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"Mrs Parks accused her husband of running drugs. Parks said that
Vince Foster — Bill Clinton’s lawyer — paid him $1,000 in cash
for each trip. Parks also told her to forget what she had seen.
In 1993 Parks was murdered by two unknown gunmen. He lived in a
dangerous world, as, indeed, did Vince Foster, who was found dead
in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia."


Times of London
Monday, February 19, 2001

When Uncle Sam was a drugs runner


It does not strike me as odd that Bill Clinton should have given
a presidential pardon to Marc Rich, whom the US prosecutors
regard as the biggest tax fraudster in American history, or that
Mrs Rich should have given large donations to Hillary’s Senate
campaign, to the Clinton Library project, and to the Democratic
Party. That is exactly the sort of behaviour I would have

The interesting question is not whether Clinton has had criminal
contacts or taken tainted campaign funds. It is whether he can
continue with his cover-ups and comebacks, now that he is out of
the White House. Even The New York Times and The Washington Post
have begun to criticise him.

This may be a very important question for American politics. If
the whole Clinton story becomes fully known, that could change
public attitudes and even the balance of power between the
American parties, perhaps for years to come. It even casts some
doubt on Tony Blair’s judgment; surely British Intelligence must
have told the Prime Minister about Clinton’s record, so well
established over the past 20 years or more.

The Prime Minister had reasons of state to seek a good working
relationship with the President, but his emotional buddyism was
regrettable. How much more must those Democrats who defended,
praised and sucked up to Clinton be regretting it now.

If the full Clinton story is ever told, I am not sure that it
will either be the Republicans or the mainstream US press that
will tell it.

In 1994, I remember making inquiries in Washington about the Mena
airport scandal. Even now, most Americans have never heard what
happened at Mena, Arkansas. Yet it is the biggest scandal of
modern American history, as the black caucus in Congress well
knows. Mena was the wholesale route of cocaine importation into
the US in the 1980s; the cocaine was turned into crack; the crack
epidemic ravaged the Black districts of the big American cities
as badly as Aids ravaged the homosexual community in the same

To explained what happened at Mena, I will quote from a
contemporary letter I have in front of me.

“Congress of the United States. January 26, 1989. To Governor
Bill Clinton, State Capitol, Little Rock, Arkansas. Dear Bill:
The investigation into alleged guns and drug smuggling at Mena
Airport can be cleared up by a local Grand Jury that will require
state funds. Deputy Prosecutor Charles Black of Mt Ida, the state
police and congressional investigators are interested in
convening such a grand jury . . . Black knows of witnesses who
will testify that planes loaded with guns went to South America
and returned loaded with drugs.

“Certain DEA (Drug Enforcement Agency) agents have stated that
the late convicted smuggler Barry Seal was flying weapons to
Central America in violation of US foreign policy and, in return,
the federal government secretly allowed Seal to smuggle drugs
back into the United States.

Congressman Bill Hughes’s Sub-Committee on Crime had learnt
independently that at the time Seal was working on the famous
Nicaraguan ‘Sting’ operation for the DEA and the CIA in 1984, he
was still running drugs. Sources in Mena indicate that smuggling
activities at Meana continued after Seal’s murder in 1986 and are
still continuing . . .”

Seal was murdered by Colombian gunmen while in federal custody.
The signature on this letter has been blacked out, as has the
congressman’s room number. However, internal evidence makes it
certain that the letter was written by Congressman Bill
Alexander. Was he a member of the “conservative conspiracy” which
Hillary Clinton has alleged is behind the allegations against her
husband? Not at all; Alexander was an Arkansas congressman; he
was at that time the Democratic whip in the House of
Representatives, and the senior Democrat of the House
Appropriations Committee. If he had a political motive, it would
have been to embarrass the Republican Administration, not the
Democrats. His inquiry was sidetracked both in Arkansas and in

Barry Seal, like Marc Rich, was a billionaire. He had numerous
bank accounts, of which a single one, in the Fuji Bank in the
Cayman Islands contained $1.64 billion (£1.09 billion). One of
his associates, quoted by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard in The Sunday
Telegraph of October 9, 1994, claimed that between 1980 and his
murder in 1986, Seal imported 36 metric tonnes of cocaine, three
tonnes of heroin and 104 tonnes of marijuana.

