September 7, 2000

Three More Traficant Aides Get Subpoenas

By Damon Chappie

Three more aides working for Rep. James Traficant (D-Ohio) were
called last month to testify before an Ohio grand jury conducting
a criminal investigation of the Congressman.

The three aides, all working in Traficant's district office in
Youngstown, completed their testimony last month, according to
Paul Marcone, Traficant's chief of staff.

He declined to discuss details about what they told the grand
jury or the questions asked of them by federal prosecutors.

The three aides are: Betty Manente and Faye Sarra, both listed as
staff representatives; and Anthony Traficanti, director of case
worker services. Marcone said that Traficanti is not related to
the Congressman.

Two other aides, including Marcone, and thousands of pages of
documents from Traficant's office were subpoenaed earlier this

Traficant has claimed a Fifth Amendment protection in refusing to
turn over some documents to the grand jury and Marcone said
yesterday that a federal judge overseeing the case has yet to
rule on Traficant's motion.

Prosecutors have declined to answer questions about the case. But
an indictment of a contractor on obstruction of justice and
perjury charges in July shed some light on the direction of the
probe involving Traficant.

The indictment said that a public official, later identified as
Traficant, was being investigated for allegedly taking gifts and
bribes and for tax evasion. The contractor, who has pleaded not
guilty, was accused of submitting falsified bills to cover up
work he had performed on Traficant's farm.

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