Greetings from Swiss Hell!

Due to my rapidly deteriorating physical condition, a friend is typing this
for me.

If you are receiving this message, you know that I was a ghostwriter for
many so-called "superstars", most notably John Lennon and the Beatles. Just
before the Beatles broke up, John came up with an idea to put together a
group that looked and sounded like them, but with even more musical talent,
and have them be the new "Beatles". The plan was to take songs I wrote, put
the name "Lennon & McCartney" on them as the authors and have the new
"Beatles" sub-group record the songs and go on tour, performing them. When
John asked me what I thought of this arrangement, I erected my right middle
finger in his face. (Expletive deleted). John said "That's your badfinger
you're pokin' in me eye, mate!" And I told him "Badfinger" was what he
should call his so-called "New Beatles". And he did.

Badfinger had several hits until they became too independent to act as John
Lennon's dummies. (I wish I would've become that independent around the
"Hard Day's Night" era or so, rather than wasting my life as an invisible
ghostwriter, never receiving any credit for my life's work). They went on
to become superstars on their own, until John and Paul used their massive
clout in the music industry to put a damper on their career. Eventually,
they had terrible fights with half the members wanting to play the Beatles'
stooges and the other half wanting to be on their own and independent. The
two main members of the group kept it together with replacements for those
who'd left, with concerts all over the world for many years.

Today, the lead singer and drummer are the only surviving members. They
recently agreed to back me up on a new version of my "Ghostwriter" song,
which is the title song of one of my two new CDs. Today I received a CD
containing the first mix of "Ghostwriter" with Badfinger's drummer playing
drums on it and their lead singer singing harmony with me on the choruses.
For a very limited time, you can download a RealAudio file of this
historical recording at:


To quote one of my songs which "Badfinger" sang all those years ago:

    "If you want it, here it is, come and get it
    Oh, oh, oh, oh, make your mind up fast
    If you want it, anytime, you can have it
    But you'd better hurry 'cause it may not last"

Michael Boren Williams,

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