How strange:   What Janet RENO has legally done, is threaten COOPER...

This case will never  go to trial if that man hs infomation that could
throw darker shadows on Clinton.

Think of that guy, the canary who sang, but could not fly.....who was
"accidently" pushed out of a window up 15 floors or so was it?

Death Penalty:  That as a warning to Cooper to shut up or
else.......someone had him believing a contract job for CIA or Special
Forces?  Like little Buford who then an home to his masters and did not
kamakazee out?   Remember what the mob said when they decided to get
Kennedy.....Chairman of Board then was Meyer Lansky, of course this was
Jewish Mafa then....get some nut to do it - we programed killer would be
more like it.

We have a Murderer's Inc. in our Oval Office and inclue Reno and
FBI/BATF/KGB for they all work together now.

Oh yes, Jant Reno has delivered a big death threat to this man.....keep
quiet, or the victim was a Lesbian?  Now I wonder if he
also knew Ms. Reno for this lesbian seemed to be picking up what some
would call "intelligence"/

Isn't it obvious that these interns are more like high paid Call Girls,
or do sweet little jewish girls coduct themselves in such a manner -
like paid prostitutes?

So this guy has a very slim chance of coming out of this alive.....what
was that Mafia Order timed to Lee Oswald/s murder by Jewish Mafia

   For where there is a testimnent there
   OF THE TESTATOR  (Hebrews....from      where Clinton, Gore, and there
    Oliver Stone, made the "New                     Covenant"......both
verses Hebrews.

In other words KILL the witneses, for dead men tell no tales......

NO wonder the Great EAGLE challenger bit this lousy President, for he
knew this man is the most evil man in the Eagle recognizes
its own....

Lets get these murdering vultures out of our White House and restore
honor and long is the body bag count now???????

Clinton to take $8 million dollar a year job?   How much does he have on
these people........

Colleen Jones, Chairman of the Board
*International Order of the Irish Mafia*
************The Clan of Dan*************


===========RUMOR MILL NEWS AGENCY===========


Dateline: February 8, 2000

"(WASHINGTON) -- 2-7-2000  Attorney General Janet
Reno has agreed to let federal prosecutors seek the death
penalty in the murder and racketeering case against Carl
Derek Cooper, who is accused of killing three coffee shop

Reno's decision clears the way for the first federal death
penalty conviction in Washington, D.C., which has not had
an execution since 1957. City officials banned capital
punishment in local cases in 1981, but the death penalty can
still be applied in federal cases.

The federal government has sought the death penalty in two
previous cases. Cooper is also charged with killing a security
guard in 1993 and killing an off-duty police officer in Prince
Georges County, Md., in 1996."

Who is Carl Derek Cooper?

Why is he being charged with a federal crime that can get
him the death penalty?

Did Cooper commit a federal crime? The three people he
killed were in a coffee shop in Washington DC. How does
this become a federal crime?

Cooper is being charged under the federal RICO act. But
why? Why would the United States government step into a
case that looks like an ordinary robbery/murder in a
downtown coffee shop?

If this doesn't raise eyebrows in the conspiracy world,
nothing will.

Carl Cooper is the 29 year old man who is charged with
killing former White House intern Mary Caitrin Mahoney in
a Starbucks coffee shop.

Mahoney was shot execution style with a bullet being fired
into the back of her head at point blank range.

Law enforcement officials label the murders a botched
robbery. There was $10,000 in the safe. But according to
the police version of the story, Cooper fled without taking
any of the money in the safe.

Mary Caitrin Mahoney lay dead with the keys in her hand,
but the man who allegedly had "cased the joint" for a
month, fled without taking a dime.

One of the pieces of information that swirled through the
alternative media during the Lewinsky scandal, was a
comment that Monica made to Vernon Jordan.

Jordan is Bill Clinton's best friend. Not only did Jordan try
to find Monica a job in NYC to get her out of town, Jordan
has now found Bill an 8 million dollar a year job.

Monica promised Jordan that she would keep her mouth shut
because "I don't want to wind up like Caity Mahoney."

Why has Janet Reno  now given her justice department the go
ahead to pursue federal charges against Cooper?

Could it have anything to do with the fact that Cooper has recently
recanted his confession. Cooper now claims that it is all a lie.
Cooper said he "admitted to everything under the sun. I said
what they wanted me to say."  Cooper never said who
"they" are.

According to the Globe, (Feb 1, 2000)

"This shocking development, (Cooper recanting) has
triggered new speculation that the murders are White House
connected, say informed White House insiders."

David Hoffman, the author who was charged with jury
tampering because he sent his  book on the OKC bombing
to the Grand Jury, stated, "Mary was marked for murder
because she knew too much about sex shenanigans in the
White House."

Mahoney's death came just days after Monica Lewinsky
informed Bill Clinton that she was going to tell her parents
about their affair. Clinton exploded in anger and told her it
was a crime to threaten the president.

David Hoffman has spent a year investigating Mahoney's
death. He feels that Monica must have taken Mary's death
as a warning to her because she told Linda Tripp that she
feared for both their lives if the story of their affair came

The trial against Carl Cooper is set to begin April 10.
(Unless a war begins, the trial will probably make the
evening news.) David Hoffman expects many shockers to
come out in the trial.

Mary Mahoney was an activist lesbian who was upset with
the way the young White House interns were being treated.
She'd begun to tell others   she planned to do something to help
them all. Was Mary planning on going public with the truth
of the sexual activity in the White House?

One of the questions that Hoffman and others ask is, "If
Cooper was just a patsy, who did orchestrate Mahoney's
death... and why?"

The Globe quotes Hoffman, "You don't have to believe that
orders to kill her came from Bill Clinton himself. There are
people so determined to protect him at all costs that they
could easily have given the order. The trail still leads back to
the White House."

With the new events from the Justice Department, will Carl
Cooper still go to trial on  April 10th? Or will this trial
somehow fade into federal woodwork until after the elections?

Rayelan Allan

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