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The grassy knoll has even been linked to a grisly -- perhaps the most
grisly -- Houston murder. In 1965, the dismembered bodies of Fred and Edwina
Rogers were found in a refrigerator and freezer at their home at 1815
Driscoll in Houston. Their son, Charles, who was sought as a material
witness, was never found, and the case remains "uncleared."

In the 1992 book The Man on the Grassy Knoll, John R. Craig and Philip A.
Rogers linked Charles Rogers to the grassy knoll on Nov. 22, 1963. They also
identified him as an Oswald imposter who traveled to Mexico City the month
before the assassination and who took a used car for a test spin in Dallas
two weeks before the president's death. The authors claim sharpshooter
Rogers and Charles Harrelson, later convicted in the slaying of federal
judge John Wood (and the father of actor Woody Harrelson), fired
simultaneously at Kennedy from behind a picket fence. Fleeing to a boxcar,
they were arrested along with another man and detained for two hours. Among
conspiracy theorists, they are the famous "three tramps" whose release --
with no written record remaining of their arrest -- provides even more
fodder for speculation about a conspiracy in Kennedy's death.

In 1992, however, Dallas researcher Mary La Fontaine searched the Dallas
Police Department records and found the arrest records of three men who were
indeed tramps. They were identified as Harold Doyle, Gus Abrams, and John
Forrester Gedney. But authors Craig and Rogers raise doubts as to whether
these three men were the only ones taken in after the president's killing.

Whatever the case, the place the grassy knoll holds in the minds of anyone
who remembers or investigates the Kennedy assassination is not about to dim
soon. Visit Dallas, and you will find conspiracy buffs of all sorts hanging
out there, expounding their theories, selling their leaflets and newspapers,
pointing out the landmarks. You can even stand behind the picket fence and
get a view of what a killer -- maybe the killer -- saw on Nov. 22, 1963.

The grassy knoll is a place for thought.

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