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Convicted Castrated Rapist Charged With Murder

Friday, June 29, 2001
Associated Press

KANSAS CITY, Mo. - Prosecutors on Friday charged Arkansas parolee Wayne
DuMond with first-degree murder in the death of a Missouri woman and said
they had not ruled out seeking the death penalty for the convicted
castrated rapist.

DuMond, 51, is charged in the Sept. 20 death of Carol Shields, 39, of
Parkville, Mo. The woman was found suffocated in a friend's Clay County
apartment about 10 miles from DuMond's home.

The woman was killed about seven weeks after DuMond moved to the Kansas
City area.

Police connected DuMond to the crime after matching his DNA to skin taken
from beneath the dead woman's fingernails. DuMond's genetic profile was in
a national database because of his 1984 rape conviction in Forrest City,

An arraignment was scheduled for 1:30 p.m. Monday at the Clay County
Courthouse at Liberty, said Jim Roberts, a spokesman for the Clay County
prosecutor's office.

"We haven't ruled out seeking the death penalty," Roberts said.

DuMond's lawyer has said his client also was a suspect in a Platte County
killing, but that case was not involved in the charges filed Friday.

DuMond was convicted in the 1984 rape of Ashley Stevens, a distant cousin
of former President Clinton. While awaiting trial for the rape of the
then-17-year-old cheerleader, he was castrated by masked men who broke into
his home, he said.

DuMond won his release on parole in 1999. An earlier parole try failed in
1997 when Texas and Florida refused to accept responsibility for him.
The Arkansas parole board said DuMond could return to his hometown of
DeWitt in 1999, but last Aug. 1 he was allowed to move to Missouri after
meeting and marrying a woman from there.

Shields was killed less than two months later. Police said the woman's
clothes were missing except for a brassiere that had been cut from her
body. In the Arkansas case, Stevens' bra also had been cut from her.

DuMond has arrests dating back to the 1970s. He was spared prosecution in
the 1972 bludgeoning death of an Oklahoma man after agreeing to testify for
the state. The next year, DuMond received a five-year deferred sentence
after pleading guilty to an attack on a woman outside a Washington state
shopping mall.

DuMond admitted raping a DeWitt woman in 1976 but was not prosecuted when
the woman declined to testify.

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