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Part II:
   Are oil and gas price increases the result or cause of a rise in global
inflation? Both! OPEC has cut production and raised prices for a number of
   --one of which is their perception of rising global inflation and another
is because they have been pressured to do so by the Clinton Administration.

   As WorldNetDaily reported on 5/9/2000: "Oil ministers from OPEC nations
have quietly told national security advisors on Capitol Hill that the oil
   production cutbacks - and resulting price increases - are being
implemented at the request of the Clinton administration on behalf of
   Indonesia, Mexico and Iran.

   "Russia, Mexico and Indonesia are reported to be directing their
increased oil profits toward paying back overdue Western loans. According to
   government defense adviser, the windfall profits are part of a large
scheme to use the American public to pay off failed and corrupt investment
   schemes in the three countries.

   "`The American public is paying off bad loans to bad countries made by
bad bankers,' stated the national security adviser.

   "The largest Middle Eastern oil producers reportedly agreed on the
cutback of oil production in order to increase income for weapons purchases.
   Several oil states have announced major weapons buys from the West,
including a recent multi-billion-dollar purchase of Lockheed/Martin F-16
   fighter jets."

   On 5/17/2000, WorldNetDaily quoted Senator Bill Bradley (former Democrat
presidential candidate): "In 1991, we did fight the Persian Gulf War. We
   did win. And now gas prices are very high - the highest they've been. And
I think the reason they're high now is because we more or less asked
   OPEC to raise oil prices in hopes of helping Russia be able to sell its
oil on the international market, make more foreign exchange and be able to
   develop its economy."

   On 5/17/2000, a Washington Post article wrote: "U.S. Energy Secretary
Bill Richardson visited Saudi Arabia in February 1999 when prices were at
   their lowest. Richardson reportedly pressed Saudi Oil Minister Ali Naimi
on the 'oversupplied market' and expressed concern about 'extreme price
   volatility.' Former Saudi minister Sheik Ahmed Zaki Yamani told a Houston
oil conference that Richardson had 'saved the oil industry' during that
   visit, because his 'intervention' had 'persuaded' the Saudis to change
policy by raising prices.

   "In a move seen as a reward to Russia for advocating an end to UN
sanctions, Iraq issued new export allocations that heavily favored Russian
   trading companies. Thus, Russia profited both from the rise in oil prices
and from expanding Iraqi production," stated the Post article. "The run-up
   in price has had other unanticipated effects. It made the Chechnya war
affordable for Russia."

   So, in addition to bailing out greedy U.S. bankers holding failed loans
to Russia, Indonesia, and Mexico, every time you fill your gas tank, you are
   helping Russia to built a nuclear missile. Despite a crippled economy and
rampant corruption, Russia is using its new oil profits to build very
   SS-27 Topal missiles. Russia's windfall oil profits (courtesy of Bill
Clinton) also helped Russia to finance its war against Chechnya.

   Obviously, the corruption in the Clinton Administration knows no bounds
(i.e., lying, drugs, market manipulation, bribes, blackmail, murder, etc.)
   considering the threat to U.S. national security from Clinton's present
strengthening of Russia, shouldn't we be calling this aid to our enemies
(i.e., Russia
   and Iran) what it really is - high treason? [ED. NOTE: Iran is also
trading oil to China in exchange for U.S. missile technology it has obtained

   Incidentally, Al Gore and family also profit from the skyrocketing oil
prices since they are in bed with the late Armand Hammer's Occidental
   [ED. NOTE: Hammer and his father Julius (the founder of the Communist
Party USA), via Occidental, helped to finance Russia, Lenin, Stalin, and the
   Gore family - father and son.]

   As WorldNetDaily recently wrote: "The deadly game of Clinton diplomacy, a
combination of oil, money and nukes, has spread like a slick across the
   globe. The U.S. public is financing the corrupt regime in Russia, a war
in Chechnya and nuclear tipped Russian missiles pointed at America."

