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Contrails series
NOTE: Local contrail pictures were published with the print version of the
report in Vol. 3, No. 22, of The Asheville Tribune ~ Weekly News Magazine.
Article I of the Tribune's Investigative Series   Published June 07, 1999
By Dana Davis, The Asheville Tribune

"Not a cloud in the sky." When is the last time you can remember using that
phrase? For many of us living in the continental United States, a truly
clear sky has become a thing of the past. Is this due to the industrialized
society that our nation has become? Yes, in part, but what about Montana,
Idaho, and Western North Carolina for that matter? What about the quiet
neighborhoods and otherwise undisturbed wildlife throughout the United
States whose skies are being tainted with clouds which cannot be defined by
any meteorologist?

The answer is contrails. Contrails are the white/silver cloud-like exhaust
from airplanes that are visible from the ground. Normal contrails from
commercial planes dissipate and vanish into air. That's nothing new.

What is new is the abnormally thick contrails appearing with great frequency
as of late from non-commercial planes. These planes are obviously not
commercial jets because they fly together in tight formations too close to
comply with Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) regulations.

And they often fly in grid patterns and mark X's in the sky with the
contrails they leave behind.

The contrails these suspicious planes produce do not immediately dissipate.
Instead, they linger across the sky and, after several hours, spread out
into what appears to be cloud coverage hovering over us in the sky
throughout the day.

If you have not noticed them, it is probably because you thought you were
seeing clouds, but quite often, on what would be an otherwise clear day,
contrails create a partly cloudy atmosphere. And when there are already
clouds in the sky, contrails simply blend in with the atmosphere, making
them even less detectable.

However, quite a few weary observers have taken notice of the suspicious
contrails zig-zagging and eventually blanketing the sky. In fact, several
websites have formed that are devoted to the research of this bizarre and
mysterious trend which has become somewhat of a fixture throughout the U.S.

As a result, some unconfirmed theories have come forth which could help to
shed some light on the matter. An influx of respiratory illnesses have been
reported in areas of heavy contrail activity. Meningitis outbreaks have
occurred in several states recently -- North Carolina being one of them.
Some who believe they have fallen ill as a direct result of the contrails
say the ailments they suffer from are not unlike symptoms of some types of
biological warfare. Meanwhile, William Thomas, a veteran award-winning
journalist, notes that toll-free tracking numbers across the country are
asking people to come forward for tests and treatment -- "if they qualify
with specific symptoms incurred within a specific time period within a
specific radius of exposure."

Shocking as this may sound, it should be noted that U.S. government
experiments have been conducted on the American population before. For
example, just last year the federal government made a public apology for
secretly exposing select men to a painful, contagious and uncurable sexually
transmitted disease just to study the effects.

According to Thomas, two U.S. Senate investigations in 1977 and 1994
document decades of open air biowarfare testing over the American and
Canadian public.

Thomas gives a few examples among hundreds of US cities which he says have
been the target of open air experiments:

In 1950, the U.S. Navy sprayed a cloud of Serratia marcescens bacteria over
San Francisco. Monitoring devices tested the extent of infection as many
residents fell ill with pneumonia-like symptoms.

In 1966 the U.S. Army dispensed Bacillus subtilis variant Niger throughout
the New York City subway system. More than a million New Yorkers were
exposed. And Minneapolis was hit with the same disease causing bacteria 20
years later in 1997.

United States Code - Title 50 - War and National Defense Chapter 32 -
Chemical and Biological Warfare Program Sec. 1520 - Biowarfare
experimentation on the American public - states that the Secretary of
Defense may not conduct any test or experiment involving the use of a
chemical or "biological agent" on a civilian population...except for
research and law enforcement purposes, including any purpose related to riot

This same U.S. Code defines "biological agent" as "Any micro-organism
(including bacteria, viruses, fungi, rickettsiac, or protozoa), pathogen, or
infectious substance, and any naturally occurring, bioengineered, or
synthesized component of any such micro-organism, pathogen, or infectious
substance, whatever its origin or method of production, that is capable of
(1) death, disease, or other biological malfunction in a human, an animal, a
plant, or another living organism;
(2) deterioration of food, water, equipment, supplies, or materials of any
kind; or
(3) deleterious alteration of the environment."

This law also requires that all test subjects must give their informed
consent 'for research.' Grant it, military servicemen surrender their
civilian rights upon enlistment, but, chances are less than likely that the
more than 460,000 American GIs forced to take PB in the Gulf were ever asked
for their consent, much less, informed that this nerve agent actually
amplifies the effects of the sarin nerve agent raining over them. Or, that
they were ever given the choice to refuse mycoplasma-contaminated anthrax.

Furthermore, Executive Order 12975 - Protection of Human Research Subjects
and Creation of National Bioethics Advisory Commission - signed by President
William Clinton, speaks to departments and agencies taking into account
recommendations contained in a report from the "Advisory Committee" on
"Human Radiation Experiments."

There's much more to report on this topic and even more that is still
unknown and unavailable to the public. This report is Part I of a series.

  Side Bar 1A:

One interesting note, from researching this article over the past months,
has been the consistency of descriptions and photographs taken across the
country. Of course, there is no way to confirm each of these email claims
and internet postings but many of them attach photo's with their reports.

