Interesting item on this Anton LaVey who founded the Satanist Church;
LaVey, who was Jewish real name Levey, this item show, was not what he
professed to be.

Further it is noted this Michael Acquinos, invited Sammy David Jr. to
Join this Church of Satan, it was not LaVey.

Anyway interesting item and this LaVey or Levey was one ugly person -
looked like an overdone Mr. Spock .....the Robert Slatzer mentioned in
this item is from Columbus and claimed to be married to Marilyn Monroe
which is not true - further, his lies have been picked up by other
researchers and truth.

With LaVeys underworld connections though one does have to wonder about
some of these untimely deaths that happened to people who were repelled
by this mans noxious ways.


This Michael Acquino is one I am interested in as have some old
information on his linking to a Male Warlock who went underground when
military intelligence had infiltrated his cult...

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