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Date: Saturday, 27 November 1999 8:35
Subject: David Icke responds to a letter in Nexus magazine

In reply to a "Letters to the Editor" from one Ivan Fraser,
who, among other things,
claimed to have edited David's new book, "The Biggest Secret",
appeared the following letter and reply from David Icke to Nexus magazine.

And a reply from Duncan Roads the editor follows.


From: Nexus [Magazine] Vol.7, No:1, Dec. '99 - Jan. 2000.

Shapeshifting Claims:


I am reluctant to interrupt this gathering of the Sir Laurence Gardner
Appreciation Society, but I'm afraid that, in the interests of accuracy, I
am compelled to do so, albeit for only a moment.

Ivan Fraser claims in your Letters to the Editor last issue that he
"edited" my book, The Biggest Secret... Mr Fraser was merely employed to
proofread The Biggest Secret for typing and spelling errors...

[I removed several paragraphs of unnecessary personal slander about Ivan at
this point. Ed.]

He says that his "own research" is in line with that of Sir Laurence
Gardner, documenter of Star Fire blood-drinking rituals and head of the
ancient Royal Court of the Dragon, which is fronted by those who claim
ancestry from the "dragon" "royal" bloodlines - the bloodlines, I would
suggest, which were seeded by the reptilian Anunnaki.

But, astonishing as this may be to Mr Fraser, the fact that both he and Sir
Laurence Gardner say the same things is no confirmation whatsoever that
their research is true and accurate.

I note with interest that Sir Laurence ridicules the idea that those of the
"dragon" bloodlines, as he calls them, are actually reptilian crossbreeds
and sometimes shapeshifters. He notes how such stories were rife in the
ancient world, but says it is "difficult to comprehend in these more
levelheaded times " that " anyone believed such nonsense".

Well, unfortunately, Sir Laurence, endless numbers of people all over the
world are having the same experience today of seeing those of the "dragon"
bloodlines shapeshift, just like the ancients did, and what I find hard to
comprehend is how you can be so astonishingly ignorant of this. If, indeed,
you really are.

I further find it difficult to perceive that the obvious diversion and
smokescreen about these bloodlines coming from "Jesus" can go on being
promoted by a man who claims expertise in history and genealogy. Or how
anyone who does the most minimal research into the existence of "Jesus"
could believe such claptrap.

Sir Laurence dismisses the idea of shapeshifting reptilians as ridiculous,
despite the endless ancient and modern accounts, while, at the same time,
asking us to believe that fictional characters like Jesus and Mary
Magdalene (creations of the Roman Piso family) could seed bloodlines. Are
we now to believe, Sir Laurence, that Jack and Jill, Snow White and
Cinderella also seeded bloodlines, which should today be considered worthy
of royal title? Should someone not launch a Royal Court of the Tom and

Mr Fraser and others also constantly attack Arizona Wilder without ever
bothering to research her background in any way. Arizona, whose Illuminati
code name was, interestingly, "Star Fire" - after the blood-drinking
rituals she conducted in a mind-controlled state - has more guts in her
smallest digit than Mr Fraser and co. will have if they live to be a

He, Sir Laurence Gardner, Duncan Roads and NEXUS can go on for as long as
they like dismissing and ridiculing the existence of shapeshifting
reptilians among the elite "Grail" bloodlines through which they operate,
but if they only opened their eyes and minds (won't hold my breath) they
would see the fantastic evidence to confirm that this bizarre story is true.

That evidence is hurtling towards you like a runaway truck, and you are all
going to have to eat so much humble pie you will need life membership of
Weight Watchers.

David Icke, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England, UK

[Dear David: I am still waiting to see the 'fantastic evidence", or hear
from any of the "endless numbers of people...seeing those of the 'dragon'
bloodlines shapeshift".

I also note that the only person doing the "attacking" at your website
discussion areas is yourself Surely your "research" can stand up to a bit
of well-meaning scrutiny, without your resorting to insulting those who
seek further clarification of your claims.

And finally, for the record, I would like to point out that I have no
problem believing in the existence of shapeshifting reptilian aliens. I DO
have a problem believing that Arizona Wilder (your star witness) saw Sir
Lawrence Gardner and Zachariah Sitchin shapeshifting into reptilian aliens
at some satanic ritual where she was the Illuminati High Priestess or
That's all. Ed]

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