth' ... also with accompanying
  conditions ... occurred apparently around 11000 B.C. >> (snip)
[from Joe Mason]

Dear Michael and all,

There is one more thing to consider.  Some years ago I saw a TV program
about the theory that a flood of water from the ocean created the
Sea far back in history.  Maurice Chatelain spoke about this in his book,
"Our Ancestors Came From Outer Space."  It is on page 75, in a chapter
titled, "The Maltese Cross."  I'll type in some excerpts:
All the legends of Mediterranean people mention the cataclysmic variations
the level of the sea and the eruption of a volcano on the island of Thera,
probably in about 1500 B.C., or 3,500 years ago.  The explosion and the
following tidal waves destroyed the Minoan civilization.  Many islands
Crete disappeared under water and the bottom of the sea caved in.  The
conquest of the Aegean Islands by Mycenaeans from Greece followed.  But
before this catastrophe, about 12,000 years ago, there was the really big
- the flooding of the Gibraltar Strait by the Atlantic Ocean, and the sudden
rise of the Mediterranean Sea level by at least 200 m, or 600 ft.
When the isthmus of Gibraltar gave way to the pressure of the Atlantic
because some cosmic event caused the northern polar ice cap to melt and
raised the level of the oceans, all the coastal lines of Greece and its
islands were inundated and whole civilizations disappeared.


Chatelain's Maltese Cross is also worth mentioning here.  Some excerpts:

In the center of the Aegean Sea exists a small island by the name of Delos.
It has always been considered the most sacred place of ancient Greece, even
though no one seemed to know why, of all places, Delos should be so sacred.
Delos is the geometric center of a true design of the gods - the Maltese
cross of majestic proportions that extends over hundreds of miles over the
Aegean Sea, Greece, and Turkey.
Let's put the sharp point of one compass arm in the middle of Delos and
measure a radius of 1,500 ancient Egyptian stadia, or 270 km, and run the
trace arm of the compass full circle.  We will have passed in succession
through Cape Matapan and Delphi in Greece; the island of Psathura in
Sporades; Antandrus and Sardis in Anatolia; Camirus on Rhodes; and Akra and
Araden on Crete.

Now let's trace a smaller circle with Delos still in the center.  A radius
1,000 Egyptian stadia or 180 km, will give a ring that connects Hermione in
Greece; a high bank between the islands of Lesbos and Skyros; Didyma in
Anatolia; and a point now submerged north of the Dia Island.  Thus, if we
include Delos, we have thirteen geographical sites that have always been
sacred places marked by temple ruins constructed over even more ancient
from time immemorial.  Thirteen has always been a magic number for
astrological reasons.
When we connect all the sites with straight lines going from point to point
. . (skip) . . .we have drawn the magnificent geometrical figure known as
"Maltese cross," a sacred pagan sign since antiquity as well as the sign of
the Crusaders who fought to liberate Jerusalem from the Infidels.  Indeed,
the designs of the Lord are beyond human comprehension!
Here are some other interesting things in the article:

The Maltese Cross is 540 kilometers wide, over 360 miles.

The latitude of Delos is 37 degrees, 23 minutes.

Like the Nasca lines, the Maltese Cross was laid out in stadia of 600 ft, or
180 m, the same in Mayan and Egyptian measurements.  These stadia and the
feet and cubits that were derived from them are the very oldest prehistoric
standards of measurement.

The radii of the Maltese Cross would divide a circle in sections of 3/28 and
4/28.  A circle divided in 28 sectors is unusual, but the Mayans, Incas and
Wyoming Indians used it.  The Medicine Wheel of Wyoming was divided into 28
equal parts and the temple of Tiahuanaco in Bolivia, was divided into 28
sectors by 29 columns.  The cubit of Cuenca, in Ecuador, has 7 hands and 4
fingers each, or a total of 28 fingers, because the gods of the time had
4 fingers on each hand as many sculptures and drawings show it.  28 times 2
is 56, and such is the number of hieroglyphs on the solid gold plate of
Cuenca.  Stonehenge has 56 Aubrey holes.  In the classical antique world
the royal cubit of the Egyptians was divisible by 7 hands of 4 fingers each.

Chatelain did not mention that 28 is related to the moon and female
cycles, or that the Bison has 28 ribs (if that means anything!).  I saw a
Sufi design that has a circle divided into 28 parts, as four weeks.  A color
code separated the seven days of each week in 3-day and 4-day parts.  Each
the seven days had the name of a planet/god, that is, our normal system.

[Extra note: I also heard that the Sioux built sacred round structures of
with 28 poles radiating out from the center of the roof.]

