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Inside Revelations on the UFO Cover-Up - R Boylan 1/3

Inside Revelations on the UFO Cover-Up
by Richard Boylan
Extracted from Nexus Magazine, Volume 5, Number 3 (April - May 1998)

In this interview, Dr. Michael Wolf, a scientist who has worked in highly
classified projects, makes startling disclosures about the United States
Government's agenda on UFO's and ET's.

Dr. Michael Wolf is a 56-year-old man pincered between the horns of a
quintessential dilemma. His bosses at the National Security Council (NSC)
have told him that they want him, precisely as a government scientist with
ABOVE TOP SECRET clearance, to generate a controlled leakage of major
amounts of secret information. That information is about UFO reality and
extraterrestrial contact with humans, including governmental involvement. On
the other hand, they have told him not to disclose too many government
secrets, nor too many details about his role inside ULTRA-classified
projects. (He characterizes his current low-profile status as

To complicate matters further, his bosses have "erased" almost all his
records, such as the universities he attended, his degrees and his record of
government service as an independent contractor to the Central Intelligence
Agency (CIA), the National Security Agency (NSA) and the NSC. Such measures
are common for individuals working in Unacknowledged Special Access
Programs, where their bosses must maintain "plausible deniability" in case a
"sensitive" worker decides to make unauthorized disclosures. Additionally,
the national security oath Wolf had to sign required that he could not
publish papers in scientific journals on his classified research findings.

As a result, Dr. Wolf can hardly prove he exists. But, as a very brave
person, Wolf has decided nevertheless to keep on revealing secrets until his
superiors tell him to stop. America and the world are indeed fortunate that
he has made that decision.

Dr. Wolf decided to reveal to the world what he has learned about the
visiting extraterrestrial cultures because, as he said, "we have a right to
know". He is also motivated by the need to feel that he is making a
contribution to humanity for his wife, son and unborn child who were
assassinated in a terrorist car-sabotage "accident" meant to kill him as
well. He admits that hindsight has caused him to re-evaluate the importance
of keeping secret all the things he has worked on.

His efforts to persuade his bosses to let him publish and speak have met
with some success. His book, The Catchers of Heaven, was approved for
publishing, but only after he met their restriction that he write a foreword
stating that it was "a work of fiction". The book is filled with insider
disclosures and is must-reading for anyone interested in learning more about
the extraterrestrial presence. Dr. Wolf is currently working on a sequel,
Bright White Light Quartet, which will provide further information about his
personal experience with the extraterrestrials, their communications and
their missions.

I have been authorized by Michael Wolf to share publicly, in this article,
the disclosures he has made since Catchers was published. This report will
not duplicate my earlier article on Dr.Wolf. Also, these disclosures come
from notes I scribbled furiously as I tried to keep up with Dr.Wolf's
machine-gun pace of talking. Like many geniuses, he moves from topic to
topic rapidly, not leaving the interviewer an opportunity to get certain
details. The reader will just need to make do for now with what was captured
in my notes, and forgive the sometimes missing details that occur in that
kind of communication. Any mistakes are mine.

I can well understand that some of the partial disclosures here leave the
reader hungering for more detail. Such is the current state of affairs at
this point in the US Administration's guarded-disclosure / plausible-denial
strategy, a complex dance of opposites. Yet, in unprecedented volume and
depth, secrets are emerging from deep inside the most jealously guarded and
denied programs the US Government runs: its UFO programs — presented here,
courtesy of Dr.Wolf.

But who is this man who discloses such tightly held information? Michael
Wolf's ancestors were Russian Jews who emigrated to the US and adopted the
family name of Kruvant. Even as a child, Michael was no stranger-to the
classified world nor to encounters with an extraterrestrial. He would
accompany his father to Andrews Air Force Base while he met with the Air
Research and Development Council. Indeed, Michael was not the first in his
family to experience contact with what he calls "my little Grey navigator,
an undisguised blessing". Michael's father had been visited by Grey ET's,
too, and had spoken to Michael various times about those "Catchers of
Heaven", as he called them. And Michael's future son, Daniel, would also be
an experiencer of ET encounters.

By the time he was twelve, Michael was taking characteristic initiative. He
founded the Flying Saucer Research Association of New Jersey. At night he
tried communicating with his extraterrestrial friends, using light signals.
On 24 December 1954, one such effort was observed by George Hunt Williamson
(identified by Dr. Wolf as having been a CIA operative). Williamson, in his
book, Road in the Sky, wrote that young Wolf, the year before his bar
mitzvah, was transmitting messages to space intelligences using modulated
light beams. Michael had telepathically requested that the ET's confirm
receipt of his mental message by flying over his house in a certain
direction. Wolf recalls: "Five minutes later, two flying saucers flew over
my house, heading north, as I had requested."

The intelligence community began to keep tabs on Wolf and eventually
recruited him. Wolf recounts that the government guided and paid for his
impressive education because they saw he had a good relationship with the
ET's and because he was the brightest student his teachers had seen.

