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Wednesday June 14, 2000; 7:07 PM EDT

Fox Breaks Media Embargo on Gore Toxic Dump Video

Fox News Channel broke the media embargo Tuesday night on a
smoking gun videotape revealing Vice President Al Gore as a
world-class environmental hypocrite.

Recorded in 1992, the video features aerial shots of a large
garbage dump on the Gore family farm in Carthage, Tenn., as well
as close-ups of dripping oil filters, toxic aerosol spray cans,
unrecycled aluminum pesticide containers, used tires and all
manner of other environmentally unfriendly refuse.

The film was broadcast locally by Nashville's CBS network
affiliate WTVF just days before the 1992 election - after
then-vice presidential candidate Gore denied print reports of the

Still, though CBS had the network exclusive editors decided not
to air the film to a national audience, despite Gore's highly
touted role as a leading environmentalist.

Tuesday night FNC's "Hannity & Colmes" showed no such reluctance:

"How environmentally conscious is Al Gore?  'Hannity & Colmes'
has obtained a videotape of a vast dump on the property of the
vice president's father, former Senator Al Gore Sr.," reported
co-host Alan Colmes, who added, "This is just ludicrous."

Both the vice president and his parents have maintained private
residences on the property for years.  Al Gore Sr.  died in 1998.

"If Al Gore wants to be a great environmentalist, let him go
clean up that pig-pen, that toxic waste dump in his own back
yard," railed Colmes' partner Hannity.

The Gore farm borders the Caney Fork River, where some of the
property's run-off may have ended up.  The Caney Fork, a favorite
of trout fisherman, runs into the Cumberland River, the source
for much of Nashville's drinking water supply.

Only when the politically toxic video was aired locally in 1992
did the vice president have the dump cleaned up - an embarrassing
bit of back-peddling for a campaign that had spotlighted Gore's
authorship of the environmental manifesto "Earth in the Balance."

There was more bad news from the Gore farm on Tuesday.  Tracey
Mayberry, the Gore tenant who called the Veep a "slumlord" last
week after her repeated requests for residential repairs were
ignored, told WTVF that Gore had welshed on his promise to fix
the place up.

Repairmen had indeed done some work but Mayberry's new toilet was
still backed up, the walls were cracked and the floor buckled.

"It was shabby the way it was done," Mayberry told WTVF,
complaining that Gore's workers patched over her worn linoleum
floor without repairing the holes underneath.

"I think it was done just to get me to quiet down, just long
enough for everything to die down here and it'd be all over
with," Mayberry said.

Like the Gore toxic dump story, the national press has mostly
ignored Mayberry's charge that the Veep is a slumlord, with
reporters apparently accepting explanations that he had little to
do with the day-to-day management of his property.

That excuse became more suspect over the weekend, when the Weekly
Standard revealed Mayberry made out her monthly rent checks
directly to the vice president.

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