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bobby nieves spirited john hull out of costa rica, with the help
of joe kelso, in a plane piloted by a man associated with barry
seal--all the way back to '63.

'DEA' man nieves was the guy who panamaian reformer dr hugh
spadafora called with incriminating evidence on manuel noriega in 85.

big mistake-o. after extensive torture, spadafora's head was later
found in a diplomatic pouch.

nexusmagazine wrote:

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> Intelligence, N. 111, 7 February 2000, p. 1
> A recent decision by the Amsterdam District Court to hold the
> trial of cocaine trafficker and arms dealer, Mink "K", behind
> closed doors, may have been made to cover-up the covert
> activities of a senior US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA)
> officer, Robert Nieves, who "managed" K through a series of
> "cut outs". K, a former Dutch marine commando, allegedly worked
> for the US agency in the early 1990s, according to
> "Intelligence" sources in Amsterdam. A key figure in the Dutch
> IRT affair (see "Netherlands - IRT Affair Runs into Mink K &
> Veeckman", INT, n. 102 21), Mink K was arrested by police last
> September following a raid on an apartment at 332
> Nachtwachtlaan, Amsterdam, in connection with the import of
> 15,000 kg. of cocaine with a street value of $500 million. In
> the empty apartment, detectives discovered more than 200
> weapons, including P-90 machine-pistols with laser-sights,
> grenade launchers, infrared night-scopes, riot guns, bullet-
> proof vests, electronic detonators with remote-controls, and
> 233,700 XTC pills with the cartoon logo "Tom and Jerry".
> According to F. Lenaers, the sales manager of the Belgian
> weapons manufacturer, Fabrique National (FN), who examined the
> weapons at the request of the Amsterdam police, some of the
> guns had been ordered from FN by a US government agency, while
> two of the P-90s (with laser-sights) had been exported, under
> licence, to Jordan.
> An alleged member of the Delta cartel, a Dutch organized crime
> syndicate, Mink K was convicted in 1995 for weapons possession
> and cocaine trafficking. Released on appeal, due to a legal
> technicality, he fled to Belgium where a warrant was issued for
> his arrest in late 1997 in connection with the purchase of
> "classified police data" from a senior Brussels-based police
> officer, Mr. Veeckman, whose name appears in the title of the
> article cited above. He was arrested by French police near the
> Spanish border, and extradited to Belgium in mid-1998. However,
> he was released on bail after two weeks of detention, and
> returned to Holland where his role in the IRT affair was
> highlighted by the parliamentary Kalsbeek Commission, which
> investigated the "parallel import" of cocaine into Holland with
> the complicity of corrupt customs officials, civil servants and
> police officers -- members of the Interregionaal Rechercheteams
> (IRT) set up in 1987 to work alongside the DEA and the US
> Department of Justice, to infiltrate the Columbian cartels'
> European distribution network through Rotterdam Europort. The
> IRT operation was suspended in December 1993 after a Haarlem-
> based senior officer, Klaas Langedoen, and his deputy, Van
> Vondel, were accused of perjury.
> Official sources in Amsterdam and The Hague have refused to
> comment on a link between Mink K and Robert Nieves, despite the
> fact that their careers in the cocaine trade converged in the
> early 1990s. Nicknamed "the Snowman" by former DEA and CIA
> colleagues, Nieves was the control agent for Norwin "El Perico"
> Meneses from 1985 to 1989, the Cali cartel's representative in
> Nicaragua who was indicted on cocaine trafficking charges in
> the US in 1989, and arrested and sentenced to 12 years in
> Nicaragua in 1991. The former head of the DEA office in Costa
> Rica, Nieves was named in a deposition taken by the Washington-
> based Christic Institute and filed in 1986 against US
> government officials involved with the Contras as one of the
> Costa Rica-based DEA officers allegedly skimming cocaine from
> drug seizures, protecting cocaine processing labs in northern
> Costa Rica, and sanitizing intelligence reports to DEA
> headquarters in Washington. Although Nieves has correctly
> claimed to be responsible for an April 1986 cable to DEA HQ
> confirming that Contra leaders were flying cocaine from Costa
> Rica to Ilopango Air Base in El Salvador, a DEA agent based in
> San Salvador, Celerino Castillo, believes the Nieves cable was
> intended to cover-up the illegal activities of DEA officers in
> Costa Rica.
> Following his recall to Washington, Nieves was appointed head
> of cocaine trafficking investigations, according to Gary Webb,
> author of "Dark Alliance", an account of America's crack
> cocaine epidemic (based on files obtained under the FOIA from
> the CIA, the DEA, the FBI, Los Angeles Sheriff's Department and
> declassified papers from the Iran/Contra investigation). On
> retirement in 1995, Nieves was serving as chief of the DEA's
> International Division, which was responsible for the DEA input
> in the IRT affair. Shortly after leaving the agency, Bob Nieves
> joined Guardian Technologies, a security consulting service and
> body armor manufacturing company based in Virginia and owned by
> Olivier North and Joe Fernandez, former CIA chief of station in
> Costa Rica from 1984 to 1986, who was also an integral part of
> the Contra supply network.
> The application for a closed trial, due to begin on 13 March in
> Amsterdam, was made by Mink K's lawyer, A. Van Der Plas, and
> granted by three judges, including Justice Hr. F. Slits, who
> investigated perjury allegations against Langendoen and Van
> Vondel, while serving with the Public Prosecution Service in
> The Hague until mid-1990s.
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