   [ED. NOTE: The present oil price spike is not like the rise during the
Gulf War in 1991. That was triggered by a panic run-up before and during
   brief war, due to unfounded and temporary fears that the war would
spread. When those fears subsided, so did the price of oil.

   The present oil price run-up, however, is based on a long-term, cyclical
buildup of inflation and Clinton collusion with Russia, Mexico, Indonesia
   Iran, and is not likely to subside anytime soon. The longer oil stays at
historic highs, the more inflation will gestate through the pipelines. The
   will need higher yen to offset the pain of high oil imports and that
means a lower U.S. dollar.]


   Respected economist Ed. Hyman said on 6/10/00 that gasoline prices are up
80% year/year. [ED. NOTE: The lying Clinton Bureau of Labor Statistics
   claims the prices are only up 26.6%. Not true! In May the BLS claimed
energy fell 1.9% and gasoline dropped 3.5% in spite of gasoline and oil
   sharply higher in May over April. The BLS calls their bogus numbers a
"statistical quirk." Lehman Bros. said the BLS stats were "bizarre." The Fed
   openly ridiculed the Clinton inflation numbers as fraudulent.

   In May, every single day had higher gasoline, oil, heating oil and
natural gas prices than the highest price of April. If you examine what days
the BLS
   says they "sample" (the 9th-14th of each month) you see that the April
period had gasoline futures at 72-77 cents. The May period was 90-95 cents.
   was $23-25 in April and $28.50-$30.30 in May.

   The BLS numbers are at odds with the U.S. Department of Energy which
recorded gasoline up double digits in May. For the year ending May 2000 the
   Department of Energy showed gasoline prices up over 60% versus 26.6% for
the BLS numbers - which are used to calculate the CPI. And that's how the
   Clintonistas get no inflation!

   On 7/19/2000, Bill King of M. Ramsey King Securities wrote: "The BLS
still manipulates the figures to keep inflation numbers lower than
   BLS still continues to use computer price declines to offset the huge
price increases in energy. It's a disgusting joke. BLS shows computer prices
   down 24.4% y/y. This is due to their fraudulent use of 'quality

   "This is pure garbage. We upgraded our computers last year. Did our word
processor become more productive? Did it improve the quality of our
   quotes? Did it enhance our forecasting ability? Did our faxes and email
improve? I dare anyone to quantify, or show me proof of how the increased
   quality of our Dell improved productivity. This is the productivity


   The CPI jumped to an annualized rate of 5.7% in the first three months of
2000 (see chart) - the highest and fastest increase in eight years (and that
   spite of the Clinton/BLS understatement of the statistics). The U.S.
trade deficit is the worst in history. In the nine months through May 2000,
the U.S.
   purchased $280 billion more in goods from foreign nations than it sold -
the biggest gap ever.

   Commodity prices are surging. Year on year changes in major CRB groups as
of the end of the second quarter were: CRB futures - up 17%; Industrial
   Metals - up 6.28%; livestock - up 24.4%; energy - up 68.28%; and precious
metals - up 19.15%.

   [ED. NOTE: Stagflation (i.e., rising prices and flat to declining
corporate earnings due to Internet price cutting, cheap foreign labor
prices, and insane
   NAFTA/WTO policies) is the most likely scenario over the next few years.]

   Speaking of an Internet price squeeze, Warren Buffet recently said that
"The Internet will create no more wealth than a chain letter." [ED. NOTE:
   writer agrees!] Buffet says that the Net doesn't increase profits but
squeezes them as buyers look for ultra cheap prices or something for
nothing, and
   sellers sharply discount their prices.

   Buffet says that shareholder ignorance has never been higher. Soros and
Robertson (Tiger Fund) agree with Buffet and have recently closed down their
   giant funds due to "very risky, highly volatile markets." Soros says
we're in a bear market and don't know it!]

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