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Date: Mon, 19 Mar 2001 07:48:35 -0800
From: Patricia Doyle, PhD <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
Subject: US Held Foot And Mouth Simulation 3 Months BEFORE UK

US Held Foot And Mouth Simulation 3 Months BEFORE UK Outbreak

By Patricia Doyle, PhD <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

Well, isn't this a stroke of luck...or 'coincidence'...  Three
months before the FMD outbreak in the UK, the US/Canada/Mexico
held FMD simulations.

There has not been an outbreak in the US since 1929, yet, 3
months before the UK outbreak, the US holds simulations.  Our FMD
savior, Plum Island, is supposed to be our first line of defense
against the virus.

Incidently, the Plum happens to have a virus bank that is shared
with, none other then, Canada and Mexico.

One of the reasons that the Plum is a Biolevel 5 facility is
because it studies FMD live virus. It is illegal to have this
virus in the continental US, and the Plum is the ONLY place where
various live FMD virues are found in North America.

The news of the simulation makes me believe that the US knew an
outbreak was going to occur. Did they have warning from a
terrorist group? Or, from the NWO?

I have just heard that FMD has broken out in Israel on the West
Bank. It is in Kuwait and also Saudi Arabia.

The strain is pandemic type O.

It sure sounds like the US knew a FMD outbreak was going to
happen. I wonder if the US had received terrorist threat of
impending FMD outbreak. It sure makes a case for an unnatural
outbreak in the UK.

Patricia Doyle

British Foot-Mouth Virus Epidemic Mimics US Simulation

a-103822.asp"> NYdailynews</A>


WASHINGTON - Three months before Britain's foot-and-mouth disease
outbreak, health officials in the United States, Mexico and
Canada tested their ability to respond to a similar epidemic. The
results weren't promising.

Within four days of a simulated detection of the virus in a
small, south Texas swine herd, the virus would have spread
through 15 Texas counties and Mexico, a scenario eerily similar
to the way a real epidemic now is playing out in Europe.

The British government found itself caught yesterday between
efforts to control its outbreak and farmers angry that hundreds
of thousands of healthy animals are to be slaughtered.

The Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals joined
opposition to the slaughter, which calls for healthy sheep and
pigs to be destroyed within 2 miles of infected sites in northern
England and southern Scotland. Plans for the expanded slaughter
have divided farmers. The National Farmers' Union supports the
move, but the lobbying group Farmers For Action said it would
take legal action to stop the cull.

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Patricia Doyle, PhD
Investigator of Emerging Diseases

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