-Caveat Lector-

from an email:
AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc.

          4000 Steeles Avenue, West # 221
Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada L4L 4V9
Telecopier : 905.851.5108

                                                 PLEASE FILE AT ONCE

EMBARGO until December 04, 1998 ˝ 12:01am
Dossier No. : JAN/48/95
        Judicial Court Exhibit

United States of America Government                             Attn: The
U. S.  President William Jefferson Clinton
U. S.  Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.
U. S.  Attorney General Janet Reno                                  CANTON DE
United States Senate
 Juge DÝInstruction
United States House of Representatives                             Du Canton
De Vaud
U. S.  Department of  State
Valentin  34
United States Department of the Treasury                        1014 Lausanne
Internal Revenue Service
Central Intelligence Agency
U. S. Federal Bureau of Investigation
New Republic/USA Financial Group, Ltd  Gesellschaft (Austria)
AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc. / AmeriTrust  (Suisse)  Societe
WhiteCloud Petroleum Corporation  (Delaware)

To:      Carrard, Paschoud, Heim  &  Associes
Avocats au Barreau
8,  rue de la Grotte
1003,  Lausanne,  Switzerland
Telefon : 41 21 341 90.40
Telefax : 41 21 341.90.50

Attention of :-    Monsieur Felix Paschoud,   Avocat

In the matter of:   AmeriTrust Corporation account / Ambassador Leo
                           Emil Wanta,  SDR Diplomatic Passport No. 04362 /
                           Ambassador Giovanni Ferro,   dated November 23,
                           1998,   received November 27, 1998  ˝  as to Suisse
                           Court Examination,  scheduled for  04 December 1998
                           with The Honorable,  J Antenen,  under the Dossier
                           JAN/48/95,  Canton de Vaud,  Juge  DÝInstruction,
                           Valentin 34,  1014  Lausanne, Switzerland,
                           the  following  pertinent  classified  and
                           USGovernment  (USG)  information Í..

Our corporate response,  however,  will be pursuant to the United States of
America,  U. S.  House of Representatives H. R. 3723 law as shown below:-

WHEREAS, The President of the United States of America,  having signed
H. R. 3723  on October 11, 1996,  has protected this transaction by allowing
Corporations the right to declare their Contracts, Clients, Internal
and Information, and the transactions they engage in as a Corporate or Trade
Secret fully protected  under the Economic and Industrial Espionage Laws of
the United States of America  and the International Economic Community.

INASMUCH,  the names,  identities,  bank coordinates and other identifying
information of persons or entities that are party to this transaction,
herein,  or learned hereafter,  shall be a Corporate Trade Secret that shall
be disseminated other than as provided for herein,  or as allowed under
applicable law.   Any unauthorized Disclosure of this Private Transaction,
parties  to,  or other material fact of,  shall subject the violator(s) to

HAVING SAID THAT,   I  have  obtained  a  limited release to protect the
AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc.  and its Corporate Officers named above,  as
            this particular USA Corporation ˝  with  other  USG  corporations
 to  be
            named  later  ˝  was duly organized under U.S.C.A. Title 18,
Section 6,
            which  reads:-

USCA  Title 18 ~ Sec 6 ˝  Department and Agency defined

        includes any department, independent establishment, commission,
        administration,  authority,  board or bureau of the United States or
        corporation in which United States has a proprietary interest, Í..
        25, 1948, c. 645, 62 Stat 685)

      11) [ the phrase  ý corporationţ in which the United States has a
             proprietary interest is intended to include those governmental
             corporations in which stock is not actually issued,  as well as
             those in which stock is owned by the United States.]

   5.  Defenses
                        if a department or agency has colorable authority to
do what
              it is doing, constitutionality of statute or order requiring
keeping of
              records, furnishing of information ---------- (Humble Oil &
              Co. vs SCA NM 1952, 198F 2d 753,  certiorari denied 73 Sct 328,
              344 US 909,  97  Ed 701)

Per my original United States Government directives and Oath ÍÍ.

          We must learn to subvert,  sabotage,  and destroy our enemies
          by more sophisticated,  and more effective methods than those
          used against us ÍÍÍ.

