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Friday , Aug. 24, 2001 12:22 p.m. EDT

Publisher Spikes Whitewater Tell-all by Key Witness

A planned book by key Whitewater witness David Hale, who may be set to
reveal new information about the death of Clinton lawyer Vincent Foster,
has reportedly been spiked by publishers.

"Whitewater's star witness against Bill Clinton was ex-Little Rock Judge
David Hale, who was writing 'Hale to the Chief,'" revealed New York Post
gossip columnist Cindy Adams on Friday.

The book contains information about "things so shocking they weren't
revealed before," she reported.

"Publishing types at Da Tommaso restaurant say the book's been spiked."

Hale has never publicly revealed what he knows about a possible
connection between a July 20, 1993, search of his office by Whitewater
probers and Foster's death.

Foster, who doubled as the Clintons' Whitewater lawyer and deputy White
House counsel, was found shot to death in a Virginia park later that

Police ruled Foster's death a suicide.

In 1997 Hale's lawyer David Bowden hinted that his client has reason to
believe the two events were linked.

"There is an answer to that question," Bowden told NewsMax.com's Carl
Limbacher [then with the Washington Weekly]. "He and I have discussed
the answer to that question. But you're the first reporter that's ever
seen fit to ask it."

"I'm not at liberty to comment on any of that," Bowden added. "If David
wants to, then he can do it. That's his story and if he wants to tell
it, he'll tell it."

On the eve of 1994 congressional hearings into Foster's death, Sen. Kit
Bond, R-Mo., obtained permission from the then-Democratic-controlled
Senate Banking Committee to dispatch a team of investigators to Little
Rock to determined if Foster had learned of the search of Hale's office
before taking his own life.

But at the last minute, committee Democrats withdrew their authorization
and ordered Bond to call his investigators back to Washington.

Notes turned over to the Banking Committee in 1995 by associate White
House counsel William Kennedy state flatly that the Hale office search
was a "factor" in Foster's death.

"July 20: FBI issues subpoena and took records of municipal Judge named
Hale. Also day VF killed himself. Factor," Kennedy wrote in 1993.

Beyond any potentially explosive new information about Foster's death,
Hale himself has long hinted he knows more about Whitewater than he's
publicly revealed.

In 1997 he told the Associated Press that the FBI's file on Whitewater
evidence he provided had mysteriously been purged of 75 percent of its
material. Hale suggested that the missing evidence was highly damaging
to the Clintons.

Just months before, Hale had penned a Wall Street Journal op-ed piece
predicting that the evidence he had given prosecutors made Mrs.
Clinton's indictment inevitable.

In 1996, prosecutors used some of that evidence to convict the Clintons'
business partners, Jim and Susan McDougal, on mulitple counts of
Whitewater bank fraud.

Hale's cooperation also led to the conviction of then Arkansas governor
Jim Guy Tucker, who was forced to resign and now works for longtime
Clinton benefactors Mochtar and James Riady in Jakarta, Indonesia.

At the McDougal-Tucker trial, Hale testified that then-Gov. Clinton
pressured him to make an illegal $300,000 loan to Mrs. McDougal. Jim
McDougal later corroborated Hale's account. Clinton and Susan McDougal
denied the allegation.

In 1999, Hale was prosecuted for burial insurance fraud and sentenced to
jail in what many believe was an act of retaliation by Clinton-connected
Arkansas state prosecutors.

The key Whitewater witness was paroled by Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee
earlier this year after thousands of NewsMax.com readers complained.

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