Interesting item here - Marc Rich and his floosie wife - billions of
dollars and this Russian Mafia (Meyer Lansky was Russian Jewish Mafia =
and his son went to West Point?   Ever try to get your son to West Point
like the japanese Sharpshooter at Ruby Ridge and Waco - got to have
political drag????  Or big bucks?????)

Regardless here is Zionist Marc Rich connection to Rothschild/Russian
Jewish Mafia - and yet they all scream Italian Mafia?????

Russian Jewish Mafia had strangle hold on Cuba and Castro kicked out -
Meyer Lansky ws resposible and some said actually murdered Sir Harry
Oakes (his wife had Hogarth paintings and engnravings, Lady Eunice
Oakes, which exposed jewish Illuminati connection)...

So here we have this sleaze Marc Rich playing world wide games but the
big money is made in drugs because is all tax free - so this sleeze,
Marc Rich holes up in Switzerland alleged to be worth billions?

Confiscate their properties if they have money stolen from American
people - these are the low life - the ones who would steal America and
buy it up with their dirty money which is laundered through foundations
- while ADL serves as chieg white washer of these assassins.

So see Kissinger connectioni and see why Balkans was bombed by the
butcher Albright....these are war criminals profitting by slaugher of
the innocents.....

Jewish Mafia Lansky order execution of JFK - along with
Marcellos......and then they got Bobby........and under new leader,
murdered little John John, but the Clinton connections do not show here
- this item is several years old, which Marc Rich was alleged to be
somewhat whom does Israel sell all  the diamonds -
billions and billionds of dollars?

See what happens when Mafia gets into our energy and coal and oil and
gas fields.....Meyer Lansky started this recruiting in Ohio and in
Kentucky and West Virginia....think they ought to confiscate all
property bought with dirty money and start with head Jewish Mob leaders
and their descendants...I demand reparations.