          As we are facing an implacable enemy whose avowed objective
          is world domination by whatever means and at whatever cost Í

Points of truthful information :

The  USGovernment  and  AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc.   entered  into  a
Buy/Sell  Contract  with  Humewood  Enterprises  of  London  and  Dublin  to
facilitate  the  bank  to  bank  delivery  of Credit-Worthy Bank Guarantees
Rothschild Bank,  Banque Paribas,  Lloyds Bank,  et al with USG / AmeriTrust
retaining Credit Suisse Bank Senior Management and FGI Fiduciarie-conseil of
Lasaunne as the corporate fiduciary agent with Credit Suisse Groupe, on
of  AmeriTrust;  and per Vincent Foster,  Jr.,  Deputy  White House Counsel
corporately  organize  the  Suisse  Holding  Groupe  -  registered  AmeriTr
(Suisse)  Societe,   Geneve,  Switzerland  and  our  Suisse  residency  per
directives, and we can not assist your court with highly confidential data
relative to
Attorney FosterÝs Irrevocable Bank Payment Orders in the aggregate USDollar
amount of US$250,000,000.00,  and issued in favour of The ChildrenÝs Defense
Fund, Washington, DC, USA ˝  as  We,  AmeriTrust,  have no working  and/or
personal knowledge of any Money Laundering schemes, as falsely alleged ˝ but,
We  can  advise  this  Suisse  Judicial  Court  that  under  a  certain
Contract,   L H Finance  (Mossah)  agreed  to  issue  a  Surety  Bond  for
US$250,000.00 as a condition of said contract; and then advised AmeriTrust
they would release US$375,000.00  as a Cash Deposit Performance Guarantee,
allowing  US$125,000.00  to  cover  Introduction Fees  to  Deputy White House
Counsel Vince Foster,  Jr.,  but  only  through the Suisse Fiduciary Agent ˝
Elaine Guiraud,  at the Union Bank of Switzerland,  Account No. 320.904.60W
on or  about June 22, 1993  prior to Mr FosterÝs scheduled arrival at Hotel
de la
Paix,  Geneve  on  July 7, 1993  per  previous  financial  arrangements.

As the monetary disbursal was arranged through a Ms Lorrayne Fine, Principal
L H Finance,   as the required Performance Bond was submitted in the event of
Non-Performance per the Commercial Contract, prepared with Mr Foster ˝ and
presently in the CourtÝs possession -  allowing due to their non-performance
USDollar amounts to be disbursed as follows:

           Mr Vincent Foster,  Jr., Esq.          USDollars 125,000.00
           AmeriTrust Corporation, Inc.         USDollars  250,000.00

As the USDollar  funding was obtained through L H Finance in conjunction with
corporate fiduciary agent, Ms Elaine Guiraud of Lausanne,  I would have no
idea the
original origin of the Cash Performance Bond funding,  as  we  were advised
it was
certified by Union de Banques Suisses as good, clean, clear,
freely-transferable and
of non-criminal origin.   It was at the insistence of Credit Suisse Banque
that AmeriTrust
Corporation, Inc.  retain FGI Fiduciaire-conseil and Ms Millie Ferrus,  as our
AmeriTrust Corporation Suisse Counsel,  to meet the Suisse banking
which  was  subsequently authorized  and approved by the USGovernment
Why at this late date  [ since I have been vigorously complaining since my
False Arrest
on July 7, 1993 enroute to meet Counsel Foster in Geneve ]  is the Suisse
investigating the alleged Murder of Vince Foster and inquiring of the
contracted origin of
the USDollar transfers,  and now  causing lawless court action and  potential
substantial  recovery  damages,  as well as Civil damages in favour of
AmeriTrust,   its
Corporate Officers and the American People;  whereby  USDollar  Seventy
(US$70,000,000,000.00)   was  illegally  diverted from  the  United  States
Treasury  during  my  HOSTAGE  STAY  in Switzerland  and  the  State  of
Wisconsin, USA ;   from  the  retained / contracted earnings obtainable
through the
AmeriTrust/Humewood Contract,  et al. [ see exhibit ýPower of Attorneyţ]
As your advocacy office is fully aware,  based on the illegally seized USGovn
Somali documents that National Security violations were unlawfully discussed
and copied
in the present of by the Suisse and State of Wisconsin ˝ Department of
provocateurs, and in direct violation of the Vienna Convention as listed:-

