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Author Title
ET Lčfevre Scale Relativity
Eduardo Valencia Faster Than Light Physics
Joshua Gulick The Boundaries of Science
Eric Lerner The Big Bang Never Happened
Paul Marmet Newtonian Physics
E. E. Richards Faster than a speeding Light
David Pratt Theosophical relativity
John Gard The Solar Motor
James R. Van Dyke. Sino-Sumerian Geometry
Alexander Abian. I'm saddened to report that Alexander Abian has now passed away. He will be sorely missed in the USENET newsgroups. Equivalence of Mass and Time
E E Escultura Fermat and the n-Body Problem
Ellis D. Cooper, Ph.D Wholes and Parts in Quale Mechanics
Hemetis Primordial Physics
GS Sandhu The Elastic Continuum Theory of Nature
David Deutsch The Fabric of Reality
Erik Krieg Myths About Einstein
Webster R Kehr Continuum Hypothesis Solution
Gilbert Voeten Nilog - An Alternative Logic
Prof Andrzej Brodziak MD PhD et al Phenomena Research Journal
L Granill The Flat Earth Society
Nicolaas Vroom Science, Physics, Relativity, Faq's and Feedback
NG Postelnicu Concealed Paradoxes in Mathematics and Physics
Emmanuel Galatoulas QUantum ArithmoDynamics
Simon Conway Discon theory
Robert Fritzius A Ritzian Interpretation of Binary Stars
R de Witte Einstein is Really Wrong
John Nordberg Grand Unification
JP Petit Geometrical Physics
KC Cheng Cheng Research Institutes
Rufus Young The Steady State Galaxy Theory
Robert Hinkley A House of Many Mansions
G Sardin Unitary Orbital Conception
Jack Martinelli The SubSpace Project
Dan Brickley The Dada Engine
HE Retic The Einstein Hoax
Anthonie Muller Thermosynthesis: Origin of Life Explained by Biochemical Heat Engines
Dan Piponi The amazing properties of 24 (under construction)
??? The Amazing Number 22
Jack Sarfatti??? The Quantum Effects Devices Project
Name removed at request of author Condensed Electromagnetic Radiation
Ralph Sansbury Gravity and Light charge polarization inside electrons & atomic nuclei
Dan Westlund Post your own crackpot theory
Peter Collins Holistic Mathematics
Joe Townend The School of Pythagoras
Barbara Hero Lambdoma
Richard Quittenton An Engineering Origin of God
Lewis E Little The Theory of Elementary Waves
TH Jackson Star Ship
Michael Clive Price The Everett FAQ
Ricardo Carezani Autodynamics
Frank Tipler The Omega Point
Fred Hoyle and Wickramasinghe Panspermia
Archimedes Plutonium Plutonium Atom Totality
Unknown The Earth's "Center of Gravity" Up or Down?
Williamm D Eshleman A Many-Worlds Wave-Object Paradigm for Quantum Inertia and Quantum Gravity
Tony Smith D4-D5-E6 Physics
Lee Smolin The Life of the Cosmos
Rupert Sheldrake Seven Experiments That Could Change the World
Dr HM Hubey The integers aren't denumerable
Devin Harris Everything Forever
Unknown Sumeria
T Riehle Crank Menagerie
Randall Woods Perpetual Motion Machines
PAIAS The Palo Alto Institute for Advanced Study
The Zetas ZetaTalk Science
John Baez The Crackpot Index
NASA Breakthrough Propulsion Physics
Kirby Urner Synergetics
Louis Nielsen Holistic Quantum Cosmology
F Curtis Michel Theory of Neutron Star Magnetospheres
Doug Sweetser Doing Physics with Quaternions
Paul Davies The Mind of God
Randell Mills Blacklight Power
Alberto Zayas-Oliver Space Travel Faster Than Light Speed
DL Konzen The Konzen Motor
Alan Land Mathematics for the Future
Harold Aspden Energy Science
Bruce Harvey Alternative Physics
Michael Burns Against Vectors
Jal Hubble Trouble
ISUS The International Society of Unified Science
unknown Maybe Einstein was right
Roland Tremblay The Shrinking Theory
Daniel Kirchmann Luxon Theory: The cause of relativity, mass, and conservation of energy
Jeffrey O'Callaghan Shadows Theory
pauloaf Matter Structure as taught by the spritis
Dimitri Enter Hyperspace
Cameron Rebigsol Relativity Mathematically Fails
Unknown Parapsychology FAQ
unknown Parallel Resonant Fields and the Xenocontinua Where has this page gone?
