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Subj:         [CTRL] The War That Never Was
Date:   97-12-21 13:01:31 EST
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"The War That Never Was"
by Bradley Ayers
New York: Bobbs-Merril, 1976


Operation X, as we have seen it, should not be conceived of restrictedly as a
ClA-Mafia connection. Indeed, Coppola and Gentile collaborated with the U.S.
Army in Sicily, and as we have just seen, received drugs from it, even before
the CIA was created in 1947. At least one of the U.S. mafia figures deported
in 1946-47, former New Orleans mafia boss Silvestro "Sam" Carolla, was
returned to Sicily on a US. military transport.(63)   George White's closest
CIA contact, James Angleton, was still working for the U.S. Army at this
time, reporting to future Army G-2 and DIA chief William Quinn.(64) And
when White turned up in Italy to meet with his former OSS boss William
Donovan, Donovan was not working for CIA, but for the elusive World
Commerce Corporation, a private intelligence service representing wealthy
Americans like Nelson Rockefeller. Donovan is said to have personally
involved himself with the supply of arms for the 1947 May Day massacre
in Sicily.(65) CIC (China), a subsidiary of Donovan's World Commerce
Corporation, was the firm that employed mob figure Sonny Fassoulis,
at the urging of army colonel (and FBN agent) Garland Williams, to procure
arms for Taiwan in the period of private procurement before the Korean
War.(66) From 1946 on, Major-General Charles Willoughby, General Mac
Arthur's G-2 chief in Japan, used Japan's dope-dealing yakuza gangs to
break up left-wing strikes and demonstrations, just as the CIA
backed the Corsican Guerinis in Marseille.(67 )  Like Operation Underworld
before it, Operation X, with FBN agents at its center, operated both within
and outside the CIA, and particularly with the military. This arrangement
continued. In the late 1950s, U.S. Army Colonel Jack Y. Cannon or Canon, a
veteran of the Willoughby-yakuza operations in Japan, penetrated Castro's
guerrilla operation against Batista in Cuba.(68)   Associated with Cannon in
Cuba was a U.S. Marine reservist, Gerry Patrick Hemming, whose services in
1962-63 for a mob-financed training camp of Cuban exiles in Louisiana would
bring him into the fugitive world of Lee Harvey Oswald. With Hemming was
another Marine reservist, future Watergate burglar Frank Sturgis, who has
claimed that his "first intelligence work" was with the U.S. Army Security
Agency. Yet another of these self-appointed soldiers of fortune was William A.
Morgan, named by the McClellan Committee as being paid by one of the fixers
(Dominic Bartone) in Jimmy Hoffa's mysterious (and possibly intelligence-
related) Caribbean plane deals.(69)   Castro appears to have accepted the
service of Cannon, Hemming, and also Sturgis, because of their ability to
procure surplus or allegedly stolen U.S. military supplies for his troops.
Hoffa and mob casino operator Norman Rothman both were part of this arms
flow, for which in exchange Castro initially selected Sturgis, a Rothman
associate, to be his liaison in 1959 with the Havana casinos.(70)   In 1962,
Rosselli was assigned by the ClA's William Harvey to assassinate Castro, Army
Captain Bradley Ayers (himself assigned to work with CIA), thought and later
wrote of him as "'Colonel' Rosselli," even though Rosselli, despite his lack
of CIA credentials, "had virtual carte-blanche into the highest levels" of the
ClA's JM WAVE station in Miami.(71)   We have seen, when talking of Oswald
and the fruit companies, that Rosselli's government work had begun much
than the Bay of Pigs, . .

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