Article 29 ˝ Personal Inviolability
The person of a diplomatic agent shall be inviolable. He shall not be liable
to any form of
arrest or detention.  The receiving State shall treat him with due respect
and shall take all
appropriate steps to prevent any attack on his person,  freedom or dignity.
            Article 31 ˝ Immunity from Jurisdiction

A diplomatic agent shall enjoy immunity from the criminal jurisdiction of
      the  receiving State.  He shall also enjoy immunity from its civil and
      administrative jurisdiction..  (See Diplomatic papers enclosed)

      Furthermore, Diplomatic personal baggage were unlawfully seized, and
      returned under  Article 36  of the Vienna Convention.

Article 40 ˝ Duties of Third States

1. If  a  diplomatic  agent  passes through or is in the territory  of  a
third  state,
    which has granted  him  a  passport  visa  if  such  visa  was
necessary,  while
    proceeding  to take up or to return to his post,  or when returning to
his own
    country,  the  third  state  shall  accord  him  inviolability  and  such
    immunities  as  may  be  required  to  ensure  his  transit  or  return.

            See exhibits, which include the diplomatic correspondence of :-

U. S. President William Jefferson Clinton to Ambassador Leo Wanta, dated
                  20 December 20, 1994,
U. S. Vice President Albert Gore, Jr.  to Ambassador Leo Wanta,  dated
                  January 3, 1995,
State of Israel, Ministry of Internal Affairs INVITATION dated July 31, 1997
and addressed to The Honorable,  Ambassador Leo E Wanta to discuss Israeli
matters  of  State and the Region.

Please take Special Notice Í..

On November 03, 1993,  the  Prime  Minister  of the State of Israel ˝ The
Honorable, Yitzhak Rabin after several  Israeli  demands  of  the  Suisse
Federation  to release Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta, The Executive
Chairman/Director of AmeriTrust, Inc.
presently occupying Suisse Dungeon Cell No. 130, within Prison du Bois ˝
Mermet, CH du Bois ˝ Gentil, 1018 Lausanne, Switzerland,  relative to
AmeriTrust to release the negotiated deposits to the Prime MinisterÝs Bureau,
 Jerusalem,  Israel, as USG
authorizations for the existing Israeli / Palestinian Peace Programme Funding
 and Development Projects,  in the  Suisse CourtÝs  possession and / or

It is interesting to note that the very day the Israeli Government sends me a
coded message on 16 November 1993;   I am immediately taken by Suisse
gunpoint  and physical body restraints  to Swiss Air  for immediate
extradition departure to New York,   yet another U. S. Federal and
International violation in your court records.



The  United States  Internal  Revenue  Service  addresses  me  for  Corporate

Income Tax purposes,   as ýAttn: Ambassador L Wantaţ  no legitimate Court
has ever lawfully revoked my Diplomatic status, nor as the Somali Democratic
Government ˝ Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

In my personal case ˝ I was unlawfully arrested for failure to pay Wisconsin
ýnon-residency taxesţ while working as the Ambassador to Switzerland and
Chairman-designate to the Somali Central Bank, while in the Sovereign Country
of Switzerland, unlawfully detained in a Suisse dungeon ˝ for 134 days
without a U.S. Constitutional ţSPEEDY TRIALţ, forcibly drugged which
developed into a serious HEART condition diagnosed as RBBB ˝ Right Bundle
Branch (Electrical) Block, as the State of Wisconsin refuses to release
certain illegally seized USDollar corporate funds to obtain a very needed
Pacemaker and imprisoned me to unlawfully pay under state extortion and
intimidation with CIA/Corporate funding for the third time, a State of
Wisconsin civil tax assessment for 1982 and non-residency year of 1988, [see
Original Certificate of Divorce or Annulment, Court Case No. 95FA445,
adjudicating that my last day of legal residence in the Sovereign State of
Wisconsin  was prior to July, 1988]  -  as the alleged state civil tax
assessments  were legally paid and settled in full satisfaction TWICE in 1992
for USDollar 14,129.00 each, as a Central Intelligence Agency/Corporate
nuisance tax assessment, resulting I personally believe in the Murder of
White House Deputy Counsel Vince Foster and Freddie Woodruff, a CIA Case
Officer involved with AmeriTrust and New Republic/USA Financial Group,
Gessellschaft Ltd, Wien, Austria and with full working knowledge of certain
Intel operations/surveillance funded by AmeriTrust, Aneko Credit Pte Limited,
Asian-Europa Development Group, Ltd, and other USCA 18 / Sec 6 USG operations:

