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Subject:  Is Caesarism the Conspiracy?

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                    Is Caesarism the Conspiracy?

        An enormously popular conspiracy theory (that was perhaps best
presented in Taylor Caldwell's novel, A Pillar of Iron [Life of Cicero])
holds that the ultimate goal of the ruling class/conspiracy for America
consists in moving from the virtues of "Republic" with its rigorous limits
on government power, rule of law, and checks and balances to the
degradation of unlimited rule or "Caesarism" of one man.  This theory
implies, but does not often explicitly state, that America as a social
organism is in morphic resonance a la Sheldrake's Presence of the Past
with Rome, perhaps through the intentional seeding of America by the
Founders Fathers with Roman forms and archetypes:  bicameral legislature,
Senate, architecture, etc, etc.

        Those unfamiliar with the remarkable parallels between the
America's system and history and that of Rome need to read Amaury de
Riencourt's The Coming Caesars and American Empire and Haskell' New Deal
In Old Rome.  While Haskell deals with the parallel resort to collectivist
economic measures under the impoverishing strain and drain of Imperial
adventure, more fundamentally, de Riencourt demonstrates the similarity of
America's and Rome's geopolitical positions, namely that of representing a
more powerful new Imperial embodiment of an old culture--America of
England/Europe and Rome of Greece.  Rome was responsible for defending
Greece from the alien Parthian empire to the East as America has been
responsible for defending Europe from the hostile Soviet Union to the
East.  De Riencourt examines in detail how under the stress of world
empire and domestic economic pressures the tendency toward mass democracy
culminating in Caesarism is inevitable in the Republican system shared by
America and Rome.  Though America has so far avoided the fall into true
Caesarism or "Presidents for Life", Franklin Roosevelt can only be viewed
as a very close call, a close call indeed, and other presidents such as
Jackson, Wilson, and Lincoln have risen to near Caesar status.
Apparently, the American system, in contrast to that of Rome, can provide
an "Imperial Presidency" for the duration of a crisis (Military or
Economic), but return rather smoothly to Congressional Bickering after the
crisis has passed.

        Perhaps this helps provide a key to where the Taylor Caldwell
theory that "the conspiracy equals Caesarism" misses the mark.  It is not
"Caesarism" that the ruling class/conspiracy wants (Caesar can be as
difficult to control as Congress).  It is successful World Imperialism
best typified by Rome.  Rome's Empire was not a product primarily of the
Emperors, but of the Republic!  The Masonic conspiracy modeled America's
political forms on Rome's because they were forms known to be compatible
with the future World Imperial role they sought for America (Novus Ordo
Seclorum--New Order of the Ages).  The Masonic conspiracy fashioned a
Presidency that would be "Imperial" as required, but could always be
checked by the "Money Power" through Congress and the Supreme Court, the
States, or the people to avoid the notorious excesses and "flakiness" of
all powerful Emperors that did much to undermine the Roman Empire.

        So far, the question in America remains:  whose Congress? whose
President? whose Supreme Court? whose Governor? whose People? The
Vatican's or Queen's?  Maybe eventually, if the growing "multi-cultural"
ethnic tribalism and "Balkanization" makes America ungovernable
democratically, Whose Caesar!


 @@Caesarism: Essence of the Conspiracy?@@

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The Talisman of the United States--The Mysterious Street Lines of
Washington DC--Signature of the Invisible Brotherhood
Author: Westbrook, Jr., Ph.D., Charles L.
Year: 1990 Pages: 123 Paperback Price: $55.00, Rare, out-of-print
Congruent with Trudhope and Hieronimus on the secret society founding
of America.  Sheds light on the role of symbols in art and
architecture in seeding, nurturing, and guiding a new social organism.
Title: American Empire

Author: De Riencourt, Amaury
Year: 1968 Pages: 0366 Hardcover Price: $42.00 Out-of-Print
Refusal to consistently apply the term "Empire" leads many
conspiriologists astray.  This follow-up to De Riencourt's The Coming
Caesars is extremely useful for its thorough, illuminating survey of
the roots of Anglo-American Imperialism and it progress during the
Post WWII period:  Roots, Suicide of Europe, Pearl Harbor: Genesis of
Empire, Cold War:  Establishment of Empire, Suez, Commonwealth,
Pacific Frontier, Hawaianization of the Orient,
Latins-Guerrillas-Anarchists, Race and Africa, Economic Hegemony, The
Great Condominium.  De Riencourt is especially good for broaching the
Anglo-American geopolitical strategy of covert alliance with the
Title: Cicero and Sallust
On the Conspiracy of Catiline
Author: Barnes & John T. Ramsey, E. J.
Year: 1988 Pages: 0090 Paperback Price: $22.00 Out-of-print
Latin textbook exploring the famous archetype which appears to set the
tone for the American politics of envy.
Title: Coming Caesars

Author: De Riencourt, Amaury
Year: 1957 Pages: 0384 Hardcover Price: $37.50 Out-of-print
This book created a sensation when it was first released.  Few then or
now want to apply the word "Empire" or "Imperial" to the nature of
America's world role, a role recently re-demonstrated inn Iraq.  Under
the barrage of daily news, America's failures and short-comings take
precedence in the minds of most thinking Americans, creating an
"underdog", "persecution complex" mind set which, conveniently for the
"Imperial Conspirators", blinds those without a firm historical
overview to Imperial reality.  Communist overuse of the term
Imperialism in their tired propaganda has also blinded otherwise
intelligent Americans to reality.  It is refreshing to see the term
used properly by a non-communist.  De Riencourt's prejudices, if any,
appear to lie in the direction of "European Culture" or perhaps,
covertly, the French, anti-Anglophile nationalism of Charles DeGaul.
Note:  De Riencourt is especially good in illuminating the
similarities of the Imperial roles of Greece/Rome and Britain/America.

Title: New Deal in Old Rome

Author: Haskell,
Year: 194? Pages: 0285 Hardcover Price: $35.00  Out-of-print
Details remarkable parallels between evolution of American and Roman
social and economic policy.
Title: Pillar of Iron
The Life of Cicero
Author: Caldwell, Taylor
Year: 195? Pages: 0350 Paperback Price: $15.00 Out-of-print
Novel detailing theory that Julius Caesar overthrew the Roman Republic
as part of a well-planned conspiracy.  Astounding parallels with the
evolution of America.
Title: Twelve Caesars

Author: Suetonius, Gaius Tranquillus
Year: 120? Pages: 0362 Paperback Price: $7.00  In print
Provides a raw view of Roman paganism from a contemporary of the
Caesars.  Conscious copying of Roman governmental, legal, and
architectural forms by America's founding fathers is disturbing in the
light of Roman "satanic" practices of animal sacrifice, torture, blood
sports, imperialism, etc.  Is this book "good history" or simply
"National Inquirer" style literature from another era?  Or, Christian,
anti-Pagan propaganda passed off as an original historical document?
Title: Worship of Augustus Caesar

Author: Mar, Alexander del
Year:  Pages: 370 Hardcover Price: $12.00
A history of the Satanic worship of the Caesars as God in Rome!
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