I e-mailed the message below to  Hugh Turley regarding his being banned on
Freerepublic.  He replies. I also e-mailed Jim Robinson about him banning
Turley. He replied with;

See my comments on this thread:

You have to scroll down to read his posted remarks. My opinion is that he
should allow Hugh Turley to post whatever he wants as long as he abides by
the very few posting rules that Jim has in place. Let people make up their
own minds. Gavin.

Hello Mr. Hurley.

 My name is Gavin Phillips. The article below was sent to me via a mailing
 list that I am on. Were you censored from Freerepublic? If so, why? What do
 you think about Chris Ruddy's reporting regarding the Vince Foster death.
 Thanks in advance. Gavin Phillips.

<< Mr. Phillips-
 Yes I have been banned from posting messages at Free Republic.

 Why? Well, that is a good question.   My critics at Free Republic have
 charged that I "violated the rules" and accused me of ad hominem attacks on
 other members.  Of course I cannot respond to my accusers since I have been
 banned.  No evidence of these alleged attacks exists because I did not
 violate the rules.  But a chorus of critics chant that I have a history as
 a "trouble maker" and that "everyone" wanted me banned.

 I know that I was banned for posting messages that revealed evidence that
 the conservative press and the alternative press (Drudge, NewsMax, and
 WorldNetDaily) are false critics.  I posted messages demonstrating that
 Christopher Ruddy's reporting on the Foster case was full of errors and
 disinformation.  I posted messages that showed the conservative press is no
 different than the "liberal media" when it comes to reporting the serious
 corruption that is proven at FBIcover-up.com

 Revealing the failure of our press, the entire press, including the
 "conservative press" is not tolerated at Free Republic.  The Foster
 cover-up would not remain a cover-up without the silence of the ENTIRE
 press including Drudge, Chris Ruddy's NewsMax, and Joe Farah at
 WorldNetDaily.  I introduced threads to discuss these alternative news
 sources when I was banned from Free Republic by Jim Robinson.

 (Broadcastser Rush Limbaugh is another good example of the false critic.
 Limbaugh's job is secure with the microphone to reach millions of people
 daily because he will never, ever mention FBIcover-up.com)

 Free Republic and other "guppy tanks" exist on the web to control
 discussion.  They are necessary to maintain the illusion of the free
 society and free press that no longer exist.  Citizens that stay on
 approved topics can post freely.  Citizens that expose the illusion are
 isolated and falsely accused of being "nuts", "troublesome", and
  "disruptive".  By the way, illusion and deception is my profession, I am a
 professional magician.

 I know Christopher Ruddy extremely well.  Mr. Ruddy was a frequent
 overnight guest in my home and I worked tirelessly for him as a volunteer
 for a couple of years.  I admired him, promoted him, defended him and
 chauffeured him around Washington.  He would call me every week to ask,
 "anything new?"  He was interested in my research of the Foster case.

 Eventually I would learn from my research that Mr. Ruddy was a false critic
 of the Foster case.  Mr. Ruddy is a fraud and a fake and not to be trusted.
  The best way to understand him without spending years at his side and
 checking all the facts as I did is to read parts 2 & 5 of America's Dreyfus
 Affair by David Martin.  Mr. Martin was also duped by Ruddy for a time.
  Mr. Martin undresses Christopher Ruddy in America's Dreyfus Affair parts 2
 & 5.

 I appreciate your interest and I will gladly answer any and all questions
 you have regarding Mr. Ruddy or my exit from Free Republic.   The action of
 Free Republic against me for the discussion that I introduced illustrates
 best what Free Repubic is all about.

 Hugh Turley  ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
 Co-author of Failure of the Public Trust



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