USG sanctioned interference in the  ýDomestic Affairsţ  of  the  former
Union (USSR) ruble (SUR) currency,  Gold currency certificates  and delivery
of 2,000 metric tonnes of Soviet gold bullion  via USSR Central Bank directly
to New Republic/USA Financial Group Ltd Ges.m.b.H.  for smelting to 12.5 kgs
Gold bars in order to:-

De-stabilize the USSR Military Establishment,  KGB/Stasi operations
      and  the  Soviet  Union  economy,  in  favour of Boris Yeltsin Groupe,

Control and identify the  Soviet Union FUSION BOMB  development,

3.   AFGHAN / USSR  traffic  of  General Dynamics  ýSurface to Airţ
      Stinger Missiles with Soviet / CIA  International sales  and delivery
      activities,  via our USGovn  targets John Taylor and Scott Partridge,

USG  sanctioned  Intel findings  by New Republic/USA  (Austria)  of
Iraqi  purchases  and deliveries of USSR/Bulgaria  RED MERCURY (RM 2020)
through T. A. Trace Lab Analysis of Morges, Switzerland
coordinated by Suisse Dr. John Lutz,  et al;  and  in conjunction  with
USSR Envoy Millie Ferrus of Lausanne, Switzerland, resulting in Suisse
Cooperation and funding  AGAINST THE AMERICAN / FOREIGN COALITION  involved
in the Iraq / Kuwait conflict,  inter alia,

Meccanotechnia Industries (Singapore) of Fiat-Valsella ( Italia ) military
Production of LANDMINES, delivered to the Iraqi Military for defense against
the American Coalition Armed Forces, as discovered by INTEL operations of
Aneko Credit Pte Limited (Singapore)/USCA18 / 6 ops.,

USG Intel.ops  discovering  ýBLUE  MOONţ operation,  under  Blue
       Moon Bags of Thailand  and  approval for our INTEL.ops to target for
       Full field investigation  [ but later to learn that their drug
operation was
       Known  and  protected  by  U. S. Customs Attache  assigned  to  U.S.
       Embassy in the Republic of Singapore ˝ working in association with
       our previous U. S Treasury / U. S. Customs Internal Affairs  target
       within the  Little  Rock / Mena  Night  Flight  operations]  ˝  as  to
       illegal  distribution of controlled substances of Heroin and Cocaine,
       etc.  VIA Burma, Thailand,  Malaysia,  Singapura  railway  operations
       with  Blue Moon operatives / mules;  for covert international delivery
       to Europa /   North American distribution.  This  INTEL.ops  was
       coordinated  by U. S. Treasury Department  INTEL Field  Operatives ˝

                               a.  Frank  B Ingram, SA32NV;
                         b.  Rick Reynolds,    SA233MS;
                         c.  Lee E  Wanta,      Falconbird / Stillpoint

                with  assistance  of  Sector V Operations  and  Internal
Affairs  under
                S - 31 -  IANO  USGovernment  authority  and  control,
Unlawful  U. S.  Treasury Certificate  traffic investigation in South East
Asia, coordinated by SA233MS and SA32NV, with U. S. Secret Service Agents Bob
Twohig   and  Rick Zainos, et al -  in Bangkok, Thailand,
USG Intel.ops coordinated by New Republic/USA (Austria) expose of
Italia/Soviet Mafiosa, thwarted by Austrian/Singapura INTEL.ops,  as
listed in Thieves World,  Simon & Schuster (1994) demonstrating  the


