This is a lovely story - reminds me of WACO but then who was in charge
of the store then?

The day of reckoning is coming - and maybe someone is about to feel as
Timothy McVeigh circled in his Gideon bible "the wrath of God".....

Isralis are bullies and the USA if they are serious about stopping the
war and slaughter - just cut out the aid to Israel?

Slowly we have seen the real monster emerging from the dark closets and
brining their plagues with them.

This time the Israelis bring the police for protection like Nazis did oh
so long ago and one must wonder was Adolph Hitler really Jewish and if
you look in the bible you find his Thousand Year Reich in the making?

Sieg Heil virtually means according to my one ancient concordance - God
Is Alive.....

Yet we are told in America, God is dead ????
Yes I hear the Wurlitzers playing for they have never stopped - the
neverending story until every last drop of oil, is spent - then they are
prepared to take the water.


July 10, 2001

     AutoIsraelis Destroy Homes of Palestinians in Two Areas


JERUSALEM, Tuesday, July 10 — Israeli wrecking crews protected by
hundreds of riot police officers destroyed 14 homes at the edge of a
Palestinian refugee camp in East Jerusalem on Monday in the biggest
demolition campaign in the city's Arab neighborhoods in recent years.
Houses were also demolished early today at a refugee camp in the Gaza

At the Shuafat refugee camp in East Jerusalem, bulldozers tore down 14
unfinished homes built by Palestinian families who had planned to move
out of their cramped quarters in the camp. Mayor Ehud Olmert said the
structures had been built without permits.
Distraught families scuffled with police officers and some people threw
themselves on the ground in a futile attempt to block the wrecking

Five Palestinians were reportedly hurt and several were arrested. The
homeowners, served with demolition orders on Sunday, had no chance to

Mr. Olmert, a member of the rightist Likud Party, defended the action,
calling illegal Arab building a cancer and a plague. He vowed to
continue the demolitions whenever necessary.

 (AP) The Israeli Army today entered the Palestinian territory in East
Jerusalem to level dozens of houses and shops in a refugee camp.
Fighting in Gaza Kills a Boy and Clashes in West Bank Wound 4 (July 8,
West Bank Settler Dies, Another Blow to Faltering Cease-Fire (July 4,
Little 'Quiet' in Israel: 3 Arabs Die, Palestinians Retaliate (July 3,
Expanded Coverage
In Depth: The Mideast Peace Process

Join the Weekly Focus on the Middle East

 Rina Castelnuovo for The New York Times A Palestinian woman, Umm Ali,
pleaded with Israeli security as her son's home was destroyed Monday.

Palestinians and civil rights advocates say it is virtually impossible
for East Jerusalem Arabs to obtain building permits because of Israeli
zoning restrictions intended to limit the growth of their neighborhoods
and restrict Arab population growth in the city.

The advocates cite official figures showing that far more illegally
built homes have been demolished in Arab neighborhoods than in Jewish
areas of Jerusalem. According to those figures, the demolitions today
exceeded the annual total of Arab homes wrecked by the city in recent

The Shuafat camp, a garbage- strewn warren of cramped houses and narrow
alleys that receives virtually no city services, lies across a valley
from Pisgat Zeev, a sprawling Jewish neighborhood built on land captured
by the Israelis in the 1967 Arab-Israeli war.

Gazing at the rows of new homes going up across the valley, Wael
Muhammad Ali, a 38-year old father of seven, stood next to the ruins of
the four-story home he had built with his three brothers for their

"They can build as much as they like, and I can't," Mr. Ali said of the
Israeli neighborhood. "I'm exploding."

Then he added: "I'm going to join Hamas and blow myself up," referring
to the militant Islamic group. "Write that down."

A statement issued by Orient House, the Palestine Liberation
Organization headquarters in East Jerusalem, called the Israeli action
"a serious provocation that will further inflame an already unstable
situation in East Jerusalem and jeopardize any remaining prospects for a

In the Gaza Strip, Israeli Army bulldozers backed by tanks entered
Palestinian ruled teritory for the first time since a cease-fire was
agreed to last month, leveling 10 houses in a refugee camp in Rafah,
Palestinian security officlas said today.

The army said the houses were abandoned, and had been the source of
daily grenade and shooting attacks at Israeli positions and patrols.
The Israeli thrust set off a firefight with Palestinian gunmen in which
five Palestinians and three Israeli soldiers were reportedly wounded.

A victim of violence on Sunday, injured when a roadside bomb exploded
near his jeep south of Hebron in the West Bank, died today of his

Capt. Shai Shalom Cohen, 22, a deputy company commander, suffered
serious head injuries when his jeep was hit by a remote-controlled bomb.

And a Palestinian suicide bomber was killed when his explosive-packed
pickup truck blew up, apparently prematurely, as it headed toward an
Israeli Army post on a road leading to Jewish settlements in the Gaza
Strip. There were no Israeli casualties. The attempted suicide attack
near the road to the Katif cluster of settlements in the Gaza Strip came
after the militant Islamic group Hamas warned that it had 10 bombers
ready to strike in revenge for the killing of an 11-year-old boy by
Israeli gunfire on Saturday.

The Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, identified the dead
bomber as Nafez al-Nazer, 25, a father of two who worked at Islamic
University in Gaza. Relatives said he wanted to avenge the death of a
brother killed by the Israelis during the first Palestinian uprising a
decade ago.
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