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Subj:  Re: More Questions For Chuck
Date:  Thu, 2 May 2002  9:22:16 PM Eastern Daylight Time
From:  "chuck" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

The government had just tortured me over something I said about a mass murderer from 
the files-- Joe Arpaio. He is retired DEA and is one of the agents that the DEA is 
using to remove me as a witness against them and him. The following is a letter I 
wrote about him years ago.

To:        Governor of Arizona  9 March 1999
To:        Attorney General of Arizona

To:        Maricopa County Attorney

From:    Charles A. Schlund
         XXXX North XX Drive
         Glendale, Arizona 85XXX   Phone XXX-XXXX   XXX-XXXX

Subj:     My demand to be allowed to file charges against Maricopa County Sheriff Joe 
Arpaio as a witness against Joe Arpaio because of my reading of the files I have 
always called the Don Bolles papers. The following is my statement of Joe Arpaio's 
file in these files and is true to the best of my knowledge and belief and is as 
accurate as  possible while I'm being satanically and hideously tortured by those 
involved in the cover-up of these files and other information I have.

Ref:      My lawsuit Charles August Schlund et al. vs The United States of America et 
al., case number CIV98-1875PHX, ROS and my governmental claim which includes the 
Maricopa County Sheriff's Office. Charles August Schlund copyright, 1998, all rights 
reserved worldwide.

Lt:        My charges are a result of me reading through the truckload of papers and 
files that I have always called the Don Bolles papers. My charges also result from 
other information and beliefs that I have witnessed over the years. I have been 
tortured now for over 20 years in the cover-up of these files and every one around me 
has suffered greatly due to me reading these papers and my refusal to join the 
organized crime network that was responsible for the Don Bolles assassination and the 
cover-up. I am being tortured in the most satanic and hideous ways and this is being 
done under cover of law to obstruct justice and to tamper with me as a witness and is 
being done by corrupt officials of the State of Arizona and the Federal Government. 
Let it be known that I'm in agony as I type this letter and I am being threatened and 
tortured for exposing this information to you. I did for many years call and go to the 
Attorney General's Office, Glendale police, Phoenix Police,Sheriff's Office, Mayor's 
Office, DEA and Newspapers. I have told many police and others of these papers and in 
return they have thrown me out and refused to accept any information.

This organized crime network has murdered people I knew and people that were friends 
of mine and has even murdered people in my house, and the police have refused to even 
allow me to file a murder report on any of these murders. I have gone to the FBI and 
worked with the FBI in the proving of these files; and the State and the DEA and many 
others tried to stop me in every way possible using the cover of law to commit their 
crimes against me.

Joe Arpaio's file was one of the files in these papers and he was a corrupt DEA agent 
at the time of these files. In these files Joe Arpaio was responsible for all drug 
shipments in the Southwestern United States for the CIA. Joe Arpaio was really a CIA 
agent who was attached to the DEA for the running of drugs and the removing of 
political witnesses and assassinations. In Joe Arpaio's file were notes from his 
superiors that said that Joe Arpaio was totally with out conscience or remorse. Joe 
Arpaio was signing many orders for assassinations in these files. When the gangs that 
ran the drugs under Joe Arpaio's protection and direction would supply Joe Arpaio with 
girls for sex, Joe Arpaio knew that these girls would have to be killed after he left 
to protect him [Note: from being exposed]. In his file he never considered anyone's 
pain or suffering and did his job for the CIA and DEA without any compassion and was 
one of the most evil people in the files we had. In these files Joe Arpaio would 
assume a high position in Arizona after he was no longer needed in the DEA and would 
help in the setting up of the political witnesses and the running of the drugs and the 
assassinations from his position in Arizona and would still be under the orders and 
control of the DEA, which was a covert operation of the CIA. (Once CIA always CIA) I 
am charging Joe Arpaio with the cover-up of the assassination of Don Bolles and I'm 
charging Joe Arpaio with the cover-up of George King's murder in my house by John 
Bashum and others (spelling may be incorrect). I'm further charging Joe Arpaio with 
obstruction of Justice and Witness Tampering.

Joe Arpaio should be charged with torture under The Convention against Torture and 
Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment of June 26 1987. Joe Arpaio should 
also be charged with violations of the Constitution of the United States and the 
violations of his oath of office. I further charge Joe Arpaio with hunting and 
torturing me and using his position as Sheriff to torture and remove me as a political 
witness against Joe Arpaio. Due to my work with the FBI and the fact that I gave the 
FBI Joe Arpaio's name as being a corrupt official, this made it impossible for Joe 
Arpaio to be involved any further in the shipments of drugs and the assassinations. 
Since I exposed Joe Arpaio and others they have used their positions of power to 
satanically torture me and destroy my life and the lives of many of my witnesses. I'm 
tortured anytime I try to file taxes in an attempt to force me to be illegal so Joe 
Arpaio and others can further authorize my satanic torture in the cover-up of their 
crimes. In the Don Bolles papers Joe Arpaio's position in Arizona would be in reality 
a covert position in the DEA to continue his covert operations. I further charge that 
all witnesses were paid to commit perjury against me and that members of their 
organization including law enforcement personnel planted, created or fabricated all 
evidence. I further summit to you that all taped conversations submitted to the court 
may have been real but were still submitted to the court under perjury or false light. 
It is a fact that I did make conversations and offer them to those monitoring me so 
they could give these conversations under perjury to the court. If you will look at 
all conversations I made for 30 minutes before and 30 minutes after what was submitted 
to the court you will see in all cases that under torture I agreed to make a 
conversation that they could submit to the court under perjury.

Of course all conversations 30 minuets before and all conversations 30 minutes after 
will have been destroyed even though I have always demanded that they be maintained. 
This is obstruction of justice and witness tampering. I am fully prepared to prove 
this beyond any reasonable doubt in court. In the CIA files we had, everyone, without 
exception cooperates under torture -- EVERYONE.  If you have any doubts to this I can 
prove it to anyone using torture against them. At present I'm being tortured in a way 
to kill me by heart attack or of other natural causes
and if I do die from this torture I further demand that charges be brought against Joe 
Arpaio for my murder. The CIA designed implants that were injected in my neck are 
totally illegal and constitute in their use a crime against humanity. This was shown 
to be true in the Nuremberg Trials when the Nazis made injections in the necks of the 
Jews and tortured them as I'm being tortured now. In the files we had Joe Arpaio was 
fully briefed on how to use these devices for torture to remove political witnesses 
and for his sadistic pleasure. What has happened here is after the FBI had destroyed 
the DEA operations against me that Joe Arpaio and others continued these operations 
for the DEA to remove me as a witness against the DEA, Joe Arpaio, Federal and State 
Judges and others I was testifying to the FBI and others against. This investigation 
against me by the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office is solely to justify torture to 
stop me from defeating the DEA and others to be named as we amend the suit in trial. 
These acts do constitute witness tampering and obstruction of Justice. I know Joe 
Arpaio is heavily protected and has deniability and can not be touched by me. I 
reserve the right to make further charges when I'm not under torture and my full 
freedom of speech has been returned.

Respectfully submitted Charles A. Schlund

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