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The Boys on the Track, Mena, Barry Seal and Others as well as the
under-rated Dixie Mafia all surround the murder of Carl Wilson.
AND guess who shared a meal with Lasater the day before Chandra
Levy disappeared?  Why Gary Condit, of course.  I do hope the FBI
investigates that connection but it never does so why would it this

Was Carl Wilson "The Man Who Knew Too Much"?
By Henrietta Bowman 08.15.2001


As previously reported in "No Justice for Carl Wilson," the Carl
Wilson story is entangled with the Clintonian Arkansas political
machine and the Dixie Mafia. It is tied to drugs, and in Arkansas,
that inevitably leads back to Mena and to some very powerful
people. This will seem a very roundabout tale, but please have
patience. I assure you, it does connect to Carl Wilson.

People previously willing to talk are being intimidated and
frightened into silence. Carl Wilson's widow, Tammy, has also been
warned to "back off," but unlike others, Tammy Wilson isn't

One person who is backing off was a friend of Carl Wilson -- a man
that probably owes his life to Carl because of a warning Carl gave
him. It would not be the first time this man lost his courage and
he may hold the key to why Carl Wilson was targeted for
elimination. Once this man was brave. Perhaps he will find his
courage again.

The man has good reason to be afraid. Just ask Jean Duffey, Linda
Ives and Sharlene Wilson (no relation to Carl). This man is John
Brown, a former Saline County detective. He investigated the deaths
of Kevin Ives and Don Henry. Ives and Duffey know how it feels to
be let down by John Brown when it really counted. Initially, the
cause of death was reported to be the result of falling asleep on a
railroad track in Arkansas on August 23, 1987.

Their deaths at the time were ruled accidental by Clinton-appointed
state medical examiner, Dr. Fahmy Malak. Later it would be
determined in an independent autopsy sought by Linda Ives through
the courts that Kevin died from a crushed skull prior to being
placed on the tracks and Don Henry had been stabbed in the back.

An out-of-state examiner said the cause of death was clear: murder
by beating and stabbing before they were placed on the railroad
tracks. Dr. Malak was exposed as an incompetent fool with a long
record of bad autopsy results, yet Governor Bill Clinton supported
him, in spite of his being a political liability. The medical
examiner, Dr. Fahmy Malak, according to state Rep. Bob Fairchild, a
Democrat from Fayetteville, Arkansas "was sort of protected by the
governor and the [state crime laboratory] board." Clinton appointed
the board members in his capacity as governor. Dr. Malak's rulings
also helped Clinton's mother, nurse-anesthetist Virginia Kelley,
avoid legal scrutiny in one patient's death -- while she was
defending herself in a medical malpractice lawsuit stemming from
the death of another patient.

Brown was a brave man at the time and he ignored all warnings that
it would be wiser to leave the Ives-Henry case alone. According to
Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, author of "The Secret Life Of Bill
Clinton," it came to a head at a tense closed-door meeting with
Robert Shepherd, the man appointed by Bill Clinton to be Arkansas's
drug czar. "Shepherd put on his overbearing cop manner and said
'Brown, those two kids are dead. There's nothing you can do to
bring them back. Your career will prosper a lot more if you'd
concentrate your efforts somewhere else,' recalled Brown. 'I walked
to the door, and just as I was leaving I turned and said, 'Guys,
unless somebody wants to discuss the big secret with me, and tells
me why everybody wants me to leave this alone, I've got two kids
dead and I still consider that murder in Arkansas.' I walked out
and thought, 'Oh shit, have I got problems.'

"Brown's career did not prosper. Forced out of the Saline County
Sheriff's Department, he was reduced to digging ditches at $6 an
hour to support his young wife Karen and two small children. But he
never cracked. Once, when I visited him at his home in the country,
there was a volunteer providing protection around-the-clock. The
man was unarmed, but at least there would be a witness if anything
happened. I have no doubt that it was this informal network of
friends and supporters that kept him going, and perhaps kept him
alive, through the worst months.

