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Rubin's Send Off
by Daniella Peled - Nov 20
Mosque-bomb suspect Irv Rubin was remembered as “a true Jewish hero” at his funeral in
Los Angeles this week.
The 57-year-old Jewish Defence League chairman died last week following a 10-day coma
after falling over a railing in a federal detention centre.

The father-of-two was about to leave for a pre-trial hearing when, according to US
marshals, he tried to slash his throat with a razor blade before plummeting 20ft to the

Rubin’s successor at the JDL, retired policeman Bill Maniaci, was among more than 200
mourners who gathered to grieve for the controversial activist.

Delivering his eulogy, Rabbi Tzvi Block said: “He cared for the elderly. He cared for 
defenceless. He cared for anyone who needed help. Irv was not a religious man, but he
was a very Jewish man. He gave so much, and now he gives his life.”

Rubin, arrested last December along with another JDL member, Earl Krugel, was charged
with planning to bomb the King Fahd mosque in Los Angeles and the office of a Muslim
congressman, Darrell Issa.

In a statement read at the funeral, Kruger described Rubin as “a true Jewish hero”, and
added: “I'll stay strong and see this through.”

Brett Stone, a spokesman for Rubin’s family, told TJ: “Irv was a friend of mine for 
over 20
years, and it is a great loss not only to the local community but to the world. People 
gave him credit for all his deeds and you didn’t need to be Jewish to call on him for 

“It is really sad that the mainstream Jewish community never supported him, and were 
first to convict him. But the JDL is going to continue.”

Meanwhile, Rubin’s family has continued to demand an enquiry into the prison fall, 
official claims of an attempted suicide.

A spokesman said: “The outpouring of love we have received from all segments of the
community, both Jewish and non-Jewish, has been overwhelming and extremely comforting
to us.

“We still want to know the truth of what happened to Irv. We want an independent
investigation into the events surrounding Irv's injuries and death. No person deserves 
to die
while in the custody of the US government.”

Attorney Bryan Altman told TJ: “We are still pursuing the investigation. The current 
is that the US attorney’s office has refused our requests for an outside investigation
because they do not think it is necessary.

"They say our requests for information are premature, even though Irv Rubin has already
been dead for two weeks.

“We may ultimately launch a wrongful death tort against the bureau of prisons and 
marshals. We have a strong case. Our client died while in their custody.”

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