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Hell to Pay : The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton
by Barbara Olson

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Hardcover - 380 pages 1 edition (November 1999)
Regnery Pub; ISBN: 0895262746 ; Dimensions (in inches): 1.22 x 9.23 x 6.38
Amazon.com Sales Rank:  53
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Number of Reviews: 112

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Editorial Reviews (5)   Customer Reviews (112)
Editorial Reviews

Hell to Pay is yet another book on Hillary Rodham Clinton, this time from a
conservative lawyer who served as the Republican chief counsel for the
congressional committee investigating the Clintons' involvement in
"Travelgate" and "Filegate." Barbara Olson traces the now familiar
biographies of the president and first lady, contending that Mrs. Clinton is
someone with dangerously liberal, even radical, political beliefs who "now
seeks to foment revolutionary changes from the uniform of a pink suit."
(Olson plays the theme heavily: each chapter of Hell to Pay begins with
quotes from Saul Alinsky's Rules for Radicals, which influenced the young
Hillary Rodham.)
There are some interesting new tidbits scattered throughout the book, like
the fact that after law school Hillary Rodham tried to become a Marine Corps
officer but was turned down; or that she told her high school paper her
ambition after high school was "to marry a senator and settle down in
Georgetown." Olson, attempting to dissect the mystery of the Clinton
partnership, writes, "Most self-respecting women would have left" after
Clinton's repeated infidelities. "Hillary chose to stay. She behaves as both
a desperate lover, and like a frantic campaign manager protecting a flawed
candidate.... Hillary, it seems, long ago accepted Bill Clinton as someone
who could advance her goals, as a necessary complement to her intellectual
cold-blooded pursuit of power." As the Clinton presidency draws to a close,
that pursuit has taken her beyond the White House toward a bid for her own
U.S. Senate seat. Olson predicts the Senate won't be enough, just the next
step toward becoming the first woman president: "Hillary Clinton seeks
nothing less than an office that will give her a platform from which to
exercise real power and real world leadership." While Olson admits that "Bill
Clinton has always excited the greatest passion not among his supporters, but
among his detractors," the same could certainly be said of his wife--whose
supporters will probably consider Hell to Pay a rehash of a too-familiar
story, but whose detractors will no doubt savor every page. --Linda Killian
Book Description
In Accomplice , Olson separates fact from fiction and shows us Hilllary's
often disturbing complicity in her husband's affairs. read more
The author, Khris Price  , January 18, 2000
HELP! I cannot find this book ANYWHERE!
I am frantically searching for your book "Hell to Pay". My father is very ill
and would like to read it. Can I get the book directly from you? read more
The author, Barbara Olson  , September 29, 1999
A book about the politics of Hillary Rodham Clinton
This is a book about the politics of Hillary Clinton -- from her early days
as a "Goldwater Girl" to her current candidacy for the United States Senate
-- and beyond. Hillary Clinton is as complex a person politically as she is
personally. As we are introduced to her as a national candidate, I believe it
is important to understand who she is and what she intends to do if elected.
Thank you and I hope you enjoy "Hell to Pay." read more
The publisher, [EMAIL PROTECTED]  , October 6, 1999
>From the Publisher
In Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, former federal
prosecutor and Washington insider Barbara Olson reveals the real Hillary
Clinton—a woman whose lust for power surpasses even that of her husband.
Hell to Pay investigates Hillary’s radical roots, how she switched from being
a “Goldwater Girl” to sixties radical—and how, since then, she has maintained
her ties to the radical left. The agenda? In the sixties, it was the Black
Panthers and overthrowing corporate America.... read more

Customer Reviews
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Reviewer: A reader  from New York,NY       January 21, 2000

This book really nails it,but I'm afraid it won't matter because today's
society and the state of New York is full of Rosie O'Donnells, but as long as
we have factual books like these it helps to think that maybe there is hope.
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This Book has the FACTS......not Feelings

Reviewer: Brian   from Orange County, CA       January 20, 2000

It is interesting to note that the people here that did not like this book
(read: Hillary sympathizers) do not cite any specific reason or can cite any
inaccuracies in the book.
This book deals with facts with which you may draw your own conculsions about
what Hillary is about (unlike another popular book out on Hillary right now).
You really cannot dispute facts. From this standpoint, it is a book worth
It's funny how such a large part of our society cannot handle the facts and
objectively judge based on them.
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The Lowdown on a Lowlife

Reviewer: Peter J. Keefe   from USA       January 19, 2000

Read "Hell to Pay" in a brightly lit room because it may frighten you more
than the best horror novel. Why? Because the main characters in this tale of
dirty politics and unbridled ambition are running the United States of
America! Courageous author Barbara Olson traces Hillary Rodham Clinton's
incredible transformation from a Christian, Republican "good girl" from
Illinois through her leftist metamorphosis at Wellesley and Yale, greedy
years of stock and land deals at the Rose Law Firm, social engineering
schemes with the Children's Defense Fund, and, finally, socialist First Lady
of the Land. Olson exposes everything in no nonsense prose: Vince Foster,
Webb Hubbell, White Water, cattle futures, the Wellesley commencement speech,
the uniqueness of Arkansas politics, the drugs, the fights, the women, the
million and one reasons why the Clintons are so volatile and so dangerous.
All the Clinton rumors that have been so vigorously denied over the years are
credibly explained at long last. You'll read what Hillary learned from
Richard Nixon, how this consummate actress fools the people (that's us), what
former co-workers really think of her, and more. Olson discusses the
Clintons' method of dealing with enemies, which is straight out of the
writings of left-wing crank Saul Alinsky: demonize, polarize, and destroy.
Witness Ken Starr, Newt Gingrich, Paula Jones, et al. Olson, a former Senate
counsel who investigated the Clinton Administration's FBI file caper and
Travel Office fiasco, knows her subject well and writes soberly, without the
shrill hysteria of someone seeking vengeance. She simply knows the facts and
believes that the rest of us must know them too. This book should be read by
every American citizen, but, at minimum, it is required reading for all New
York residents!
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Can't Pass It Off As Clinton Hating

Reviewer: Stephen C. DuVal     from Austin       January 17, 2000

Clinton Hating is the standard defense of their apologists. No matter what
the facts are, if you bring up trhe truth in public, then you are a Clinton
hater. Barbara Olsen has done a wonderful service by exposing the truth about
the woman who is so very intelligent, but didn't realize her husband was
fooling around until he had to admit it due to DNA tests, had the billing
records turn up next to her office and be amazed that they were there, had
the travel office people fired so that the business could go to her political
supporters, as was her right but then turning the FBI loose on them so that
she wouldn't be percieved as unfeeling. What a hypocrite.
Any one who looks at her history with the Legal Services Corporation will
understand what they are getting into with her. This is the organization that
sued a Public Housing tenants association for evicting a woman who set fire
to her apartment. She was reinstated and burnt it up again. So much for power
to the people; it's really power to Hillary and her left wing friends to
pursue their political agenda at the expense of poor peole.
Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
All My Relations.
Omnia Bona Bonis,
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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