Another excerpt from the book:

There are ancient Greek temples and cities that have been submerged by the
Mediterranean.  Today nobody has a right to doubt that reality.  Aerial
photography has rediscovered what old Aegean fishermen found thousands of
year ago - sunken temples, villages, and streets.  Just outside the small
port of Halieis, between Mycenae and Tiryns, there reposes under many feet
water a former temple of Zeus built in 780 B.C.  Just like the Karnak temple
near Luxor, it was rebuilt several times, with new additions reoriented at
angles up to 40 degrees from the origin, representing a time span of 2,880
years, or 10 times 288 years, the Tiahuanaco number.  That means the oldest
part of this temple was constructed 5,600 years ago.  The building at
is constructed in Mycenean feet of 0.277 m, which for all practical purposes
equals the foot of the Celts, or 0.276 m.  This same measure was employed in
the megalithic sites of England, France, and Spain, which according to the
latest estimates date back 10,000 years or more, preceding the ziggurats of
Mesopotamia and the Egyptian pyramids.
Chatelain's book was published in 1975, so some of this may now be outdated.

Maurice Chatelain was an aerospace electronics engineer, one of the
scientists who conceived and designed the Apollo spacecraft which landed on
the moon.


In a message dated 10/31/99 7:37:21 AM Pacific Standard Time, mufor

<< Subj:     [M-TRAC - MSAA] Ancient underwater structures discovered near
 Date:  10/31/99 7:37:21 AM Pacific Standard Time
 From:  mufor (JJ Mercieca)

 Imagine my surprise today when on the front page of a local Maltese
 Sunday newspaper I came across Zecheriah Sitchin's name.  Webmeister
 and Milamo are both going to enjoy this :)

 Below is a quick translation from Maltese of the half page
 article.  Any mistakes in the translation are obviously my
 fault!  I'll be scanning the newspaper tomorrow and maybe
 someone else can come up with a better translation. This
 evening they're going to show the underwater video mentioned
 in the article on one of the local tv stations.


 JJ Mercieca
 Malta UFO Research

 Structures resembling a megalithic temple have been
 found under Maltese territorial waters
 by Dione Borg  (Il-Mument, 31 Oct 1999, Sunday newspaper)

 Recently, structures resembling a megalithic temple have
 been found on the seabed in Maltese waters and they are
 being studied to see if indeed they are a form of
 megalithic temple.

 These studies are being done by foreign archaeologists
 because this find is being considered a very important one
 and there is great interest amongst foreign archaeologists.

 From information that Il-Mument has, it seems that this
 discovery has been announced in Augsburg, Germany by
 Professor and Archaeologist Hubert Zeitlmar in a meeting
 of the Paleo Astronaut Society on the 18th August.

 The discovery was made on the 13 July 1999 at 10 am and
 was filmed.  The diver and cameraman who filmed the structures
 was Shaun Arrigo while the diver and photographer who took
 photos was his brother Kurt.

 Il-Mument has interviewed Professor Zeitlmar who explained
 that amongst these structures there are two stone circles.
 There are also other structures that seem to be long and
 rectangular but are mostly broken and damaged.  These structures
 are on a type of platform and are in water that is between
 8 and 15 metres deep about three kilometres from the Maltese

 Professor Zeitlmar said that the way the stone blocks
 had fallen and were damaged indicated that a large waves
 had invaded what was once dry land.

 The German archaeologist said that these structures were
 mostly covered in seaweed but from the video and photos
 it can be clearly seen that they resemble other temples
 from the Hagar Qim period.

 In the area of the structures underneath the sea there
 also seem to be lines (known as "cart ruts") which can be
 found in several other places in Malta.

 It seems that the discovery of these structures is being
 given different archaeological explanations and the first
 indications are that they can be compared with the temples
 of Hagar Qim, the Hypogeum, Ggantija and Imnajdra which
 supposedly go back to 3,500 BC.

 This archaeological find is causing much discussion
 amongst archaeologists particularly about the period in
 which it could have been built.  The German archaeologist
 insists that these structures must have been built much
 earlier than the megalithic temples in Malta and the
 questions he is trying to answer is who built these
 structures, when were they built and why?

 It seems that what caused archaeologist Zeitlmar to look
 for these structures are the books written by Zecheria
 Sitchin, The Earth Chronicles, which details the origin
 of ancient civilisations.

 From these books and from the way that prehistoric temples
 are built in Malta and Gozo, archaeologist Zeitlmar
 investigated the possibility of other temples and prehistoric
 structures that haven't yet been dug up or found.  It
 seems that his theory was built around the possibility of
 finding these structures somewhere in Maltese territorial

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