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Rabbi: Liberals Should Repudiate Hillary

by Rabbi Dr., and Morton H. Pomerantz

Monday July 24, 2000 Yet another brouhaha has developed as our
republic's First Lady seeks a seat in the United States Senate
from the State of New York.

This past weekend, members of the New York's Jewish community
gathered in the posh enclave of West Hampton to offer Mrs.
Clinton a warm embrace.  A noted New York York rabbi said all was
forgiven and that we need to forget the past and move on.

It seems that some 26 years ago, during an unsuccessful race for
Congress by our esteemed President, in a fit of pique and anger,
Madame Hillary called a campaign aide a "F---ing Jew Bastard."

Although the gentleman in question was apparently a Methodist in
good standing, his grandparents were indeed Jewish.

Now cometh the media spin, and interesting it is: In the first
place, it never happened, the media tells us; and in the second
place, it happened 26 years ago.

Apparently the belief is that one can take one's pick from the
explanations. Either way, don't ask more questions because it
might hurt Hillary's Senate chances.

If you are still perturbed by this story, as the noted rabbi
suggested, simply forget about it.  It's ancient history.

Funny, isn't it, that Manhattan's limousine liberal Jewish set
wants so quickly to forget about Hillary's anti-Semitism just a
quarter of a century ago, but are still making a stink about
issues that took place over a half century ago -- issues such as
Jewish gold in Swiss banks, or forced labor in German war

To be sure, Mrs.  Clinton never committed an atrocity against

Still, she would like the state of Israel to disappear, and with
a degree of certainty we now know she made some very nasty
remarks about Jews.

The clincher of proof are allegations made by Larry Patterson, an
Arkansas State Trooper who told last year that
Hillary frequently made references to individuals as "Jew
bastards" and "Jew mother f--kers."

He claims he heard Hillary make these comments more than a dozen
times and as late as the 1990s.

Since this Trooper had no connection with the former campaign
aides who made the recent allegation; and because the Trooper
made these allegations on tape last fall -- I would tend to
believe both parties are accurately describing what Mrs.
Clinton said.

The liberal New York media -- dominated as it is by members of
the Jewish community -- have barely mentioned the Trooper's
allegations and has afforded Hillary every benefit of the doubt.
Surely, if Mr.  Lazio, her Senate opponent, had made such remarks
about Jews -- no matter how long ago -- he would have been
skewered by New York's liberal press like there was no tomorrow.

The major media have become inveterate ass-kissers of the
Clintons, and it has been baffling to me.

No matter how much they affront common decency, let alone the
laws of the United States, the Clintons are still treated with
kid gloves.

In many ways the revelations about Mrs.  Clinton's anti-semitism
should be eye-opening for most decent liberals.  After all,
liberals have prided themselves on their hostility to prejudice
and discrimination of any sort.  Most liberals, I am sure, would
be repelled by anyone using the "N" word to describe an
African-American, or making anti-Semitic comments of the Hillary

Apparently our First Lady has not been so repelled.  The number
of witnesses that have overheard her use vile language is simply
too large to be ignored.

Had Mrs.  Clinton simply stated that some 26 years ago there was
an unfortunate incident in which she employed uncalled-for
language, and that she regretted it and apologized for it, the
entire incident would have been laid to rest almost immediately.

This is not Mrs.  Clinton's style.  After her warm embrace of
Mrs. Arafat following the famous "Israeli's-Poison-Arabs" speech
one can only conclude that the epithet hurled by the First Lady
came from her heart.

My fervent prayer is that New York's voters realize that, in
terms of openness and personal decency, anti-Semitism is only
among the minor problems of our First Family.

Jews have prospered beyond belief in this country because America
has been a place that did not give safe harbor to bigots.
Hillary Clinton should not find a safe haven at major media
outlets, at Jewish synagogues or in the New York Senate.

Rabbi Dr.  Morton H.  Pomerantz is a state chaplain for the State
of New York and previously served as a National Chaplain of the
Jewish War Veterans. He is a member of the Reform Movement of

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