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David Morehouse -True Adventures of a Psychic Spy 5/6


Psychic Warrior details many of Morehouse's encounters with legendary and
historical events. For example, when he describes remote viewing the Ark of
the Covenant, he calls the relic itself a "dimensional opening".

"When I came out I explained what I had seen to the program director," says
Morehouse. "He told me the theological background behind the Ark of the
Covenant. My friend Mel told me that it was a part of the Temple in the
wilderness that was carried around by the Israelites. They put the Ark of
the Covenant in the inner sanctum of the Holy of Holies. Those who went into
the inner sanctuary, the high priests, actually tied ropes on their ankles
so they could be pulled back.

"It was the conclusion of the remote-viewing community that this was in fact
a conductor or convector of some sort. It was something that channelled
power to form some sort of a portal or opening into a four-dimensional world
which is where the Creator dwelt. The high priest was stepping through the
portal into this four-dimensional world."


And what about free roaming in the fourth dimension?

"That was an open search, where you were told to go where the signal line
took you. That was analogous to standing on a platform at Penn Station in
Manhattan and jumping at whatever train was rumbling by, and going where
that train was going. You don't know where you're going to go or where
you're going to end up. Sometimes it's very frightening; sometimes it's
instructional; sometimes it's just fun."

So has Morehouse seen anything of significance?

"Just the realisation that we are not alone," he says. "I never saw God or
Christ or Buddha. But I can tell you that there are other worlds and other
civilisations and planets. It's all out there-other dimensions. It's not
just what exists in our physical dimension, in our physical universe. There
are other portals that lead to other universes and there are universes upon
universes. It's limitless, infinite. It's staggering!"

There is a common misperception that remote viewing entails out-of-body or
astral travel.

"We were trying to develop OBE-RV, out-of-body remote viewing," says
Morehouse. "What we found was that we lacked the ability to make the
separation occur at will and control the separated body.

"Remote viewing was not based on the work of Robert Monroe. It was based on
a very disciplined protocol developed at SRI in part by the direction of
Ingo Swann, Pat Price and Uri Geller. Uri Geller was heavily involved in
developing these protocols at SRI. He has not ever really gotten credit for
it. He was probably the best natural that they had there, in my opinion."

If this gift comes from God, then who's trying to control it and use it for
negative purposes, i.e., the abuse of it by the military and intelligence

"I struggle with that question every day," says Morehouse. "I don't know if
the military-industrial complex is doing this out of pure ignorance-if
they're stumbling about it like a bull in a china shop out of pure
ignorance-or whether they do it out of some deep-rooted, sinister backdrop
or foundation that makes them want to be able to use this to manipulate

"The only evidence I have is that I know that there is some enigma out
there. I know that there is something that is larger than life itself that
dominates and controls. So if I find the answers, I'll talk about it because
that's my calling..."


Did Morehouse ever encounter what could be called "enlightened beings"?

"I had my experiences with what I call my 'angel'. I also experienced beings
from other worlds that had the Christ consciousness. I never saw Jesus
Christ or Buddha. They were very benevolent, loving, enlightened, radiant
individuals. While standing in their presence, you felt nothing but the
presence of good and a warmth. They would recognise or acknowledge your
presence, but they would never interact with you. They never guided you or
directed you.

"The monitor would say: 'Approach them; attempt to engage them in
conversation; ask them a question; ask them who they are.' They would
politely smile and walk away. They recognised us as intruders, yet harmless.

"This angel watched over my father, and it was my father who told my wife,
'I've given David my angel.' My father had never spoken to me about this


Were there any occasions when Morehouse felt threatened, or thought he was
going to die?

"I felt that on several occasions when I encountered what I call lesser
beings or demons," replied Morehouse. "They're people who look just like us.
They are very friendly and they smile. They want to engage you in
conversation, but the instant you realise what they are they attack you. In
an incident described in the book, I was held upside down by my ankles and I
thought they were going to kill me. They clutched at me and pulled me back
in the circle. I was screaming at the top of my lungs.

"The next thing I remember, the monitor who was watching me was talking me
back, bringing me back to the physical, but I feared for my life. I think
there was a real danger in this attack at a fourth-dimensional level. They
know what frightens you; they amplify your fears. I think there are elements
of the dark side that exist for the express purpose of attempting to inhabit
the physical. They want to possess the physical body, to take you over for a
brief period of time."


So how about channelling? Does that mean that entities can possess physical

"Any channeller-for example, J. Z. Knight will tell you that Ramtha
possesses her physical body," says Morehouse. "On the other hand, if you're
a medium you have the ability to listen across the limen and translate the

"Regarding channelling and tarot cards, the attitude at the CIA seemed to
be, 'Look at what we're doing!' Who am I to say that this has no merit?"