Here is a brief summary of seperate statements from individuals who do not
know each other and are from various cities across the nation:

MESA, AZ [May 10] - "I stepped outside this morning in Mesa, AZ and couldn't
help but notice that we are once again being sprayed. There were at least
three aircraft involved that flew in various criss-cross patterns over the

SANTE FE [May 10] - "Sprayed all day Friday last week, started sporadically
today, Monday 10th. People sneezing to worse, feeling tired, depressed and

CALIFORNIA [May 9] - "It is 9:00 am Sunday morning in Fortuna, CA (on the
northern coast of CA, 23 miles south of Eureka) and there is at least one
plane spraying or releasing a long continuous patterns of white trails.
The plane(s) have just finished their third north to south parallel trail.
The first trail is dispersing into what appears to be a sinking white cloud,
as is the second."

CALIFORNIA [May 9] - Santa Rosa, CA (60 miles north of SF on US 101)
observed 7 North to South contrails, in dissipation mode observed 2
additional contrails to the east, approximately Napa/Solano Counties in the
process of being made at 0815."

CALIFORNIA [May 9] - Currently have slight offshore winds and the San Jose
chemtrails are drifting overhead now. It is very hazy and again we have
rainbow halo around the sun. Got on top of the house for better veiw and
spotted heavy activity directly over Monterey Bay."

OHIO [May 9] - "Sunday,10:55 A.M. Columbus, Ohio. I am watching a heavy
spray of Chemtrails. There appears to be multiple planes involved. They all
appear to be leaving the same Chemtail pattern and all of them seem to be
flying at the same alltitude. They seem to be spraying in a grid like

NORTH CAROLINA [May 7] - On 5-7-99 almost all of Raleigh and surrounding
areas got it. I travel to work from 30 miles south of Ral. to north Ral. and
could see the trails in every direction. Large X's and many planes spraying.
My lungs have been burning since the first spraying on the 4th."

CALIFORNIA [May 6] - I was in Century City, CA (A little west of L.A.) on
05-06-99. I witnessed spraying that looked like it went all the way over the
valley. The trails lasted for a very long time and spread out in a way I
don't remember seeing before. I saw four of them crossing over each other."

OREGON [May 4] - Tuesday, in Springfield Oregon. Several Chemtrails, and by
afternoon, the sky was gray. About 5 north and south, and 2 east and west.
My boss is very ill, and his wife is on and off with this thing too."

TENNESSE [May 2] - I live outside of Portland TN (about an hour north of
Nashville) and on Sunday, May 2, there were an unusual amount of contrails
in the skies - four parallel to each other and 2 X's. I make it a point to
know where the usual commercial/military flight paths are over my house and
none of these were in those paths. For several days afterward, I had a
strange (for me) thing to happen - it was as if I had suddenly become

Here are some samples of other reports being posted across the internet:

D. writes: "Just a note, sometime in early Feb.99, I was going south on I55
in Missouri, when I started noticing quite a few contrails, forming x's in
the sky but also something else. I'm a trucker, go thru this area quite
often, and it's the first time I saw this and a whole lot of spider web type
substance floating down out of the sky. I asked some other drivers via the
CB, and they were fascinated by this also. The substance clung all over my
truck for several hundred miles. Just wondered if anyone else ever noticed
this stuff also. I could give exact dates if needed via my log books."

C. writes: "[On April 13] from 10-10:45am eight planes were seen laying a
criss-cross grid over Sioux City [Iowa]. A funny chemical smell is in the
air. They contrailed yesterday but not this severe. My daughter and I got
sinus problems overnight and my 4-year old daughter had a fever of 103.6 by
10:30pm last night. She had been perfectly fine till the fever. There are
still no symptoms--just a very high fever."

CH writes: "We have been bombarded with the contrails here in Hartford Conn,
for at least a month now. Everyday planes are flying continuously over my
area spraying long white clouds that then widen. There are so many planes
doing this that by mid-day the whole area takes on the appearance of a
cloudy day. Prior to learning about this in CONTACT Newspaper my entire
family, wife, son (2 yrs old) were struck with what we believed to be the
flu. I have never ever been so sick in my life. I am 53 yrs old and I have
never experienced such sickness. Fortunately we are all over it but my son
sickness lasted over two weeks. I just rested my body for 3-4 days and
allowed it to heal itself. I don't believe in doctors or trust the medical
profession so I did not seek out any professional help (doctors). The planes
fly over all day and into the evening. This month we had a new moon and you
could still see the planes flying at night. What in God's name is going on
and what can we as people coming together as one mind do about this?"

"[April 30] Our television station Channel 10, located here in Miami, picked
up the contrails on their equipment and sent a team to Boca Chica Air Force
Base at Key West, Florida to find out what is happening over the Ocean and
the Keys. The Air Force admitted that they are dumping canisters of fiber
into the air which acts like a screen to hide the aircraft. These are
practice flights for combat. The fibers consist of silicon with an aluminum

"{5/12/99] I watched from my back yard, three aircraft take over four hours
to make "ribs" across the entire dome of a sky --and the ribs all drifted
together and filled the entire sky!!! We had electrical storms the following
three days and I felt as if I had the flu --really dragging around for a

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