Dr.Michael Wolf served in the Vietnam War era as an Air Force colonel, pilot
and flight surgeon, and as an I-Corps intelligence officer for the CIA and
NSA. He has earned an MD in neurology, a Ph.D. in theoretical physics, an
Sc.D in computer science, a JD in law, an MS in electromagnetic influences
on organisms and a BS in biogenetics.

Basically a Buddhist, Wolf also affirms the core truths in Islam,
Christianity, Judaism, Native American spirituality and other major
spiritual traditions. His personal seminal koan: "The truth is a lie which
has yet to be revealed."

>From 1972 to 1977 Dr. Wolf was engaged in covert governmental research into
extraterrestrial technology. "I met with extraterrestrial individuals every
day in my work, and shared living quarters with them" — while doing research
at extremely classified underground government research laboratories. "Zetas
work in underground facilities, as requested by the US Government. The ET's
are not breaking the US Government - Zeta treaties, but the Government has
broken treaties by mistreating ET's and trying to fire on UFO's." Yet there
are some extraterrestrials being held captive. "Government scientists
discovered that the ET's cannot dematerialize and escape if there is an
extremely powerful electromagnetic field surrounding them." (By way of
corroboration, I have heard a government contractor describe
three-foot-thick walls, with many wires embedded and running through them,
at Haystack Air Force Laboratory.)

Dr. Wolf commented: "Some in the government want better diplomatic relations
[with the ET's], but others in the military want to shoot them down." This
is ironic, Wolf said, "because SDI [Star Wars] technology was given to the
government by the ET's".

Laboratories where he worked include S-4 (near the northeast corner of the
Nevada Test Range) and nearby Area 51 (where he lived for a while), the
Foreign Technology Division labs at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base (Dayton,
Ohio), and the former Dulce Laboratory (near the New Mexico-Colorado
border). Wolf says he is also aware that extraterrestrials work with
government scientists at Haystack Air Force Laboratory, deep under Haystack
Butte at Edwards Air Force Base, California. And when the subject was
brought up of the complex at Indian Springs Auxiliary Air Field adjacent to
the Nevada Test Site, Wolf quickly responded: "I can't say anything about

Since 1979 Dr. Wolf has served as a scientific consultant to Presidents and
the National Security Council on extraterrestrial matters. He is also a
member of the NSC's unacknowledged UFO information management subcommittee's
(MJ-12's) panel of scientists. "The code-names I used there were 'Griffin'
and 'Nu Kappa Eta'." MJ-12 made Dr. Wolf the Chairman of Alphacom Team, its
premier extraterrestrial-matters group which also includes an admiral from
Naval Intelligence.

Wolf observes that the generals he worked with feel impotent in the face of
the overwhelming superiority of extraterrestrial technology and mental
abilities. Because of those feelings of powerlessness, anathema to military
officers, the generals authorized an intense and extensive disinformation
campaign (the UFO cover-up) to discourage any attempts by civilians to
acquire even the limited understanding of extraterrestrials which the
generals had managed to gain.

A far more disturbing revelation from Dr. Wolf concerns the existence of a
renegade group within the military and intelligence agencies involved in the
UFO cover-up. Wolf has labeled this conspiratorial group of plotters "the
Cabal". Made up of extremist, fundamentalist, xenophobic, racist and
paranoiac officers, the Cabal fears and hates extraterrestrials. And,
without any presidential or congressional authorization, the Cabal has
commandeered Star Wars weaponry to shoot down UFO's; it has taken surviving
extraterrestrials prisoner and attempted to extract information by force. A
high-level military officer, who is considered a "friendly" by the Cabal but
who secretly dislikes it, passes on information about Cabal planning and
activities to Dr.Wolf.

The Cabal "controls" some well-known UFO investigators. Wolf says that the
director of one major US civilian UFO organization "is up to his ass in the
Cabal". And he adds that another ufologist in Canada "gets paid for taking
swipes at various UFO researchers". That ufologist's high reputation for UFO
research is undeserved because he was getting a stream of leaks and tips
from a well-placed official inside the intelligence community, thus he knew
precisely what UFO data to look and ask for. That ufologist now gets
frequently upset because his source "inside" is no longer available, having
died recently.

As a presidential consultant, Dr. Wolf has visited Mr. Clinton in his White
House private chambers, and he even dropped the remark that "Mr. and Mrs.
Clinton sleep in the same bed", thus scotching rumors to the contrary. When
Mr. Clinton was visiting Harfford, Connecticut, for a presidential debate,
the presidential candidate took a side trip to consult with Dr. Wolf. And to
this day, Wolf continues to provide advice to the President by encrypted
phone and National Security Council courier. Possessing some of the highest
security clearances, this man is in an extremely qualified position to know
what the government knows about UFO's and ET's. He says he wants to tell
President Clinton everything — "but I can't; my [NSC] bosses won't let me".

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