AmeriTrust/New Republic surveillance operations to force out  known
crime enterprises with our working association with a Italia Chief Judge
listed  in  book,   as  well  as  ýillegal money laundering  operationsţ  of
COMEXPO   s.r.l.  Import-Export  Consulting & Promotion ˝ situated in Verona,
 Italia  and  under our authorized  U.S. Treasury / Customs case number
w/exhibits readily available..   We  have  never  laundered any money, since
we are authorized to receive ten (10%)  percent of any and  all  USGovernment
 lawful  seizures  under our United States Agreements,  as  we  are
definitely  not  the  alleged criminals as falsely stated  by  unknown  State
 and  Suisse  provocateurs  in  some shadow,  without truthful facts and
Counter-Intelligence knowledge  and  related USG responsibilities;  my
partner and brother Kok Howe Kwong,  and my  associates,  like  Freddie
Woodruff,  Francois  de  Grosseurve  and Vince  Foster  died  strangely  for
their  personal  belief  in  our  Great Nation,  by  BETRAYAL  of  others
with  falsehoods  and  malice,

USG ýSecurity Code ˝ NEW REPUBLICţ of USCA 18 / 6  Jackson,
Mississippi,   INTEL.ops   legally  organized  as  New Republic / USA
Financial  Group,  Ltd.   to  coordinate  U. S.  Vice  President  George
Herbert  Walker  Bush  implementation  of:-

Contra funding  v  Boland Amendment,  with  canal  barge  deliveries;
POM (Arkansas)  sub-assemblies  and  covert  production  and  related
parts  to  COLAS  (Honduras)  final  assembly  operations;   Arkansas
Development  Finance  Authority  (ADFA)  with  Chairman Bob Nash
under  Operation:  DEALROOM  with  Bank  of  China  FOREX  of
Japanese Yen and USDollars with  Arkansas  Pension  Funding to  the
PeopleÝs  Republic  of  China  (PRC.ops),  with  US  Attorney  General
Bill Barr / CIA.ops / DOD.ops  (see field reports of RAC Wm Lecates
and  Frank B Ingram  (Sector 5),   as  copied  to  USSS  Director  John Magaw
 and  SAC Glen Speedy,  et al, ;  including the Browning Arms Sale  and
Delivery  of  certain  weapons  through  Arab Associates and Ronald Arab,
Vancouver,  British  Columbia,   Canada to the Panama Groupe  protected  by
then Vice President  Bush,  per USGovernment  STING operation headed  and
coordinated by  USG INTEL operative Leo Wanta   and  SA32NV -  Frank B Ingram
 via Corpus Christi U. S. Customs Operations,   under USGovn Case numbers
relative to Boland Amendment  and other U. S.  Federal  arms  and  smuggling
violations; ref:  USGovn case numbers in Wanta/Ingram/Lecates USGovernment
authorized Field reports,   and  U. S.  Federal Court  records in Corpus
Christi,  Texas  Region.

MX  Mobile  Missile  mobilization / deployment  activities  of  New
 Republic/USA (Mississippi.ops)  to purchase the Santa Fe / Southern

 Pacific Railroad  in U. S. Bankruptcy proceedings  with  BLACK.ops/
 New Republic/USA funding  as  authorized ( documents  available )..

New Republic/USA   purchase  of  USSR  Mig 29  FULCRUM
 maintenance manuals for U. S. Air Force OSI operations,  like a true
 copy,  certainly qualified this  writer as an  American operative  once
 again,   as  well  as  the  Soviet  HIND  aircraft  recovery  operations,

 Aneko  Credit  Pte  Ltd  covert  investigation  of  Motorola  SECTEL
 Sales and delivery to Iran Security Operations via Singapura/Malaysia,

 Yongbyon, North Korea ýnuclear chipţ manufacturing,  developed by
       Singapore Technologies for sister plants in North Korea  &  Singapura,
       as  financed  by VIOLA TRADING LIMITED,  Andras  Szasz  and
       George Soros Groupe of Sovereign House, Station Road, St John, Isle
       of Man ˝ Registration No. 41992, Isle of Man, as well as diesel oil and
       other  procurement  of  previously  EMBARGOED  commodities.

