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Israeli helicopters assassinate Palestinian student in Tulkarm

Occupied Jerusalem: 5 August, 2001 (IAP News) - An Israeli apache
helicopter gunship fired six missiles at the car of a Palestinian student
activist in Tuklarm Sunday afternoon, killing him instantly.

Palestinian sources identified the latest victim of Israeli
state-sponsored terror as 23-year-old Amer Mansour al-Khederi.

The sources said a-Khederi, a junior at the Open University of Alqods, was
active in the student movement and affiliated with the Islamic student

The Israeli army admitted that it assassinated al Khedeiri, charging that
he was involved in the resistance against the Israeli military occupation.

Israel has been using the "assassination policy" against Palestinian
intifada activists struggling to end 33 years of brutal Israeli

Israel labels as "terrorist" any and every Palestinian opposed to the
Israeli occupation, which means that the Jewish political-military
establishment views effectively the entire Palestinian people as
"terrorists who ought to be annihilated."

Hence, since the beginning of the Palestinian intifada more than 9 months
ago, Israeli troops, airforce, and para-military Jewish terrorists
assassinated and murdered nearly 600 Palestinians, a third of them
children and minors, for resisting the occupation.

Israel is an apartheid state. However, unlike the disgraced former
apartheid regime in South Africa, Israeli apartheid policies and practices
enjoy full American backing due to Jewish control of the Congress of the
United States.

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