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Assessing Edgar Cayce's Earth Changes Readings
It's Part 2 of Laura Lee's conversation with Mike Mandeville on the Edgar
Cayce prophecies. In this edition, Mike outlines Cayce's story on millennial
earth changes.

The PR Behind New Ideas
How powerful is word of mouth? How do you start and sustain a trend? Author
and staff writer for The New Yorker magazine, Malcolm Gladwell, joins The
Laura Lee Show to help trace how new ideas become infectious in our society.

The Future of Religion
Wade Clark Roof shares his academic study of the flowering of religious
diversity in America today. It is an innovative and engaging approach to
understanding how religious life is being reshaped as we move into the next

Party Levitation
Richard Lefors Clark joins The Laura Lee Show with an account of how to get
a group of friends together to practice a little levitation. Perform a
simple ritual, and let the fun begin!

Tunnels Connecting Pyramids
Guest Steven Mehler joins The Laura Lee Show to share his evidence of a vast
hydraulics system under the Giza Plateau. He says this may suggest
components of an ancient technology that dates back over 10,000 years to
Giza's indigenous population!

Understanding the Universe
Laura Lee welcomes guest Michael Schneider to lay out the geometric code of
nature and new perceptions on the unity of nature, science, art, mythology
and mathematics. According to Schneider, the universe may be a mystery but
it's no secret!

The History of Freemasonry
On this edition of The Laura Lee Show, historian Dr. Brent Morris shares his
research and answers many questions that came up in past shows about the
history and tradition of Freemasonry.

Edgar Cayce Prophecies
Laura Lee welcomes guest Mike Mandeville to share his research and insights
into the prophecies of Edgar Cayce. Will there be a shifting of the poles on
5/5/2000? Are Los Angeles and San Francisco due for "the big one" during the
Millenium? Find out on this edition of The Laura Lee Show!

The Eden Bailey Story Continued
The compelling story of Eden Bailey continues on this episode of The Laura
Lee Show. Brian Damiata is the husband who assisted Eden through a process
that led to the disappearance of her malignant tumor. Brian spends this hour
with Laura Lee to share his own insights and the lessons he learned.

Making A Life - Making A Living
Mark Albion, former Harvard professor and successful Fortune 500 consultant,
did the unthinkable. He gave up what he was doing so successfully and
started over. On this edition of The Laura Lee Show, find out how to build a
career based on what you love.

Inside the UFO Phenomenon
It's a view you don't often get from an insider, but long-term UFOlogist
Michael Strainic says the field has changed over the years, and not for the
better. This edition of The Laura Lee Show takes a look at what's happening
now in the UFO field.

Secret of the Incas
William Sullivan joins The Laura Lee Show to help decode the myth of the
Incas, a tribe who accepted the Spanish conquer of 1532 as their fate
written in the stars.

A Quest for the Hidden Legacy of Mankind
Laura Lee welcomes Graham Hancock to share new evidence that a
technologically and culturally advanced civilization existed over 12,000
years ago.

She Cured Herself of Cancer
Eden Baily shares her story of recovery from cancer, how she devised her own
treatment and how her search for understanding may be the key to her

Mapping Our Energy Selves
Donna Eden spends this hour with Laura Lee in a conversation on mapping the
various energy systems of the body. She offers clear insights and simple
techniques to balance and energize your own system.

Costa Rica's Stone Spheres as Navigational Pointers
The Laura Lee Show welcomes George Erickson for a discussion of how the
mysterious stone spheres of Costa Rica may have been navigational devices
indicating ancient sailing routes.

Process Your Emotions Quickly
Peter Lambrou joins Laura Lee to explain how a blend of breathing and
relaxation exercises, affirmations, eye movements and tapping specific
pressure points on the body can access, neutralize and even "reprogram" old
thoughts and emotions.

The Life and Work of Viktor Schauberger
Callum Coats joins The Laura Lee Show for a fascinating discussion on the
work of Viktor Schauberger, who pioneered a new understanding of the nature
of water. Find out how it relates to river cleansing, jet engines,
friction-free water pipes and gravity defying UFO-like machines.

Decoding the Ancient Sites
Laura Lee and her guest Carl Munck discuss archeocryptography, a new twist
on ancient mysteries that suggests the ancients measured and mapped the
Earth and encoded the data in the design of temples.

The Megalithic Computer Disk
British researcher Alan Butler shares the story of his discoveries,
including the Phaistos Disk, an artifact that may be a piece of
sophisticated calendar keeping.

An Hour with Peter Davenport
Peter Davenport, director of the National UFO Reporting Center, spends this
hour with Laura Lee discussing some interesting and dramatic recent

Are Sea Serpents for Real?
Join Laura Lee and her guest Dr. Edward Bousfield, retired research
consultant at The Royal British Columbia Museum, in a discussion of evidence
that sea serpents may exist.