 Kuwait Dinar FOREX as sanctioned by USGovernment programmes
Utilizing the INSLAW, Inc.  PROMIS  software,  inter alia,  and much
 much  more  for  absolute  proof  that,   We,   AmeriTrust  and  our
 corporate  officers  are  real  victims of Criminal Conspiracy by others,
 enjoying  their  current  freedom  at our  expense and displeasure,  but
 certainly  for  their  PERSONAL GAIN and Abuse / Misuse of Power
 without  merit,

 Recovery of stolen / cancelled  Chase Manhattan Bank  and  Citibank  Bank
Guarantees  by unknown persons  being  negotiated  within  the
      Suisse Banking Community,  and  AmeriTrust finderÝs fee for recovery
      of said Bank Instruments and lawful prosecution of the alleged criminal
      perpetrators  under  USGovernment  Security code :   Chaselet.

            Based on my diplomatic situation,  I  was  kidnapped  in
Switzerland and taken to New York at gunpoint,  and appeared in the United
States District Court, Eastern District of New York, USA, Docket No.
93-M-2072;  whereas the Court dismissed any and  all  unlawful / alleged
complaints of  the  State of  Wisconsin,  based  on USGovernment  Motion  as
to  Ambassador Leo Emil Wanta ˝ whereas the State of Wisconsin ˝ Department
of Revenue  DEFIED  said  U. S.  Federal Order  and
            had  me  re-arrested  in New York City  with only  my  Diplomatic
 Entry / VISA without any valid ARREST WARRANT,  for  continuous  REFUSAL  to
                 ( see enclosed New York exhibits for verification of
diplomatic status)

            However,  the State of  New  York  unlawfully  held  me
incognito  within  their Department  of  Corrections,  and  listed
immediately  as  an  AMBASSADOR
            after United States Secret Service notification and confirmation.

[  see  United States Court of Appeals for the Eighth Circuit, No.
   97-3888, USA v Elton Howard Silkman, filed September 16, 1998]

The State of Wisconsin clearly violated 26 U.S.C. , Sec 7201 as to illegally
extraditing Ambassador Wanta, to his ýnon-residentţ State of Wisconsin, USA ˝
since June 30, 1988 - for alleged civil state tax deficiencies for 1982 and
1988, per the defective Arrest Warrant served in Switzerland by the U.S.
State Department Vice Consul Carlos Medina, Berne, contrary to the Suisse/USA
Treaty provisions, among other things,  which include:-

Excluded court evidence in favour of Ambassador Wanta
Excluded evidence of USGovernment liability
Excluded proof that a legitimate tax deficiency lawfully existed
No exclusive proof that a real tax crime ever existed

Please note : An American taxpayer-defendant has a right to establish as a
defense that he owed no tax in addition to what he had paid, (see
United States v Moody, 339 F.2d 161, 162  (6th Cir. 1964).

Quote ˝ The government has no authority for its startling contention that an
IRS assessment is conclusive proof in a criminal trial that taxes were in
fact owing.

As the Supreme Court said in United States Martin Linen Supply Co., 430 U.S.
564, 572-733 1977), the juryÝs   overriding responsibility is to stand
between the accused and a potentially arbitrary or abusive government that is
in command of the criminal sanction. For this reason, a trial judge is
prohibited from entering a judgment of conviction or directing a jury to
come  forward  with  such  a  verdict,
regardless of how overwhelming the evidence may point in that direction.

This conclusion is consistent with United States v England, where the
government conceded that proof of a valid assessment was essential to its
evasion case, an he court held it was in error to instruct the jury the
assessment was valid as a matter of law. 347 F. 2d at 430.  England was
followed in United States v Goetz, 746 F. 2d 705, 708-10 (11th Cir. 1984).
[The CourtÝs] Our conclusion is also consistent with decisions that the
taxpayer may defend a charge of willfully evading the assessment of taxes by
proving there was no tax due and owing,  for example, by evidence of
unclaimed deductions and expenses. See, e.. Clark v United States, 211 F 2d
100, 13 (8th Cir. 1954), ÍÍ But conclusive presumptions are invalid in
criminal cases because they ýconflict with the overriding presumption of
innocence with which extends to every element of the crime, and would invade


the factfinding function which in a criminal case the law assigns solely to
the jury.ţ
Sandstrom v Montana, 442 U.S. 510, 523 (1979) Í. It is not rational to make
the assessment conclusive proof f the deficiency, particularly because in the
absence of a tax return an assessment is based upon a ýsubstituteţ return
prepared by the IRS without the benefit of factual input from the taxpayer.