Hanna-Maria Poropudas The Space Potato Particle
Andrea Ossicini Fermat's Last Theorem : A Eulerian Demonstration
Roger Penrose Shadows of the mind
Nico Benschop Nico F. Benschop
Joachim Wolf Quantum Metaphysics
Brian Crabtree Concentric Universal Gravitation, the Absence of Dark Matter, and the Structure of the Universe
Hans Vinberg The Shell Universe
Thales A Way to the Stars
Larry Babcock Basic Electromagnetic Identity
Dan Piponi Is there a link between Jewish Mysticism and Relativity?
James Tracey Omicron Control
Robert E. McElwaine The Hollow Earth
Morgan Wright The Origin Of The Moon
John K. N. Murphy
Henry Lindner A Theory of the Aethereal Space of Newton and Einstein
Caroline Thompson What is wrong with fundamental physics?
??? The determination of the number "pi"
??? Codebreaker
M Baica Baica's Solution of Fermat's Last Theorem in Euclidean, Models and Algorithms the Transaction from Abstract to Applied Mathematics
Alphonsus Kelly Alphonsus Kelly
David Dennard WhirlPower Theory
Kenneth E Fischer Study of Gravity
Ron Atkin Q-Analysis
Roger Nelson Princeton Engineering Anomalies Research
Ilja Schmelzer Post Relativistic Gravity
Rich Marker Discrete Donuts
Missy Mcdonald What Goes Up Must Come Down
Robert Falzmann 5 Reasons Why the Theory of Gravitation is Unscientific
Andrew Thomas Hennessey Tripartite Essentialism
Cecil Ross Logical Physics or The Uncertainty Principle Is A Cop-out
Wladimir Timofeew Gravitation Chemistry
Miodrag Malovic Commonsense Alternative to Modern Physics
David Bryson Anthropic Evolution
Donald Hamilton Cosmology for the 21st Century
Marcel Luttgens Newton vs Einstein
Dwain Higginbotham How the Universe Works
Ray DeBaise Metaphysics, Metamath
Barry Bridgeford Unified Field Theory
Ken Seto Model Mechanics
Glird The Painted Pony
Debby West Hologram Theory
R.J. Hengstebeck Back To Newton
unknown Ideas on Energy and Magnetism
The Spherical Electromagnetic Quantum Larry Spring
Victor Conway Scientific Gems
Arjen Dijksman Materion Physics
Daniel Stahl A Grand Unified Field Theory
André Vasseur Cold Fusion of hydrogen
smart1234 Religion and Philosophy
Richard Namey E=M(CX), Where x is any number but 1
Dan Gilbertson Non-local Medium Theory for a UFT
Bradley Carey Missing Time
Alfredo Barrera Relativity and Gravitrons
Vlcek Lubomir New Trends in Physics
Mike Ecklund Making Connections
Geobeck Big Bang: You're Dead
Jim Marshall The Space Quantum Theory
Floyd Creasey The Fantasy of our Reality
Mike Phillips Gravity
Roberto Pérez-Franco The Relative universe Hypothesis
Nathan Manes Biscalar Geometry: An Alternative to Riemannian Geometry
Roberto Pérez-Franco Lorentz transformations
William Brookfield The Universal Virtual Field Theory
David Hudson High-Spin Monatomic Research
Laro Schatzer Laro's Home Page
William Christie The Wavicle
Jerry Shifman Neoetherics
Peter Jakubowski Naturics
Mike Lawrence Ring Theory
V. Guruprasad Electromagnetic Heat Engines
Eric Baird Doppler Mass Shift
Unknown Natural Philosophy Alliance
Robert Conroy Structural Elements
Bill Mckee Is Objectivity Faith?