Losing Weight With Hypnosis
Katie Evans, founder of Seattle-based Lighten Up, spends this hour with
Laura Lee. Evans says she's taught hundreds of people to sucessfully use
hypnosis for weight loss and cessation of smoking. She'll share techniques
to tap into your unconscious genius!

Visionary Solutions for Restoring the Earth
Laura Lee and her guest Kenny Ausubel discuss the Bioneers Conference and a
collection of solutions to the planet's most pressing ecological problems.

Microbes from Outer Space - Part 2
In the second of a special two-part series, Laura Lee speaks with renowned
astronomer Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe and Barry DiGregorio, author and head
of the International Committee Against the Mars Sample Return.

There IS a Woman Running for President
Dr. Heather Harder, former university professor, entrepreneur, businesswoman
and democratic hopeful, spends this hour with The Laura Lee Show.

Renaissance Old and New - Part 2
The Laura Lee Show welcomes Robert Lawlor back for a continuing conversation
on the new renaissance.

An Owner's Manual for the Brain
Dr. Pierce Howard, author of An Owner's Manual for the Brain: Everyday
Applications from Mind-Brain Research, joins The Laura Lee Show with a
fascinating overview of brain-mind studies.

Renaissance Old and New - Part 1
Are we undergoing a renaissance, a rebirth of ancient knowledge? Join Laura
Lee and her guest Robert Lawlor in a fascinating conversation drawing
parallels to the last renaissance.

Microbes From Outer Space - Part 1
In the first part of a special two-part series, Laura Lee speaks with
renowned astronomer Dr. Chandra Wickramasinghe and Barry DiGregorio, author
and head of the International Committee Against the Mars Sample Return.

Garlic Is Nature's Medicine
Guest Charlie Fox may surprise you! He'll explain what modern science has to
say about the beneficial attributes of garlic. This culinary and medicinal
herb is just one example of what can be found in Nature's Medicine Chest.

Myths of the Scientific Establishment
Laura Lee is joined by Richard Milton, a science writer and journalist who
challenges the empirical foundations of the neo-Darwinist theory of
evolution. In this hour, Milton provides a critical analysis of censorship
and intolerance in science.

The Kennewick Man Controversy - Part 2
Laura Lee and William Glover meet again to continue the story of the 9000
year old skeleton found near Kennewick, Washington. They spend this hour
exploring the concept of Isolationism vs Diffusionism in relation to the
discovery of The Kennewick Man.

The Science of Innate Intelligence
The Laura Lee Show welcomes cell biologist Bruce Lipton to spend this hour
comparing the evolution of the cell to that of humankind.

The Kennewick Man Controversy - Part 1
Laura Lee and her guest William Glover tell the story of the 9000 year old
skeleton found near Kennewick, Washington, and explore the implications for
Native Americans and the future of research into America's past.

Dial a State of Consciousness
Yoga teacher and author Sabrina Mesko explains how yoga can liberate the
energy locked within your body. Learn about mudras, nandis, chakras and how
these terms can mean peaceful and transformative states of consciousness.

What is Consciousness?
Laura Lee and her guest Stuart Hameroff investigate the nature of
consciousness on this edition of The Laura Lee Show.

Lost Spiritual Techniques
Laura Lee is joined by Gregg Braden, who shares his latest research into a
lost spiritual and transformative technique practiced by ancient Essenes,
Tibetans and Egyptians.

Ancient Catastrophes
On this edition of The Laura Lee Show, author Derek Allan details the
evidence for a worldwide cataclysm 11,500 years ago.

Beware the Propheganda
Prophecy historian John Hogue joins Laura Lee with an explanation of the
nature of Propheganda and how it can lead us to a life of Armageddonomics.

Archeoastronomy of the Southwest
Phil Leonard has found Equinox and Solstice indicators in Colorado that play
with the sun's appearance on the horizon. He'll explain it on this edition
of The Laura Lee Show.

Steven Druker, Executive Director for The Alliance for Bio-Integrity, joins
Laura Lee in an examination of the safety of biotech foods.

Language of the Birds
Laura Lee and her guest William Henry look at the surprising similarities
between the image of Christ on the Shroud of Turin and an ancient Egyptian

Remote Viewing Experiments
Dale Graff, former director of the U.S. Goverment Stargate Program, joins
Laura Lee in a discussion of psi technology, remote viewing and ESP studies.

The Psychology of Financial Prosperity
In this hour, Fredrick Lehrman offers an easy system to create more
prosperity in every aspect of your life. Take a look at where YOU may be
blocking your own prosperity and learn the tools to transform those blocks.