"It was John Brown who finally broke Sharlene Wilson and extracted
her confession. He then discovered a fresh witness, a lad who had
been out with two friends that night looking for a marijuana patch.
The witness had been about sixty feet away, hidden below the bank,
watching a group of men talking on the tracks. 'One of them I
definitely recognized as Dan Harmon. Then I noticed two more
people, Kevin and Don, walking down the railroad tracks.' At first
it looked as if Harmon was just talking to the boys, but then a
shot rang out. The witness turned and ran."

John Brown is well aware of what happened to the people having
information regarding the boys on the tracks. Keith Coney: had
information on the Ives-Henry deaths. Keith died in a motorcycle
accident July 1988 with unconfirmed reports of a high-speed car

Keith McKaskle: had information on the Ives-Henry deaths and was
stabbed to death November 1988.

Gregory Collins: had information on the Ives-Henry deaths and died
from a gunshot wound to the face January 1989.

Jeff Rhodes: had information on the deaths of Ives, Henry and
McKaskle. Rhodes' burned body was found in a trash dump April 1989.
The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head and there was
some body mutilation, leading to the speculation Rhodes was
tortured prior to being killed.

James Milam: had information on the Ives and Henry deaths. Milam
was decapitated. The state Medical examiner, Fahmy Malak, initially
ruled death due to natural causes.

Richard Winters: was a suspect in the deaths of Ives and Henry.
Winters was killed in a "robbery" in July 1989, which was
subsequently proven to be a set-up.

Jordan Kettleson: had information on the Ives and Henry deaths.
Kettleson was found shot to death in the front seat of his pickup
June 1990.

Sharlene Wilson, Harmon's former lover, was arrested by Dan Harmon
in person. "He yelled, 'Bitch, I told you that if you ever breathed
a word about me I'd take you down. You're going to prison, bitch,'
" she said. Regarding her subsequent conviction and imprisonment,
Sharlene stated "I'm not proud of what I've done, but if I'm doing
time for dope, they should be, too. They've persecuted me. They
took my house, my family. They've done everything but kill me, and
when the time is ripe they may do that."

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard interviewed Sharlene Wilson in prison. "
'Roger had all the pretty girls and drugs and the fast life, and
Bill was pretty envious of this,' she said. On one occasion 'Roger
the Dodger' came back to the bar and said he needed two grams of
cocaine right away. They carried out the deal near the ladies room.
The Dodger then borrowed her 'tooter', her 'one-hitter' as she
called it, and handed it to the governor.

" 'I watched Bill Clinton lean up against a brick wall. He must
have had an adenoid problem because he casually stuck my tooter up
his nose,' she said. 'He was so messed up that night, he slid down
the wall into a garbage can and just sat there like a complete

"Afterward they went back to the Governor's Mansion and partied
into the early hours of the morning. 'I thought it was the coolest
thing in the world that we had a governor who got high.' That was
not the only time she snorted cocaine with Bill Clinton. She
claimed to have been present with him at a series of 'toga parties'
at the Coachman's Inn outside Little Rock between 1979 and 1981. 'I
was, you know, the hostess with the mostess, the lady with the
snow,' she said. 'I'd serve drinks and lines of cocaine on a glass

"People shared sexual partners in what amounted to a Babylonian
orgy. They were elite gatherings of ten to twenty people, mostly
public officials, lawyers, and local notables, cavorting in a
labyrinth of interconnected rooms with women that included teenage
girls. Bill Clinton was there at least twice, she said, snorting
cocaine 'quite avidly' with Dan Harmon. She gave a graphic
description of the sexual activities that Bill Clinton preferred.

"She remembered seeing a distinctive mole at the base of his
stomach. 'It's darned me that he's managed to get elected through
all this,' she said. "It's 'darned' a lot of people," I concluded."