Robert Winn Theory of relativity
Don Hamilton The Mind of Mankind
Morris Tamres Photon Theory
Valentin Turchin Metasystem Transition Theory
John August Ritzian Theory
Stan Byers Radiant Pressure Model of Remote Forces
Vladimir Trifonov A Linear Solution of the Four-Dimensionality Problem
Curt Renshaw The Radiation Continuum Theory of Light
Yuri Rylov Metric Approach to Geometry
Sherrill Roberts Quantum Strangeness and Space-Time
Frank Znidarsic Yusmar, Johnstown, Znidarsic
De Catalyst Expanding the Window to Reality
Mark Yasin Space and the Universal Laws of Physics
Joe Strout Mind Uploading
Todd Desiato On the unification of fields
Andreas Trupp Can we decrease entropy
John Hewett Spacetravel and Anti-gravity theories
Knut Hauge Gravity Measurement
Gene Ott Future Perspective
Mitchell Swartz Cold Fusion Times
Blue Silver Warp Drives
Carlos Bautista A Little Theory
Pierre Noyes Alternative Natural Philosophy Association
Frank Potter Geometrical Basis for the Standard Model
Martin Burger Blue Energy
Christian Suavet The dynamics of the universe
A.J. Meyer Super Spin Model of the Universe
Mario Carvajal Theory of the sustentation of matter
Y.P. Varshni Laser Star Atrophysics
Lere Shakunl Organic System Design
Javier de Juan A New Physics for a New Millennium
Craig Hanks Time Will Tell
Anders Sandberg Transhumanism
Charles Keyser Time Dilation vs. Doppler Effect in Special Relativity
Vohu Hemsida The TOE Home Page
Amara Graps Ether: What is it?
Robert Oldershaw The Legend of Cosmological Homogeniety
Roger Ellman The Origin and Its Meaning
Marcel Lebel The Physics of Time Speed
John Kierein Why the Big Bang is Wrong
Joseph Newman The Energy Machine
Tamás Tassi Theory of Localised Aether
Barry Nix Angle of Fire
L. F. Morgan Holistic Science
Max Domaschko A Unified Field Theory Free of Attractive Forces
Max Domaschko A Unified Theory of Attractive Forces
Arthur Young Theory of Process
Ned Wright Cosmology Tutorial
Peter Carroll specularium
Frank Philpot A model for the electron
Jonathan Dickau Mandelbrot Cosmos
M.N. Yaseen In The Search Of Reality
Rudolf Kiesslinger Gravitation Theory on the Testbench
Nick Fry gravity in creation
Unknown The Apocalypse Files
Michael Allen Gelman Gravity Explained
Keith Hardy The Theory Of Distance-Time
Gerry Wolke Tachyon Healing and the Physics of Love
Hugh Ross God's Extra Dimensionality, Superstrings
Peter Bros The Copernican Series
Unknown Common Sense Science
Charters Croll Gravity Theory
Mariano Ambou Unified Theory for Electrical and Gravitational Fields
Doug Harp Inertia
Bjřrn Karlsen A Model of Matter in an Elastic Medium
Laurent Nottale Scale Relativity and Fractal Space-Time
Stephen Hawking The Beginning of Time
Timothy Leary and Eric Gullichsen Load and Run High-tech Paganism-Digital Polytheism
Bruce DePalma The Secret of the Force Machine
Unknown The Space-Time Portal
Unknown Sylvester Christie: Free Energy and Anti-Gravity
Robert Fritzius Shade Tree Physics
Unknown The Nature of Existence
Lee Junqiao Infinity - mirror to mirror
Mirza Abdullah Baig The Naked King of Physics
Alexander Zazerkiy From the Field Electron Model to the Unified Field Theory
Borut Majcen 3 Dimensions of Time
P. Stephen Petersen The Quantum Tai Chi
Maurice Mitchell Oppositely Charged Twin Monopole
Ian Goddard Zero Mechanics
Leo Van Dromme The Lightspeed Enigma
Gershom Gale Theory G
Bill Beaty Science Hobbyist
Unknown Taos Hum
Carl Krafft Spirazines
Myron Evans B(3) theory
P. John Terry Triple Scalar Product of Spin
Reuben McDavid The Mathematical Concept of the Mayan Universe
Matthew Watkins The RetroPsychokinesis Project
John Collins Perpetual Motion: an ancient mystery solved
David Schroeder The Field Interchange Hypothesis
Hannu Poropudas Monopoles, Neutrinos and ...