   George Soros and the Rothschilds Connection
By Jan Von Helsing ("Secret Societies and their Power in the 20th
 Special Note : The author of this book is German. He claims he has
several jewish friends and is
not racist or prejudice, but often cites the Talmud as a guide book for
certain Jews and discusses a
Jewish Conspiracy that involves elements of Zionism and other conspiracy
issues as well. I do not
agree wholeheartedly with the author's entire beliefs, however alot of
the research on a variety of 
other topics is VERY GOOD. We are seeking truth here and not Hatred or
prejudice, as a matter of 
FACT, I was raised Jewish myself. For my views on the Jewish Conspiracy,
you will have to go Here 
to find out, this is not the forum.
    The now 64 year old Hungarian with a U.S. passport is the
superstar amidst the great speculators.
When the last "Forbes" list of the best paid managers and financiers was
published, Soros was in the
lead by a huge margin. In the last year he earned 550 million US$,
twenty times as much as the
Disney Boss. When Soros opens the hunt, the international money markets
get moving and the
reserve banks start worrying. In Sept. 1993 he succeeded over the Bank
of England. He was
certain the Bank would have to take the pound that came under pressure
out of the European
exchange mechanism  and devalue it. He gambled 10 Billion US$ --with
success. He made 1 Billion
US$, which the British taxpayers now have to come up with. He himself
likes to be openly known
as the man who wants to influence the big money markets of the world.
This is a very unusual stance
for an investor to take, who should rather be interested in using
situations unobservantly that the
competitors have not yet discovered. In March 1993, Soros' activities
became known when he
predicted a rise in the price of gold. It is assumed --since this
started a buying spree in precious
metals --that this drove the price up 20% over the highest price since
the Gulf War. In the beginning
of June 1993, he wrote an open letter to the business editor of the
London Times, Anatole
Kaletsky, announcing that he intented to urge the money markets to sell
large amounts of German
government bonds in favor of French stocks. Which means: Down with the
German mark and
attack on the Bundesbank!
    In several newspapers across the world Soros is praised as a
kind of "Robin Hood of the Computer Age", since by speculation he takes
from the rich nations in grand style to hand out to
Eastern Europe and Russia via several Soros Foundations, to prepare the
way for "Democracy" in
those "poor" countries that had been bled dry by communism.
    Who then is Soros? The official story says that he was born in
1930 to Jewish parents and as a
teenager had been chased from Budapest by the Nazis. He enrolled at the
"London School of
Economics" and in the mid-50's came to the U.S. There he was magically
drawn to Wall Street, but
his career until 1969 was unspectacular. Then with a partner he took
over an investment fund. He
sold stocks he didn't own as futures, hoping that their price would fall
nearer the qualifying date and
that he could aquire them at a price lower than his selling price.
    From this fund the "Quantum Group" evolved, a family of
investment funds operating from the
Dutch West Indies. Quantum is one of the most impressive "investment
machines" in the world. In
8 of the last 24 years it made an "official" profit of over 50%, in 2 of
those years even over 100%.
In the meantime Soros handed business over to a group of managers and
limits himself to designing
the "great campaigns". He put down his princples in the book, "The
Alchemy of Finance", where he
says what "financial speculators think more important than real economic
    But this is but the picture the media -- and we know who owns
them --paint of him. Who is he in
    William Engdahl knows this to say about him:
    "Soros speculates on the world's financial markets via his
secret off-shore company, "Quantum
Fund NV", a private "investment fund" that handles a portfolio of 4 to 7
Billion US$ for several
"clients". The Quantum Fund is registered in the tax haven of the
Netherland Antilles in the Caribbean.
In order to evade control of his financial activities by the U.S.
administration not a single U.S. citizen sits on the board of Quantum.
It's directors are a curious mixture of Swiss and Italian financiers...
    Soros has been identified as a front man of the Anglo-French
Rothschild banking group.
Understandably neither he nor the Rothschilds want this important fact
to be public, so the tight links to his friends in the London "City", in
the British foreign ministry, in the state of Israel and to his mighty
friends in the American establishment would stay concealed."
    Among the members of the board of the Quantum Fund is one
Richard Katz. He is, at the same
time, head of the "Rothschild Italia S.p.A." in Milan and is also on the
board of the commercial bank
"N.M. Rothschild and Sons" in London. Another member of the board is
Nils O. Taube. He is a
partner in the London investment group "St. James Place Capital" which
counts Lord Rothschild
among it's main partners. A frequent partner of Soros in several of his
speculations --especially in
the driving up of the gold quotation-- is Sir James Goldsmith, a
relative of the Rothschilds dynasty.
On the board of Quantum we also find some heads of some highly
"discreet" Swiss private banks
(who help the syndicates of organized crime--weapons and drugs--to
launder their money). Then
there is Edgar D. de Picciotto, head of the Geneva private bank "CBITDB
Union Bancaire Privee",
a main player on the gold and investment markets, Isidoro Albertini,
head of the Milan stockbroking
company "Albertini and Co.", Beat Notz of the private bank "Banque
Worms" at Geneva, Alberto
Foglia, head of the Banca del Ceresio" at Lugano. In the course of the
recent political corruption
scandals in Italy it was found that several Italian politicians kept
their money at the "Banca del
Ceresio". Apparently Soros had more than just insider knowledge about
the weal points in Italian
politics when he attacked the lira in Sept. 1994.
    William Engdahl explains : "Soros' connection to the
ultra-secret international finance circles of
the Rothschilds is not just an ordinary or accidental banking
connection. The extraordinary success
Soros has on the high-risk financial markets cannot simply be explained
with "gambler's luck".
Soros has access to the "insider track" of the world's most imporatnt