"Boy Clinton" author, R. Emmett Tyrrell, Jr. wrote: "Arkansas State
Trooper L. D. Brown had just returned from a mission flown to
Central America from Arkansas's Mena Airport in late December 1984.
The flight was commanded by pilot Barry Seal, an operative with the
Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) and a contract employee with
the Central Intelligence Agency. Seal was also a legendary drug
smuggler, known for having flown hundreds of drug-smuggling flights
between 1977 and 1983 at low altitude and in complete darkness.

(1) Now, supposedly, he had gone straight. After parachuting arms
into the jungle, Seal landed at a sleepy Central American airport.
He picked up two duffel bags and flew back to Arkansas. Brown,
seated behind him throughout the flight, was moonlighting as a CIA
contract employee. His boss, Governor Bill Clinton, had encouraged
and assisted him in his employment at the CIA. Under the assumption
that he was being trained for clandestine operations on this
flight, Brown was following Seal's instructions. He was merely an
observer, studying the activities of Seal and his crew.

"But during this, his most recent flight, what Brown, a seasoned
narcotics investigator, was to learn troubled him deeply. Seal was
bringing drugs and money back in the duffel bags. Consequently, as
soon as Brown returned to Little Rock he approached Clinton and
asked, 'Do you know what they're bringing back on those planes?'
Clinton froze. 'They're bringing back coke,' Brown told him. In
fact 'they' were trafficking in cocaine, money, and arms. Clinton's
response was blase. He told Brown not to worry, adding 'That's
Lasater's deal." At the time Dan Lasater, an Arkansas 'bond daddy'
known for his wide-open parties, was a major Clinton supporter.
Clinton's occasional attendance at Lasater's parties had presented
his bodyguard, Brown, with problems; in addition to young girls,
the parties also included plenty of cocaine."

"...Brown was angry after this last flight when Seat showed him
cocaine and money that he had just flown into the country. Brown
feared that he, a member of the governor's security, was being set
up to be blackmailed. Now upon finding out that Clinton knew about
the operation, the trooper felt betrayed and a bit stupid. He says
that the moment he saw the drugs Lasater's involvement should have
'dawned' on him. 'I'd never seen the governor around coke,' Brown
says, 'unless he was around Lasater.' At Lasater's parties Brown
would hustle the governor away when the drugs came out. Though he
had seen Clinton 'stoned' he had never actually seen him using
drugs. Others have, namely two of Clinton's lovers, Sally Perdue
and Gennifer Flowers. Both have attested to Clinton's drug use
during assignations.

"Lasater has been linked to is the Arkansas Development Finance
Authority created by Governor Clinton. In 1994 when Secretary of
Agriculture Mike Espy resigned owing to allegations that he was
accepting gifts from the Arkansas poultry tycoon, Don Tyson.
London's Sunday Telegraph published a story based on numerous state
and federal police documents showing that Tyson was "under
suspicion of drug dealing from the early 1970s until the late
1980s" by such diverse organizations as the Arkansas State Police
and the DEA. No charges were ever filed."

Dan Lasater is not a very nice man. Besides his drug running and
money laundering, his crooked bond deals and securities trading, he
and Roger Clinton's future Pardongate business partner, Senator
George Locke, had their own drug deals. The Arkansas State Police
stonewalled the investigation. But even this pales beside Lasater's
tastes for young virgins. He had a penchant for getting them hooked
on drugs and passing them around at his infamous parties as party f
favors to other powerful men. Lasater also befriended Clinton's
mother. In her autobiography, Virginia Kelley wrote "gangsters were
cool and the rules were meant to be bent."

Evans-Pritchard wrote of the Dixie Mafia, "Banned by edict from
smuggling drugs, the Italian American Mafia missed out on the most
lucrative crime wave of the twentieth century. It was left to
others to profit from the $100 billion a year market in cocaine,
marijuana, and methamphetamines. Those best placed, by geography
and criminal tradition, were the loose-knit groupings of the South,
known to law enforcement as the 'Dixie Mafia.'

