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For many years, Chuck Schlund posted messages to Usenet newsgroups to make people 
aware of his legal case; he ceased posting messages there about 7 months ago. Here are 
a couple of his messages written in the last three years.


From: chuck ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Subject: CIA Drugs
Newsgroups: alt.politics.greens, alt.politics.media, alt.politics.usa, 
alt.military, alt.news.macedonia, alt.news-media
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Date: 1999/06/17

My name is Charles A. Schlund I'm an electrical contractor in
Phoenix Arizona. I'm 52 years old 6 ft 230 lb. I was involved without
my consent in the DEA's operations of manufacturing and distributing
drugs to the inner cities of the US. I worked from the early 1990's with
the FBI against the CIA, DEA and others under their direction or
control. The information I supplied the FBI cost the CIA, DEA and others
billions of dollars in lost drugs profits. I was also able to stop many
of the assassinations under their direction and control.

The DEA obtained a court order under perjury and fabricated or created
evidence to inject two CIA designed torture devices in my neck to
torture me in an act of control and revenge to stop the information I
have. I have filed a federal lawsuit against the DEA for the use of
torture and other things. My case is filed in the District of Arizona
Federal Court Case Number CIV98-1875PHXROS. All federal agencies are
aware of this case and have been before it was filed.

My lawsuit is real and is not a normal complaint or lawsuit. The issues
addressed in this lawsuit may be what you might call unbelievable but
they are also very real and true.

Congress wouldn't allow my testimony. When the CIA did their
investigation they also wouldn't allow my testimony. My testimony is far
too damaging and provable to allow me to testify against them.

The CIA did smuggle drugs into the US and the DEA did protect and
distribute these drugs. Is there anything you are looking for in the way
of information. The information I have is much worse than just this.


From: chuck ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Subject: Electronic Torture
Newsgroups: alt.mindcontrol
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Date: 2000/04/21

My legal help in my lawsuit against the DEA for the use of torture
against me has not been able to do his job correctly for some time and I
would like to replace him with a new lawyer. The timing is real bad and
we are now before the 9th Circuit Court of appeals. I was a witness
against the DEA for murder, drug running and the using of these drug
proceed to fix election in the United States. The DEA had offered me
anything in return for my loyalty to them and my assistance in helping
in the murders and the running of the drugs to the inner cities of the
U. S. I refused and worked with the FBI in destroying their operations.

I have the evidence to prove my case before a jury or I have to become a
drug dealer to obtain relief from the torture by the DEA. I would prefer
to be able to have a trial but I need legal assistance. I have paid my
currant lawyer $140,000.00 over the past three years and I can afford a
great deal more if I'm given relief from the torture. The DEA injected
my lawyer with implants to disable him and these implants have so
disabled him that I have been unable to get the necessary work out of
him no matter how much money I pay him. Is there anyone out there that
can help me in this case. Thanks Charles A. Schlund



DC NO. CV-98-01875-RCB Arizona (Phoenix)


The appellants' motion for leave to file a corrected opening brief
is granted. The opening brief and excerpts of record that were received
by the court on April 7, 2000 shall be filed by the Clerk. The
previously received opening brief shall be discarded. The appellee's
answering brief is due May 8, 2000. The optional reply brief is due 14
days from service of the answering brief. This order was issued prior to

the expiration of time within which a response may be filed. Fed. R.
App. P 27(b).

For the Court: CATHY A. CATTERSON Clerk of the Court

Teresa A. Haugen Deputy Clerk Ninth Cir. R. 27-7/Appendix A, General
Orders for the United States Court of Appeals


From: chuck ([EMAIL PROTECTED])
Subject: Real information
Newsgroups: alt.assassination.jfk
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Date: 2000/07/21

I read some of the CIA files in part on the assassination of JFK and
many others in 1977. These files had been removed from the government by
George Bush under orders of Nelson Rockefeller.

The DEA who I have always known as a covert operation of the CIA has
been keeping me up torturing me tonight in retaliation for posting some
information on another site so in retailation I'm posting this here. I'm
sure most of you are sheep and some of you work for the government in
the cover up of the assassination of JFK and the many others. This is
for the few who have open minds and are not CIA.

The first time I tried to post they jammed my computer for three or four
days and I spent a long time on the phone with the Phone Company trying
to un-jam it. Then they tortured me 24 hours a day threatening me to
stop my posting. I spent much of my days and nights screaming in pain as
the DEA who I know as a covert operation of the CIA had me horribly
tortured to deprive me of as much of my freedom of speech as possible.

