If we're REAL lucky we can get the biggest, most corrupt government on earth to
pass laws that will shut down one of its most lucrative operations. Legalized

How to do this?

By encouraging the self same slime to accept ' finance reform ' or some watered
down facsimile thereof, as a rider on the Space Based Weapons Bill, A.K.A. Son
of Star Wars, A.K.A. SDI.

Is this what Capitalism has done to the American democratic experiment?

Granny D has overexerted herself on her long admirable journey across America.
Let the bastards stink from the head. SDI is a cure much worse than the disease.


----- Original Message -----
From: Dennis Burke
Sent: Wednesday, June 07, 2000 1:01 PM
Subject: Message from Granny D

Dear Dennis, please send this out as soon as you can to my friends list.

Dear Friend,

John McCain called to say he and Sen. Feingold will try to attach their
soft money ban as an amendment on a big Defense Authorization bill today in
the U.S. Senate. John and Russ are sticking with this effort, and I think
we should help them as much as possible by calling our own U.S. Senators
and saying we care about campaign reform and we want them to vote in favor
of the McCain-Feingold bill as an amendment to the defense bill.

I know that long distance phone calls are expensive, but I hope you can do
it anyway. All you have to do is call the Senate switchboard and they will
put you through. If you forget their names, just ask the operator to help
you. All they need is the name of your state, of course. There are two
senators from your state, so two calls would be grand, but one would
certainly help.

I am very appreciative of any effort you can make on this. Time is very
important! It may happen today or tomorrow!

Very sincerely,

Doris Haddock

Ps. The Capitol switchboard is 202-225-3121. Also, if you can send this
along to your friends, please do.

Pps. Sen. McCain refused to attend a Bush fundraiser in Arizona last week
because soft money would be raised in the room. I think that was the right
thing to do. I hope some Dem. Senators will do the same in regard to Mr.
Gore's soft money events.

Pps. Here is a short speech I gave in Boston today, to try to help them
save their campaign reform law, passed by the voters 2-to-1, from the Mass.
House, which is trying to gut it! If you live in Mass, I hope you will
contact your state House member!!

<?fontfamily><?param Helvetica>Thank you,

We elect our representatives to represent our values and our needs in
shaping public policy and allocating community resources. In this work, the
regular citizen doesn't stand a chance if elected representatives must
first go to wealthy special interests to fund their campaigns. The
representation game is over before it begins.

It is nothing particularly new. But in the past, the wealthy lived among
us. We shopped in their stores on Main Street and their children went to
grade school with ours. We shared the same community interests and values.

We are now talking about inhumane organizations of inhuman scale and
international allegiance. They care not if our main streets or our families
prosper or if they blow away. We must not have these monsters influencing
our community decisions. We must not allow them to provide funds for our
candidates, where those funds will deny us proper representation.

We struggle here for the very survival of representative democracy. The
people of Massachusetts have seen this problem and they have acted at the
ballot box to create a new way to fund candidates, free of excessive
influence by wealthy special interests.

But those same wealthy interests have their agents in this state house, and
they will destroy what the people have done at the ballot, if they can. It
is called the overturning of an election, and the method of this coup is
the continuing use of campaign contributions to corruptly purchase public

The people have have spoken clearly in favor of this historic reform. Did
the members of the House not hear them? Do they need for the people to
speak again--this time in the coming House elections?

At the ballot box, the people have provided for the public financing of
candidates who choose to say No to all special interest campaign donations.
Their action comes at a time when citizens believe that their voices in
government are drowned out by floods of special interest money, and they
are right. No one seriously argues that point anymore--the flood is too
great Pubic interest groups on the left and right, from the Cato Institute
to Common Cause, agree that, for every dollar given to a candidate by a
special interest group, over ten dollars in special tax breaks are given in
return. This is nothing less than full public financing, but it is a poor
system of public financing. By directly funding qualified campaigns with
public funds, we can eliminate nine of the ten dollars paid by taxpayers
--now paid in the form of tax loopholes for special interests.

Any true conservative would trade a corrupt system of public financing for
a clean one that costs the taxpayers one-tenth as much.

Any true American would trade a corrupt system that deprives Americans of
their proper representation and therefore of their fundamental political
freedom, for a reformed system that makes our politics once again the arena
of our ideas, not our billfolds.

Thank you.

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