"The term was first coined by Rex Armistead, the Director of the
Organized Crime Strike Force in New Orleans in the 1970s. Less
famous than the Cosa Nostra, the Dixie Mafia was, and still is, far
more dangerous. During a ten year period from 1968 to 1978 when the
Italian Americans were in the headlines for a spree of thirty
murders, their redneck counterparts quietly dispatched 156 victims.

" 'There wasn't a well from Mississippi to West Texas that didn't
have a dead body floating in it,' said Armistead. 'The big
difference was the lack of ceremony. It was just 'I'm going to get
rid of Ambrose today; I don't need permission; and I go out and do
it.' As simple as that. And that's the end of Ambrose. It hasn't
changed much either.'

"Lasater was a player in the cocaine trafficking network of the
Dixie Mafia as early as the mid-1970s. Intelligence reports show
that the DEA had opened a file on Lasater in 1983 and had assigned
him a tracking number of 141475. Lasater was tipped off at once. A
source called him in 1983 to inform him that he was listed in the
computer as the subject of a DEA probe."

Carl was very aware of the "Friends of Bill" Dixie Mafia tales.
What he knew may have very well have gotten him killed.

It is no wonder Bill Clinton became the most unethical presidents
America ever had. Before young Billy Jeff moved from Hope to Hot
Springs, that grandfather he is always lying about sold moonshine
behind the counter in that famous grocery store of his.

Bob Momenteller wrote, "Bill Clinton's mob ties can be traced back
to his boyhood in the 1950's and early 1960's. His uncle Raymond
Clinton played a key role in boy Clinton's life. His Uncle ran a
store front dealership in Hot Springs, Arkansas, where Clinton
spent hours hanging around with the big boys. Behind the facade was
a thriving full fledge gambling operation, complete with slot
machines. Hot Springs became a resort Mecca for many mob leaders at
the time, including Al Capone. Gambling in Bill Clinton's hometown
had flourished openly for decades because of the corruption of the
local political establishment and the complicity of the state
police. Uncle Raymond's operation was backed by the Marcello Mafia
crime syndicate out of New Orleans.

"In 1974, Clinton's first bid for public office, Raymond Clinton's
$10,000 dollar loan from the Dixie Mafia kept Clinton on the
campaign road. Raymond's drinking buddy, druggist and backroom
gambling operator, Gabe Crawford, gives Clinton use of his private

And now, finally we come full-circle back to Carl Wilson as I
promised you in the beginning of this article.

Confidential sources in the position to know, say Carl Wilson's
brother-in-law, John Clark -- who barely knew Carl -- was ATF
Special Agent Bill Buford's informant. This same John Clark was a
Vietnam veteran suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Syndrome, had
a drug problem, was a known liar and was in trouble with the law on
drug charges.

Clark's lawyer, Tom Travis, has a very bad reputation of his own.
According to reliable sources close to the investigation, Travis,
who is also an immigration attorney as well as a criminal attorney,
allegedly smuggles illegal aliens and sells drugs which include
crystal meth. He also allegedly has direct ties to Dan Lasater.

Two acquaintances of Carl's have direct drug ties to Dan Lastater.
Guess who THEIR attorney is. Bingo! Tom Travis. The old-time hoods
used to call men like Travis their "Mouthpiece."

So now you have the entire story and you can see why it is highly
unlikely Carl Wilson will at last get justice from our judicial

But, there is a Supreme Judge the guilty must someday face and I
think it is a safe assumption He will be a hanging judge!

No Justice For Carl Wilson

World's Leading Jack-Booted Thug!

Carl Wilson's Death Ruled Homicide

Carl Wilson's Family Speaks Out

WARNING! Graphic photos of Carl Wilson's death scene.

 The Kind and Gentle

Henrietta Bowman
Sierra Times
Ranch Hand

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