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The Borking of Chavez is well underway. And, from the usual

It is of interest that on Jim Lehrer's show, a union guy attacked
her almost completely on ideology, and for him that was enough to
show she was unqualified...... because she didn't agree with him.
In other words, he gave it away. It really has nothing to do with
battered women, illegal immigrants, etc.

Is it time now for the Republicans to attack the Dems with the
same kind of artillary they continue to fire at the Republicans?

It may be unsavory, but it would be interesting to see the
results of an attack on the Dems using the Race and Gender cards!



TUE JAN 09, 2001 01:34:51 ET XXXXX



The nomination of Linda Chavez for Bush Labor Secretary remained in
critical condition on Tuesday, with insiders now predicting the eventual
withdrawal of Cahvez's name from the process.

Just as case intelligence now links Clinton administration loyalists
with the storm surrounding Chavez and the illegal alien who lived with
her for a time in the early 1990s.

The FBI is looking into a conversation Chavez had last month with a
former neighbor about the illegal alien, the WALL STREET JOURNAL
reported Tuesday.

There is growing concern among investigators that the conversation
between Chavez and her neighbor, Margaret Zwisler, may have been an
attempt by Chavez to influence how Zwisler would respond to questions by
FBI background investigators.

According to Zwisler, Chavez informed her that she might be nominated
for a top position in the Bush administration, that she would have to
undergo a background investigation and that she didn't plan to raise the
subject of the illegal alien.

Who mysteriously is the lawyer for the witness against Chavez?

Neil Eggleston, Bill Clinton's former White House Associate Counsel.

During his time at the White House, Eggleston worked closely with George
Stephanopoulos, who now works at ABC, the network which first reported
the Chavez troubles on Sunday.

Stephanopoulos and Eggleston met twice each day at the White House in
the mid 90's, plotting media strategy for Clinton's Whitewater Response

"George [Stephanopoulos] has been very involved with the Linda Chavez
story," a well-placed source within ABC NEWS told the DRUDGE REPORT late
Monday.  "He's been very excited...  animated."

Stephanopoulos was the first to predict that would not survive

Stephanopoulos did not return calls seeking comment on the strong belief
inside of Bush circles that the Eggleston, Stephanopoulos tag team are
back in business.

"Chavez is toast.  This was a professional hit!" declared one insider.

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