A Little Rock private detective, Jerry Parks, was a friend who
went to Seal’s funeral; in the 1992 presidential campaign, Parks
became Clinton’s security chief in Little Rock. Some time in
1991, Mrs Parks borrowed her husband’s car, a Lincoln, to go to
the grocery store; she discovered, to her surprise, that the boot
was full of $100 bills.

Mrs Parks accused her husband of running drugs. Parks said that
Vince Foster — Bill Clinton’s lawyer — paid him $1,000 in cash
for each trip. Parks also told her to forget what she had seen.
In 1993 Parks was murdered by two unknown gunmen. He lived in a
dangerous world, as, indeed, did Vince Foster, who was found dead
in Fort Marcy Park, Virginia.

There were then, and there are now, good grounds for a full
inquiry into Mena, an inquiry such as Congressman Alexander was
asking for. The huge importation of drugs through Arkansas in the
1980s undoubtedly occurred; crack cocaine did untold social
damage; the Seal operation was related to the Republican policy
of arming the Contras; there is some evidence that the Arkansas
State Police protected the smugglers; there were several
suspicious deaths connected to Mena; money from Mena can be
traced through Parks as far as Vince Foster; though both Parks
and Foster are long since dead, there is evidence of money

There is no evidence which takes the money trail beyond Foster to
Clinton himself or to his campaign funds. The criticism of
Clinton is not that he was directly involved, but that he did not
respond to the concerns that were expressed to him, by
Congressman Alexander and others. Some of his friends and
financial supporters, such as Dan Lasater, the Arkansas bond
salesman, were involved in the drugs business; he has just
pardoned his brother, Roger, for his part in it. There is not
sufficient evidence to support a charge of knowing complicity;
there is ample evidence to support the charge that he neglected
his duties as Governor to enforce the law. He allowed a
catastrophic event to happen.

The Republicans will not press for any further inquiry; so far as
I know, they have never pressed for an inquiry into Mena. Tens of
thousands of young blacks died of crack cocaine; Monica Lewinski
had her dress stained. Yet Clinton was impeached for Lewinski and
not even interrogated about Mena. The Republican silence is
explained by the fact that Mena was connected to the Iran-Contra
affair; indeed, Congressman Alexander’s letter sees Mena as a
Republican scandal. It is the US press which should most blame
itself. The Mena story began to be reported well before Clinton
won the presidential nomination in 1992. The first story I can
trace came in the Vanguard Press: “When Uncle Sam Deals Dope” as
early as April 7, 1988. The first story about Clinton’s own
involvement was a defensive one: “Clinton: State did all it could
in Mena case”, Arkansas Democrat Gazette, September 11,

1991. The first criticisms of Clinton came in: “More Shoes are
Dropping on Clinton” by Alexander Cockburn, a British journalist,
and in: “Clinton and the Smugglers’ Airport”, by Frank Snapp in
the Village Voice, April 14, 1992.

Where were The New York Times, The Washington Post, Time,
Newsweek, or the main television news networks of that period?
Virtually silent. In 1994, I remember reading a thorough Mena
investigation by two American journalists prepared for The
Washington Post; that was never published. There have been many
Clinton scandals but his failure as the Governor of Arkansas to
shut down the Mena drug smuggling is surely the one which did
most harm.

In the years when Clinton was still a candidate, Mena was not
included by The New York Times among “All the News That’s Fit to
Print”. Perhaps, after the Marc Rich pardon, the US Establishment
press will revisit Meana.

Copyright 2001 Times Newspapers Ltd.

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