Next I got a small posting posted and you replied. I then wrote a nice
long letter and explained much of the information I have. Next I clicked
on spelling and my computer jammed and I lost everything as I do almost
every time I write about the Kennedy assassination by the CIA. Next I
was horribly tortured with sonic waves from the implants that the DEA
injected into both sides of my neck in 1993 while I was working with the
FBI in a national security investigation about the systematic overthrow
of the United States by the CIA. I was tortured constantly for about 24
hours with this torture mode. This is normal when I try to write
anything about the Kennedy assassination or other information I have.

Tonight I again tried to reply to your letter and again my letter was
erased and my computer was jammed when I tried to correct spelling. Now
I'm writing the letter in small parts and saving it as I write to limit
my torturers from stopping my posting. During the first time I tried to
post tonight they made me scream much of the time as they tortured me
with sounds that felt like they broke my teeth and they are again
bringing up the same mode to make me scream in pain to stop this

I write Janet Reno every couple of days and complain and I also have
called my torturers the DEA and others for many years with little
success. Every time I complain abut the cover up of the Kennedy
assassination the DEA then obtains a warrant and enters my house and
plants more drugs to frame me as being a drug dealer. Just after we had
the files in 1977 I was arrested by the DEA and charged as being a drug
manufacturer and I was tried and acquitted of all charges in trial. This
happen after I refused to join the CIA. They wanted me to become a DEA
agent for them and help in the political assassination, running of the
drugs, framing of the witnesses and assist in the fixing of the
elections. My judge gave my lawyers a case on outrageous conduct of the
United States and said that he was going to rule as soon as my lawyers
looked up this case and came back and read it back to him. My judge
demanded the arrest of the DEA agents and their witnesses after the
trial for perjury.

Not only did we receive all the files on the Kennedy assassination. We
also received the files on the set up of Ted Kennedy at Chappaquiddick
and the framing of him for the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. If you
remember Ted said after the accident that he didn't know what happened
and that she must have been driving. Ted wasn't even in the car and
neither of them was driving. I also read the file of the assassination
of Robert Kennedy and the cover up. I read the files on the bugging of
Jacquelyn Kennedy and how she would die in time of cancer from the
autoimmune disease caused from the bugging device. I read the file on
JFK Jr. and how they would pump him up in their newspapers, magazines
and news organizations fully knowing that they were going to assassinate
him when he reached at least 35 years of age. In 1992 while I was
working with the FBI against the DEA, CIA and others I briefed the FBI
on how they would assassinate JFK Jr. after he reached 35 years of age
and started to become a threat to them. I also briefed the FBI on large
amounts of other information like what was in the letter Jacquelyn
Kennedy wrote to the Soviets after the assassination of her husband. The
Soviets released that letter last year, 7 years after I briefed the FBI.

We also had the assassination of Marilyn Monroe and how they had planned
to make it look like the Kennedy's were responsible. We had a large
photo of her in bed face down with a large red arrow stamped on the
photo showing where they had injected her with the fatal dose that she
died from. The injection was in the calf of her right leg. The photo we
had was about 10 inches by about 14 inches and was black and white.

In the files we had were the assassinations of 1,237 people in the cover
up of the Kennedy assassination by the year 1976 and the assassinations
were still being conducted as they are today.

Now if you really want real information on the Kennedy assassination
then read my writings and my lawsuit against the United States for the
cover up. The United States government hasn't denied any of it in the
years we have been in this lawsuit. I am under horrible torture much of
the time and writing is not easy for me under the torture of me by my
government in the cover up of the assassination and the other
information I had.

Oswald had nothing to do with the Kennedy assassination. Oswald was a
company man. There were three gunmen who fired a total of four shots.
Two of the shots were almost simultaneous. No gunman fired from the book
depository. The Warren Commission was the cover-up of the Kennedy
assassination. The secret to the cover up was to take the investigation
away from Congress and place it in the hands of a few trusted people
behind closed doors and then classify the information.
The assassination of JFK was done under the orders of the Rockefeller
family. The CIA coordinated the assassination and used others in other
agencies that they controlled. This operation was a small part of the
systematic overthrow of the United States by the CIA and this battle
rages on out of sight of the public today. Charles A. Schlund

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