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Sunday, Feb. 11, 2001; 10:22 a.m. EST

Specter: Clinton Could be Impeached Again for Pardongate Crimes

Senator Arlen Specter suggested Sunday morning that if Congress
learns that ex-President Clinton is guilty of criminal conduct in
Pardongate, he could be impeached all over again.

 The leading Senate Judiciary Committee Republican said that if
Clinton is convicted in a Pardongate Senate trial, he could lose
his presidential pension, his Secret Service protection and even
his presidential library trust fund.

 He also hinted that the House of Representatives would soon
consider such a move.

 Specter offered his stunning comments about prospects for a
second Clinton impeachment on Fox News Sunday during an exhange
with Tony Snow and Brit Hume.

 SNOW: Let's suppose there's a breach of trust. Let's suppose
that people find out that the Rich pardon was conducted under
auspices they don't like. What on earth can Congress do about it?

 SPECTER: Well, in our investigation we found a very interesting
point that I hadn't known about in talking to the counsel that
represented President Ford in the pardon of President Nixon.

That is -- and this may surprise a lot of people, and I'm not
suggesting that it should be done -- but President Clinton
technically could still be impeached.

 And you say, how could that happen? He's out of office. Because
a president may be impeached for the emoluments of office, such
as the substantial sums being spent on the (Clinton) library,
such as the bodyguards, such as his pension.

President Clinton avoided a conviction on impeachment last time
around because he had not lost the confidence of the American
people and we didn't want to shake up the government. But he's
not in office anymore.

 HUME: Are you planning to propose that he be impeached?

 SPECTER: No, I'm not suggesting it, but, Brit, wait and see.
Somebody in the House of Representatives may do that tomorrow.
That's their job to talk about....

 HUME: Do you have someone in mind or are you just speculating?

 SPECTER: Well, no. I don't have anybody in mind. But I was
surprised to find that you could impeach a president after he was
out of office. And some people have suggested that you don't need
a Constitutional amendment because you could always impeach a

 And when it's done in the last days a lot of responses were,
well -- you can't impeach the president, he's out of office. So
that when counsel to President Ford told me that impeachment is
still possible, I don't think that trial would take too long.

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