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The Facial Image

All rights reserved, copyright 1995
The Facial Image
Case Wide Open; A JFK Murder Investigation
Charles C. Wallace
June, 1995

What can be said about the facial image shown in news photographer Tom
Dillard's photograph which is partially obscured by the framing? The face
appears in the window set next to the open window in which almost every
researcher or investigative body accepts as being occupied by a shooter
during the assassination of John F. Kennedy. Everyone accepts that this
photograph was taken by Tom Dillard shortly after the assassination. How soon
after is in dispute, but estimates range from a few seconds to slightly over
one minute. Dillard took at least two photos during this time period. The one
that shows the facial image, I contend was taken slightly over one minute
after the assassination. The movement of a box in the window from its
position shown in a photograph taken 30 seconds after the assassination by
Military Intelligence employee James Powell establishes the time sequence. Thi
s sequence is confirmed by another photograph taken minutes later by Dallas
photographer Jim Murray. Murray's box positions match Dillard's. Shadows on
the building confirm all three photos were taken within minutes of each
other. The timing eliminates Lee H. Oswald as the person seen.

Upon close examination of this figure in the window, it appears that it is a
white male, Caucasian, approximately 35 years old. He has dark hair and is
dressed in dark clothing with no hat. He is standing, and his height appears
to be ( compared with inside building photographs ) five feet six inches;
but, since he is back from the window, he is probably five feet eight inches
or more. Judging from his facial appearance and approximate height, I
estimate his weight to be 150 pounds or more. His features or facial
expression appears to be stern, and he is looking possibly at the
photographer. The shadows on his face are consistent with the light source
and what the window's framing would cast. There is a light place on the top
of his left shoulder that I speculate to be consistent with the appearance of
a Dallas policeman's uniform. DPD officers have dark uniforms with red
shoulder ribbons. There is a bright spot that could be a button on the
uniform. Even though the figure appears to be wearing a DPD uniform, this
fact does not mean he was an actual policeman. Another light area could be
that the top two buttons of his shirt are undone, and his t-shirt is showing
slightly. A dark/light area at the window sill indicates his body is blocking
one's view of the stacks of boxes in the background. The sill is
approximately fourteen inches above the floor.

A confirmation that the facial image is real, centers on the relative size of
it. This size comparison can be made directly from two other faces shown in
the photograph. On the floor below, the fifth floor, Bonnie Ray Williams is
seen to the left, and to the right is Harold Norman. These employees of the
Texas School Book Depository stayed at these windows at least a minute or
more after the assassination until they saw the crowd in Dealey Plaza
converging on the grassy knoll. Then, they went to the western windows to
observe this crowd. The facial image, while not clear and distinct, is not
cartoonish looking, as if one were trying to use imagination to see it. It is
definitely human looking and real in appearance.

Another confirmation that the facial image is real is to view other
photographs taken near the same point in time. These photos show no such face
or even dust and dirt on the window of the same magnitude in size as the
facial image shown in Dillard's photograph. This photograph belongs to the
Dallas Morning News newspaper. This Dillard photograph has been shown in
magazines, books, and even the Warren Commission Report. The facial image can
be seen in all of these photographs with varying degrees of clarity,
depending on cropping and photo size. Ironically the best display of this
facial image appears in the book by Gerald Posner entitled, Case Closed. Yet,
its presence signifies a Case Wide Open.

Some interesting facts:

A witness named Lillian Mooneyham stated she saw a man dressed in dark
clothing in the sixth floor southeastern corner window a few minutes after
the assassination from her place of employment in the courthouse on Main and
Houston. ................

The closed window next to the open window on the sixth floor (where I see the
face) depicted in Dillard's original negative was completely destroyed while
in the control of the federal government. .................

The written account "The Facial Image" is further buttressed by observing the
photograph taken by Jack A. Weaver. It shows box positions that match
Powell's and shows JFK turning onto Houston from Main Street.