Rumors of Ancient Tunnel Systems
Laura Lee welcomes world explorer David Hatcher Childress to discuss
mysterious, ancient tunnel systems in South America.

Wade Davis
Wade Davis, anthropologist and author of the new book, Shadows In The Sun,
joins Laura Lee in this fascinating hour.

The Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
Laura Lee welcomes George Erickson, author of Atlantis in America:
Navigators of the Ancient World, in a conversation about the mysterious
stone spheres of Costa Rica.

Royal Rife's Beam Ray Device - Part 1
Chiropractor James Bare spends this hour with Laura Lee talking about his
investigation of Dr. Royal Rife's Beam Ray device, which had been lost to
humanity since its 1934 clinical trials.

More to Evolution than Darwin
Biochemistry professor Michael Behe joins Laura Lee for a discussion on life
structures that defy Darwinian explanations.

History of Zero
Mathematics teacher Robert Kaplan joins Laura Lee to discuss his favorite
mathematical innovation - nothing.

Evolution as Roller Coaster Ride
Henry Gee, chief science writer for "Nature," details a rethinking of the
story of evolution on this edition of The Laura Lee Show.

Suzanne Myer
New studies show that common foods can produce a range of symptoms and the
number of people predisposed genetically is growing. Laura Lee and guest
Suzanne Myer spend this hour talking about problem foods.

Chris Morton & Cheri Louise Thomas
Examination of the Crystal Skulls The crystal skulls of Central America have
quite a history.

Rick Levine
History comes alive when the author of The Gift of the Magi Rick Levine
chats with Laura Lee.

Drunvalo Melchizedek
Drunvalo cites a series of overlapping circles as a fundamental pattern of
creation pattern, one known by several ancient cultures. His new book is
"The Ancient Secret of the Flower of Life"

The Man Who Listens To Horses
Monty Roberts is a real-life Horse Whisperer. He joins Laura Lee to discuss
his unconventional and gentle equine training methods, his unique ability to
communicate with horses, and the applications of his communication skills in
the corporate world.

Big Moon Supports Life on Earth
Laura Lee spends a fascinating hour with guest Guillermo Gonzales.

David Forrest
Materials Engineer David Forrest of the Institute of Molecular manufacturing
says the future is nano-technology and that its only 15 to 30 years away.

Carol Bowman
How past life memories affect your child. Many children remember their past
lives, without hypnosis or prompting.

Rita Carter
here does the brain end and consciousness begin? New research in science and
medicine offers new clues, and we'll discuss them with Rita Carter, author
of "Mapping the Mind."

Millennial Prophecy Watch
Since the mid-90s, Ted Daniels has compiled reports of millennial prophecy
including analysis of fevents and groups that were making headlines

The Secret Behind Secret Societies
Laura Lee spends this hour with author Jon Rappoport on The Secret Behind
Secret Societies.

Gene Mallove
Gene Mallove joins the round table for a discussion on alternative energy.
He says, "The goal of clean and free energy for the future is not a

Craig Winters
Food and safety in this modern world. Craig brings us up to speed on the
state of affairs. Its your health!

Rick Levine
Was the star of Bethlehem a planetary aligenment. Rick Levine and Laura chat
about the Christmas star.

Robert Frager
A Sufi scholar joins Laura Lee to talk about what he calls essential Sufism.

John Hogue on Messiahs
Historian, scholar and friend John Hogue joins Laura to talk about the
coming Messiahs. How many? Listen, learn.

Christopher Dunn
The mysteries of Egyptian stonework still intrigue our mind. Now Christopher
Dunn and Laura discuss the conundrum.

Debi Barker
Debi Barker voices concerns on economic globalization in general. WTO in

Doug Vogt
Doug Vogt believes he has found the real Mt. Sinai, and it is not the Mt.
Sinai listed on maps.

Michael Cremo - Rethinking Human Origins
An ardent critic of the abuse of scientific position and power, Michael
Cremo is considered a leading authority on anomalous archeological evidence
relating to the antiquity of the human race. His persistent investigation
during the eight years of writing the internationally acclaimed book,
Forbidden Archeology has documented a major scientific cover-up.

Russell Blaylock: The Health Risks of Excitotoxins
Dr. Blaylock, a board-certified neurosurgeon, presents the latest research
findings to demonstrate how exposure to excitotoxins will damage nerve cells
in the brain. The use of aspartame, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, and
monosodium glutamate in prepared foods and beverages continues to increase
on a yearly basis.

Bob Bigelow: Searching for Elusive Hard Evidence
Bob Bigelow's report on UFO cases includes some he investigated himself,
some investigated by the team of scientists at The National Institute for
Discovery Science (NIDS) and some which occurred at "the ranch," property
located in the midst of a high-activity area for UFOs.