information channels, both
government and private.
    Ever since the Second World War the Rothschild family tried to
disseminate an aura of
insignificance about themselves. But behind this one of the mightiest
and most obscure financial
groups of the world. The Rothschilds spend alot of money to cultivate
the picture of a wealthy
aristocratic family leading a quiet life where one loves French wines
and another engages in
charitable trusts.
    To experts on the "City" N.M. Rothschilds and Sons is most
influencial in the faction of the
British secret service establishment closely linked with the neo-liberal
Thatcher wing of the Tory
party. In the 80's N.M. Rothschild & Sons made several Billion US$ from
the privatization of
British state-owned industries they conducted for Mrs. Thatcher. The
Rothschild bank is also at the
center of world gold trade: In this bank the gold price is fixed twice a
day by the five most
influencial gold trading banks.
    But N.M. Rothschild & Sons is also entangled in some very
dirty secret service operations
dealing with "drugs vs. arms". Because of it's good relations to the
highest places in the British secret
service the Rothschilds succeeded in preventing their complicity in one
of the worst illegal secret
service networks, the BCCI (Bank of Credit and Commerce International)
was never mentioned.
In reality the Rothschilds bank belonged to the inner circle of these
international money laundering
banks of the CIA and M16 that financed in the 70's and 80's CIA projects
like the "Contras" in
    William Engdahl : "Was stecht hinter den Wahrungskriegen des
George Soros? (What Is Behind
the Currency Wars of George Soros?), EIRNA-Studie "Derivate -Die
Wasserstoffbombe der 90er Jahre" (Derivatives --The Financial Hydrogen
Bomb of the 90's).
    The influencial Chairman of the Banking Commission in the U.S.
House of Representatives, Henry Gonzales, chided the Bush and Reagen
administrations for refusing to prosecute the BCCI. In
addition the Dept. of Justice repeadedly declined to co-operate in the
Congressional investigations
into the BCCI scandal and the closely linked scandal of the "Banco
Nazional del Lavoro" (BNL).
This bank had made billions of dollars from loans that Bush had granted
the Iraqi government shortly
before the Gulf War. Gonzales had said that the Bush administration had
had a Department of Justice
 which he thought "the most corrupt, most unbelievably corrupt
Department of justice that I have ever
experienced during my 32 years in Congress".
    After the BCCI had been openly accused in the media for
transgression of several laws, the New 
York prosecuting attorney Henry Morganthau announced official charges
against the BCCI. 
Morganthau accused the BCCI of the "biggest banking fraud of the
financial world. The BCCI
during it's 19 year history operated as a corrupt criminal
    One of the directors of the BCCI, the Saudi-Arabian Shiekh
Kamal Adham, had been the head of 
the Saudi secret service during the time Bush headed the CIA. 
    Not a single Western newspaper has so far uncovered the fact
that the Rothschilds group linked
with George Soros was at the hub of the vast illegal network of the
BCCI. The key person in these activities was Dr. Alfred Hartmann, the
managing director of the Swiss branch of the BCCI (Banque
de Commerce et de Placement SA), head of the Zurich Rothschild bank AG
and member of the 
board of N.M. Rothschild & Sons in London. He was also on the board of
the Swiss branch of the 
Italian BNL and was vice-chairman of the "N.Y. Intermaritime Bank" in
Geneva. A friendly secret
service man who had worked on the "Soros" case disclosed that in Sept.
1993 Soros had amassed 
along with a group of "silent partners", a firtune in excess of 10
Billion dollars to use as a lever to 
unhinge the European currencies. Among the partners apparently were the
little known metal and
oil dealer Marc Rich and the Israeli arms dealer Shaul Eisenberg. For
decades Eisenberg has been
working for the Israeli secret service and has important arms deals in
all of Asia and in the Near East.
A third partner of Soros is Rafi Eytan who before was the Mossad
connection to the British secret
service in London. 
    Basically George Soros is another tool for economic and
political warfare in the hands of the 
Rothschilds. He is among those circles who three years ago started a
malicious "Fourth Reich" 
campaign against the re-united Germany: Soros is very anti-German. In
his 1991 autobiography
"Underwriting Democracy" Soros warned of the danger that a reunited
Germany could disturb the 
(power) balance in Europe...It is easy to see how the situation that
existed between the wars could 
come up again. A reunited Germany becomes the strongest economic power
and developes Eastern
Europe as it's habitat.... a terrible "witches brew". 
    His US contacts put Soros very close to the financial and
secret service circles around George 
Bush. His most important deposit bank and main lender during his attack
on the European monetary 
system in Sept. 1993 was CITICORP, America's largest bank. Soros called
upon the international
investors to unhinge the Deutsche Mark. When in late 1989 a
reunification became probable, a high 
ranking Citicorp manager who before had been advisor in the Dukakis
campaign said: "German unity will be catastrophic for our interests. We
have to take action to insure a decline of the Deutsche 
Mark by about 30% so that Germany will not be able to built up Eastern
Germany to become the 
economic factor within a new Europe." 
    According to his associates Soros has "an incredible ego". He
descibed how during the war in 
occupied Hungary he could not have survived as a Jew, so he had taken on
a second identity. What 
he did not say, however, was that he let a man shield him from
persecution who did wealthy Jews out 
of their possessions, and that Soros lent him a hand. This is how he
"survived" the war, leaving 
Budapest only two years after it had ended. Although he himself and the
Jewish owned media are 
quick in attacking all his opponents, especially in Eastern Europe, as
anti-semitic, his Jewishness is 
based on parts of the Talmud rather than on his links with Jewish
religion or the Jewish people. 
    Outwardly Soros supports a whole spate social activities, like
"peace concerts" with Joan Baez, 
stipends in Oxford for young Eastern Europeans etc..    (so then on to
he big crook assassin sodimist Clinton....Saba note).

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