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The Immaculate Deception

    Asset Management International Financing & Settlement, Ltd, a New York
firm for which Prescott Bush is a consultant has a contract to provide
communications connecting more than 2,000 professional and university offces
in China.

Asset Management Investment Company PLC

ACTIVITIES: Investment trust
INDEX:  FTSE Fledgling
SECTOR: Investment companies
NO.EMP:  5 (4).
REM:  £0.12m (£0.08m).

6 January 2000
Copyright © Hemmington Scott 2000

Asset Management Investment Company PLC
Major Shareholders
 Major Shareholders:

( 6 Jan 00) 8.67m 25p
Ords - RBSTB Nominees Ltd 16.03%,
C O Nominees Ltd 10.67%,
Aberdeen Asset Mgmt PLC 10.38%,
Alpha Trust Inv Services SA 10.05%,
 NCL Nominees Ltd 7.60%,
 Lloyds Bank (ID) Noms Ltd 3.97%,
Regent Pacific Group Ltd 3.85%,
Productive Nominees Ltd 3.82%,
G A Robb 14.98%,
G A Robb 14.41%,
G A Robb 2.42%,
Other Dirs 1.75%.

The biggest investor with 16% is Ords-RBSTB Nominees, Ltd.  Who is that?

"Foreign & Colonial" means Foreign & Colonial Management Limited, the Plan
Manager of the Private Investor Plan; "Investment Trust" means all or any of
the Investment Trusts whose shares are offered for purchase and sale through
the Plan; "Plan" means the Private Investor Plan of each Investor governed
by these Terms and Conditions; "Plan Investments" means the assets held from
time to time within a Plan.

 6.1 Legal title in the Plan Investments will be vested in RBSTB Nominees
Limited or such other nominee as Foreign & Colonial may from time to time
nominate ("the Nominee"). Share certificates and other evidences of title
(if any) will be held by the Plan Centre and Investors will not therefore
receive share certificates in respect of their Plan Investments. Investors
will, however, be sent all other documents and notifications that are sent
to registered ordinary shareholders.


In 1868, Foreign & Colonial was the first investment trust to be quoted on
the London Stock Exchange.

Its original objective was to "give the investor of moderate means the same
advantages as the large capitalist in diminishing the risk of investing by
spreading the investment over a number of stocks". This principle has not
changed. What has is the size and popularity of investment trusts in
general - and those of Foreign & Colonial in particular. Indeed, Foreign &
Colonial Investment Trust is now the single largest trust in the world, with
assets of £2.8 billion.

In 1984, we registered another 'first'. Our Private Investor Plan was the
first saving scheme to offer individual investors the chance to buy shares
in investment trusts without the necessity (and extra costs) of buying
through a stockbroker or bank.

© Copyright 1998, 1999 Foreign & Colonial. All rights reserved

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