In fact, Morehouse says that "the chief scientist of the CIA, Dr Jack
Verona, a physicist, used to come in twice a month for personal readings".
Just think: he could have saved all that taxpayer money if he'd just called
the Psychic Hotline!


One of the most dramatic and shocking episodes in Psychic Warrior is a
remote-viewing 'mission' that Morehouse did near the end of the Persian Gulf
War. At that time, three independent remote viewers, including Morehouse,
were 'sent' to the Gulf.

Morehouse himself got an order to move to a 550-foot elevation, 20 miles
north of where he'd 'landed'. About an hour later, admidst the intense smoke
and fires near the oil wells, Morehouse spots "a small silver object in the
sand" and remarks, "...I think I see something unusual-a small canister;
looks like stainless steel."

Morehouse writes: "Suddenly it all seemed clear to me. The DIA wanted to
make sure that a chemical or biological agent had been released on US troops
but they didn't want anyone else to know... Once the use of these
unconventional weapons had been confirmed, the DIA could start their
cover-up so the American people would never find out."

Historian Antony Sutton, author of America's Secret Establishment and The
Best Enemy Money Can Buy, writes in his monthly newsletter, Phoenix Letter:
"...one needs to read these pages [of Morehouse's book] carefully. It looks
as if DIA knew where the canisters were to be planted. This confirms the
report that CBW [chemical/biological warfare] was a joint US-Iraqi operation
aimed at US troops."

Sutton also points out: "...not only did the Iraqis use chemical/biological
warfare agents on US and allied troops, but the equipment was supplied with
the knowledge, assistance and financing of the West.

"What the Pentagon is covering up is that CBW agents were legally exported
to Iraq by the Bush Administration. The licence was granted by the
Department of Commerce for anthrax and an agent called Mycoplasma
incognitas. Mycoplasma was made in Florida and Texas and tested on death-row
inmates in Texas. This was reported to the press by Senator Donald Riegle of
Michigan and ignored by CNN and the other networks (February 9, 1994)."

Morehouse agrees. "I found early on that you can't trust the network media
in the United States to present truth. They're part of the problem because
they're owned by defence contractors for a reason-which is that the US$900
billion global defence industry is going to control that which can do them
the most damage. They know that the media can sink them, so what do they do?
They own the media."

Sutton continues his analysis by concluding: "...the scandal and cover-up is
that the supply of CBW weapons to Iraq implicated the Bush Administration,
much as Prescott Bush, father of George Bush, was implicated through Union
Bank in the build-up of Hitler in the 1930s."

Like father. Like son. Like traitors.


Antony Sutton asks: "Why the cover-up? Morehouse believes that the US
Government did not want to take care of thousands of military casualties. We
suggest another reason. We have a report that the US allowed export of these
agents to Iraq knowingly, and even some members in the government had
investments in the firm making these for Iraq.

"Recall that no credible enemies are left for the military industrial
complex which General Eisenhower warned us about to use as a claim for large
defense expenditures. Then the entire picture comes together... Then you see
why Psychic Warrior is a key piece in the puzzle back of Desert Storm. An
artificial war against an artificial enemy. Why? Because you can't have a
defense budget unless you have a credible enemy. If no enemy exists, you
make one."

Rodney Stich confirms these allegations in his monumental encyclopaedia of
US Government crimes and cover-ups, titled Defrauding America. He writes in
great detail (an entire chapter, titled "Bank of Lavoro and Iraqgate")
regarding the scandal in which the Banca Nazionale del Lavoro (BNL), through
its Atlanta branch, was used to lend over US$5 billion to Iraq just prior to
the Gulf War.

Stich writes: "...in November 1989, White House officials guaranteed the
payment of loans made by banks to Iraq for the purchase of US farm products
under a program run by the US Agriculture Department's Commodity Credit
Corporation. The approval provided that US taxpayers would indemnify the
banks lending money to Iraq for the purchase of US food supplies if Iraq
defaulted on the loan payments...

"These loans made possible the war capability for Iraq to invade Kuwait. In
effect the US taxpayers, through their leaders, made possible the terrible
bloodshed in the Gulf War... Some of the money furnished by the United
States was used to purchase poison gas that was used on Iraqi Kurdish
villages, much of it purchased through Cardoen Industries in Chile, a CIA
asset. Cardoen supplied considerable war materials to Iraq under the
guidance of the CIA."

Regarding the Gulf War oil-well fires, Morehouse writes: "...every soldier
downwind of those fires must have inhaled the bug or whatever."

The implications are clear. The so-called Gulf War syndrome (GWS) is a
direct result of this exposure. The Department of Defense (DoD) knew about
it and remains liable for the thousands of cases of veterans contaminated by
this chemical/biological warfare.

And what does Morehouse think about it now?

"I think about it every day," he says, his voice dropping. "We know that we
were being manipulated to (1) being able to confirm, but (2) not being able
to confirm it in any record where anyone could go back to it. They denied
it. They said it never happened.

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