Darwin Bedford The Simplicity of Existence
Unknown Focus on Fusion
Janneke van der Schilden possible answers to many questions
Alan Pendleton Was Einstein right?
Mahipal Singh Virdy |meforce> Paradox
Bambang Pramana Scientific Spirituality
Eric Maillet The Metaphysics of Blue
Slavomir Fabian The Time Dilation
Kenneth Paschen Your paradigm is too small
Rick Ryals Nature and Science
Floyd Creasey Shadows of Reality
Alexandru Talasanu Mass of Photons
Daniel Kirchmann Time Theory
Daniel Kirchmann Amazing Universe
Clark Thomas Relativity beyond Einstein
Charles Weber Cause of the Characteristics of Quasars
Kenneth Carrigan Principles, Proof and Equations for Overunity
Dimiter Chakalov Mind aided vacuum energy release
Domenico Di Mario Bubblegate
Dieter Ennemoser C37 Sound Sensation
Del Drury Novelettes
Alberto Mesquita Filho The electron equation and electromagnetism
Larry Burks Wormholes As A Reality
Raymond Dale The Gravity Gate
Jorge Rodríguez New Approach to the General Theory of Relativity
Zavacki Karlo The Universal Correlation Theory of the Universe
Chris King Transactional Supercausalities
Stephen Goodfellow Can Gravity be Induced?
John Schnurer The Gravity Society
Terry Canup The Interference Anomaly
David Pearce Why does anything exist?
Ben Bullock The Higgs Boson
Jack Sarfatti New Physics and ESP
Jack Sarfatti Stardrive
Jeff Tollaksen Vector Quantum Mechanics of Mind
Unknown View from the Bridge
Unknown Quantum Theory and Beyond
Peter Holland Quantum Theory of Motion
Henry Stapp Physics of Consciousness
John Lawson Nature's Logic
Etienne Szekely The Living Atom
Michael Burns Dissenting Physics
Klaus Simmering Pioneering UFO Propulsion
Pete Skeggs Superconductors and Gravity Shielding
Walter Cassani The Wave Theory of the Field
Thomas McFarlane Sacred Science
Michael Roll Scientific Proof of Survival After Death
Richard Tolley The General Time Structure of the Universe
Tim Price Mostly Everything you Wanted to Know About Anything
Wilfrid Boisvert The Discontinuity of Motion
John Enderby The Meaning of Life the Universe and Everything
John Enderby Gallop through a Commonsense Universe
Bernhard Haisch Zero Point Field
Ray Tomes Cycles in the Universe
Unknown KeelyNet
Arthur Wilkinson Questioning Gravity
Brian Greene Topology Change in Superstring Theory
Lambert Dolphin What holds the universe together?
Lambert Dolphin On the Constancy of the Speed of Light
William Craig The Existence of God and the Beginning of the Universe
Vic Mansfield Synchronicity Science and Soul Making
Hartmut Traunmüller Measuring time and other spatio-temporal quantities
Kurt Reichling Unified Theory of the Classical Fields
Matti Pitkanen Topological Geometrodynamics
Pete Brown The Nature of Nature
Unknown Sumeria Cosmologies
Unknown Sumeria Free Energy
Gregory Hodowanec All About Gravitational Waves
Unknown Sumeria Physics
Pete Brown Theories of Aether
Marcoen Cabbolet Gravitational Dipole Theory
Gene Goodman Aether Theory
Alan Williams Consciousness, Physics and the Holographic Paradigm
Brian Koberlein Quantum Relativity
Dennis Lisack The Objects Of Our Attention
Rickard Öberg Rotational paradox
Marc Washington The First Three Seconds
Joel Mckenny The Fabric of Existence
Unknown Cold Fusion
boblock A Simple Unified Field Theory
Andrew Wutke About an overlooked aspect of relativity
Salvator Micheal Gravity as the Expansion of Space-Time
Rich Townsend Phasic Physics
Alastair Wyse The Neutron Creation Effect
Alastair Wyse The Reality Heresy
Higgs Field Zonpower
The CrikCritter Hypothesis of a Theory of Everything
Henry Wallace Particles as Swarms of Photons
Frank Meno Aether gyrons and the photon
David Jonsson Elektromagnum
Tom Bearden Secrets of Free Energy
Harold Puthoff Everything for Nothing
Robert Stirniman Electrogravitics
Henry Warren Big Bang - Raisin Pudding Theory
Fernando Pereira The Unity of Physics
Unknown Clean Energy Technologies Inc.
