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> >is it true that barcodes have an integrated number 666 in them
> >tagged on at the beginning or end -
> >  - I take it that that is a UNIX end of programme instruction ???
> >these computer nerds seem to generate a lot of fun in the lab ... ;)
> >andrew
> A number of years ago I was asked this question. Since I had the
> specification for the EAN-13 barcode format handy (Pretty much the
> for retail use) I looked into it.
> And freakily enough, Yes, 666 is coded into every EAN-13 barcode, sort of.
> Grab several books and look at the barcodes. While the pattern of bars is
> obviously different for each barcode, there is a pattern called the
> guard-bars which is the same for each bar-code. Its two thin lines that
> appear at the start, middle and end of each barcode.
> You will notice that there is human readable version of the barcode
> underneath it. The bars that appear directly above each digit are in fact
> the bars that encode that particular digit.
> Now look for some 6's. You will notice that most of the time, the SAME two
> thin bars are used to encode the 6. With three sets of guard-bars thats
> The reason its only most of the time is because each digit has three
> seperate encodings, and only two of the encodings for 6 have the thin
> However no other digit uses the same 'two thin bar' pattern.
> What you also have to ignore to get 666 is the fact that the spaces
> the bars are just as important as the bars themselves, and the guard-bars
> don't have the same pattern of spaces.

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