Probe to Mars and the WTO Protests in Seattle
Gregory Benford, physicist, on newest probe to Mars. Laura also speaks to
witnesses that were at the World Trade Organization protests in Seattle,

Rachel & Richard Heller
The Hellers have uncoverd a key mechanism that causes weight gain and food

John Hogue
John Hogue explains prophecy and science for the next 1,000 years, and

David Faigman
Guest David Faigman discusses the moral competition of science, law, and

Guest: Michio Kaku
Michio Kaku shares the limits of science, exploring such topics as time
travel, other dimensions and, of course, Star Trek technology.

Guest: Matthew Fox
In "Sins of the Spirit, Blessings of the Flesh," visionary theologian and
best-selling author Matthew Fox offers a new theology that fundamentally
changes the traditional perception of good and evil.

Guest: Gregg Braden
Gregg Braden looks for confirmation of wisdom expressed in ancient texts
from the Middle East, Tibet, Peru, and the American Southwest. He finds
clues in laboratory experiments in particle physics and remote viewing, and
the power of prayer.

Guest: Diana Botsford
UFO journalist Diana Botsford comments on "UFOlogy" in the new millennium.

Guest: Jay Weidner
Jay's investigation into ancient knowledge looks at alchemy as an early
science of chemistry as well as a language of symbol and coded messages.

The Laura Lee Show for November 13, 1999
Guests include David Faigman on "Competing Institutions: Science, Law and
Religion" and Wade Davis on "Adventures with First People," Michio Kaku on
"The Universe at Play," Colm Kelleher on "Spiritual Experiences and DNA
Change" and author John David.

The Laura Lee Show for November 6, 1999
Guests include Robert Lomas on "New Views of Nikola Tesla," Scotty McLennan
on "Stages of the Spiritual Journey" and John Hogue on "Prophesy for the
Next Thousand Years."

The Laura Lee Show for October 30, 1999
Guests include Wade Davis on "Spirits Incarnate," Joe Nickell on "Ghost
Basher," and Michael Strainic on "The Gray Files - Tell Us Your Strangest

The Laura Lee Show for October 23, 1999
Guests include Wade Clark Roof on "Spirituality and Religion in America
Today," Peter Sturrock on "An Astrophysicist Report on the UFO Enigma," and
Ed Fouche on "Secret and Trickle Down Technology."

The Laura Lee Show for October 16, 1999
Guests include Michio Kaku on "An Emerging Unified Field Theory," Bart Kosko
on "Technology on the Horizon," Daniel Quinn on "Tribes Within Our Culture
Today," and Gregg Braden on "DNA Transmutations."

The Laura Lee Show for October 9, 1999
Guests include Stuart Hameroff on "What is Consciousness?" Anne Simon on
"Real Science Behind X-Files," Thom Hartmann on "Personal & Global
Transformations," and Matthew Fox on "Theology of Spirit."

The Laura Lee Show for October 2, 1999
Guests include Linda Seebach on "Voyages through 'Hyperspace,'" Robert
Bigelow on "Privatize the Space Race," Jim Erjavec on "Mars Probe
Disappearance," Joanne Lauck on "Halt the War on Insects," and John Edward
on "Comunicating with the Other Side."

The Laura Lee Show for September 18, 1999
Guests include Thomas Ashley-Farrand on "Mantras: Healing Sounds," Rodger
Sless on the "FDA vs. GH3," and Tom Shroder on "Scientific Evidence for Past

The Laura Lee Show for September 4, 1999
Guests include Fredric Lehrman on "The Physics of Music," Bob Fink on "The
Neanderthal Flute," and Randy Neustaedter on "To Vaccinate or Not to

The Laura Lee Show for August 28, 1999
Guests include Anthony Barnett on the government origins of Mad Cow Disease,
Von Del Chamberlain on "Ancient American Indian Astronomer," Phil Leonard on
"ArcheoAstronomy," and Mark Shouldice on "Improving Your Memory."

The Laura Lee Show for August 21, 1999
Guests include Leonard Horowitz on "Bible Codes for Healing Frequencies,"
Dr. Edward Bousfield on "Cadborosaurus: The Sea Serpent," Doreen on "Virtue:
Lightwork & Angel Therapy," and Clay Evans on "The Cowboy Life."

The Laura Lee Show for August 7, 1999
Guests include Gunnar Thompson on "Correcting History," and Obidiah Harris,
president of the Philosophical Research Society, on the Illuminati.

The Laura Lee Show for July 31, 1999
Guests include Leonard Horowitz on "Bible Codes for Healing Frequencies."

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