Stefan Hartman Over Unity
Chris Lofting Quantum Mind
Max Keon Logical Development from Zero Origin
vsivasup Modern Physics and Classic Hinduism
Unknown Institute for New Energy
Stephen Hawking Stephen Hawking's Universe
John Gowan The Trinity of Physics
Peter Russell The Spirit of Now
Brian Josephson Mind Matter Unification Project
Victor Stenger Physics and Psychics
Donavan Hall The St. Alban's Lectures
Robert Rutkiewicz Integrated Physics Theory
Jason Hinson Physics and Star Trek
Peter Hahn A Structured World of Liquid and Foamy Ether
Kimball The Symmetric Theory
Hugh Ross Quantum Gravity and the Origin of the Universe
Dewey Larson Reciprocal System of Theory
Eue Jin Jeong Dipole Anti-Gravity
Rhett Savage Cosmological Notes
Len Gaasenbeek selected papers
Steen Ingemann Guide to Ultimate Reality
Ed Dorsz Physics Concept Map
Robert Herrmann A solution to the General Grand Unification Problem
John Searl Anti-Gravity Device
Ernst Wall Negative Mass Tachyons
Milo Wolff the wave structure of matter
Townsend Brown Petrovoltaics
David Chalmers The Problem of Consciousness
Anders Sandberg Space-Time engineering
Summum The Scientific Dilemma
Leon Maurer The Theory of Astro Biological Coenergetics
John Aikman Geometrical Dimensional Analysis
Mitchell Porter The Reality Model
David Elm Dual Field Theory
Maurizio Gasperini String Cosmology
Albert Einstein Ether and the Theory of Relativity
Lawrence Tuppen Theory of Everything
Gerald O'Barr The Absolute Reference Frame
Winfried Heitmann Tunnelling of electromagnetic radiation and of photons
Nick Turnock A quantum theory of gravity compatible with general relativity
Barry Brownlee Frotons Unified Field
Erkki Ahonen Mechanics
Chaos Virtual Chaos
Virtual Chaos Virtual Science
Virtual Chaos Free Energy Systems
Erik Krieg Examining Dennis Lee's Amazing claims
Sean O'Donnell Future Memory and Time
Byron Goheen The Atom as a Radiation Oscillator
Lex Loeb Gravity is hot
Philip Gibbs The Old Cyclotron laboratory
Steven Rado Aethro Kinematics
Johan Masreliez Coexpanding Cosmos Theory
Don Kelly Free Energy, Anti-Gravity and Falling Motors
Dirk Wessels Theories of a Revised Reality
Philip Dorrell Home Page
Philip Dorrell on The Anthropic Principle
Philip Dorrell God and the Many Worlds Theory
Guy Cramer Stephen Hawking's Universe Implodes
Aladar Stolmar Universe
Janko Kokosar Masses of elementary particles
John Sefton Light, Atoms, Galaxies and Gravity
Phil Holland and Raeto West How Much of Modern Physics is a Fraud?
Charles Algea Alternative Views
Guy Myhre Our Unitary Universe
Victor Grauer Tiny Alice
John Cornfield The Covariant Theory
Sam Foster Emergence Theory
Mark Edwards Maybe Einstein was right
M Wales Physics Librarum Prohibitorum
Mark Hines Gematria evidence of God's Existence
John Walker The Retrokinesis Project

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