The Face in the window (see page 2 for face only)

The face is light and this picture is not as good as
viewing the picture in the book "Case Closed". If
one looks at the cross of the four window panes at the top of the picture,
the cross is approximately positioned on the forehead of the face. I
recommend the book; a magnifying glass; and good lighting for the best
viewing. Actually, the best viewing now is on page 2, thanks to Robert Harris
and Bill Parker for their better contrasted and enlargement photos

Warren Commission's Dillard Exhibit C

This is a cropped photo, but enough to see the shape of the face in the
window for those who know where to look.

Next a bird's eye view of what took place in Dallas
that Friday, November 22, 1963 (in my opinion) in
those few seconds of time at 12:30 CDT.

The true shooting scenario in Dealey Plaza ?

copyright May, 2000

This shooting scenario is based on the information provided by The DEAN of
Knowledge, a mysterious person who claims to know the identities of the
shooters and also based on the Zapruder frame shot sequence theory of JFK
assassination researcher (acoustic information specialist), Anthony Marsh. I
have taken their information and witness information about JFK and JBC's
wounds combined with other data to arrive at the shooting sequence that

1. The first shot is fired at approximately Zapruder frame number 180. This
is from Oswald's rifle and fired from the southeastern window on the 6th
floor of the Texas School Book Depository building. It hits JFK in the back.
It lodges just under the skin, no more than a finger's depth. This bullet is
CE 399. It will be found later in Parkland Hospital on the little boy's
(Ronald Fuller) stretcher. It was pushed out of JFK's body during
resuscitating efforts. It became trapped in the folds of the sheet when the
sheet was wadded up and carried to the dirty clothes area. The medical
orderly or doctor that carried the sheet laid it down temporarily on the
little boy's stretcher when going into the bathroom. Here CE 399 escaped the
sheet and was discovered by Darrel Tomlinson when he pushed the stretcher
against the bathroom door.

2. The second shot is from the grassy knoll and strikes JFK in the throat.
This occurs at approximately Zapruder frame number 210. This bullet was
reported to have been seen on an x-ray that is now missing. The autopsy
doctors did not know of this bullet entry during its procedures. They learned
from Parkland Hospital's Dr. Perry about the throat wound that was obscured
by the tracheostomy performed to assist the President's breathing after the
autopsy was completed.

3. The third shot strikes Gov. Connally. It is from the TSBD shooter. It
enters his back and exits his chest. It lodges itself in JBC's thigh at
approximately Zapruder frame number 230. It is lost at Parkland during the
efforts to save JBC's life. The shot occurs as JFK is in full reaction to his
wounds. JBC reacts at Zapruder frame number 238.

4. The fourth shot hits JFK in the head at Zapruder frame number 313. It is
from the grassy knoll. Its fragments are mostly lost to the left rear of the
limousine. There are some 40 small lead particles in a path through the brain
left from the frangible bullet which threw JFK back and to the left.

5. The final shot is from the TSBD at approximately Zapruder frame number 330
and strikes JBC in the wrist. The bullet breaks up upon exit and parts of it
come to rest in the front seat area after striking the chrome and front
windshield. Another part of it escaped the limousine and hits the curb on
Main Street causing a concrete chip to scratch the cheek of James Tague.

In my opinion, the two shooters are shown in photographs. The TSBD shooter is
shown in Tom Dillard's photo depicted best on page 2 of my website. The
grassy knoll shooter is shown in Mary Moorman's photo and named "Badge Man".

The motorcade in Dallas,Texas

JFK can be seen as an easy target to a shooter from the right front in
addition to the possible shooting positions from the buildings at his rear.
There are approximately six potential shooter positions to JFK's right front
that are under suspicion and scrutiny on the grassy knoll in Dealey Plaza by
the JFK conspiracy research community. My own opinion is that there is one
shooter dressed as a DPD policeman and is behind the low concrete wall in
front of the stockade fence on the grassy knoll. He is captured in a number
of photographs and referred to in them as "black dog man" and "Badge Man".
Another shooter is on the 6th floor of the TSBD and also dressed as a DPD
policeman using Oswald's rifle. This shooter is shown in Dillard's close up
photo of the TSBD.


JFK Assassination Revelations


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