For the foregoing reasons, [the court] we conclude that one accused of tax
evasion must have the opportunity to prove, however unlikely the proposition
may be, that an administratively final tax assessment does not accurately
reflect the existence of a tax deficiency. Therefore, [defendant] is entitled
to a new trial at which he may introduce evidence relevant to whether there
was in fact a tax deficiency in one or more of the tax years in question.

However, [the court] we agree with cases holding that, while an assessment
may be used to prove a tax deficiency in a payment evasion case, an
assessment is nota necessary element of a payment evasion charge. See Hogan,
861 F. 2d at 315-16; Dack, 47 F 2d at 1174, Voorhies, 658 F 2d at 714-15.

Therefore, it can be readily established that the Suisse Judicial authorities
were lawlessly mislead by the Suisse,  United States  and  State of
Wisconsin provocateurs to unconstitutionally deny me,  my personal freedom
and liberty by American Birthright,  as well as the Vienna Convention
Articles, inter alia.

Please note:  The State of Wisconsin of the United States of America admits
they ýuttered/alteredţ the civil NON-RESIDENCY state tax returns in favor of
the Department of  Revenue, in order to seek the fraudulent state arrest
warrant by illegally manipulating the Suisse Federation,  Suisse Surete  and
their Judicial System, U.S. State Department and the U.S. Federal Bureau of
Investigation, et al;  contrary to U.S.C.A. Title 18,

Section 4 ˝ Misprision of Felony
Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by
a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make
known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority
under the United States, shall be fined not more than $500 or imprisoned not
more than three years, or both.  (June 25, 1948, c. 645, 62  Stat 684)

Elements of offense ˝ Generally
            Í.  are concealment of something,  such as suppression of the
evidence or other
             positive act, and failure to disclose (Neal v U. S., cc A Minn,
1939, 102F 2d 643)

Knowledge of commission of felony
 Í. it is immaterial whether government did or did not know of crime or who
the perpetrator was  ( Lacey v U. S. C. A. Cal 1966, 356F 2d 07, certiorari
denied 87 Sct 234, 385 US 922, 172 Ed 2d145)

Í.. such as suppression of evidence, harboring a criminal, intimidation of
witnesses, or other positive act designed to conceal from authorities
commission of the felony. (Bratton V USCCA Okl, 1934, 73  2d 795)

Indictment or Information
Indictment alleging that specified person committed offense cognizable by
courts of United States,  that defendant had knowledge of actual commission
of such offense,  that defendant willfully concealed crime, and that
defendant did not as soon as possible make known commission of crime to
authorities was sufficient to charge offense of misprision of a felony
notwithstanding failure to allege evidentiary details of concealment. (US v
Sullivan, DC Okl 1968, 284  Supp 574)

 Í.. was place where report of felony should have been made (Bratton v USCCA
Okl, 1934,  73 F 2d 795)

 Í. Evidence in prosecution for misprision of a felony must establish
affirmative act of concealment, and mere silence without some affirmative act
is insufficient to authorize conviction.  (US v Sullivan, DC Okl 1968, 284 F
Supp 579)

Please note : The necessary evidence is now established by this current
Suisse Court Action for the State of Wisconsin ˝ Department of Revenue
suggested to the Suisse authorities that the  STATE  is willing to disburse
certain corporate funds to the Suisse counterparts for their participation in
this absolute Fraud on the U. S. Federal Courts, The Suisse Courts and
Wisconsin non-jurisdictional subject matter courts of record,  among other
lawless activities by others, as demonstrated by the U. S. Federal Bureau of
Investigation DISCLAIMERS of their official role at the behest of the State
of Wisconsin ˝ to falsely accuse this American citizen and International
Diplomat in the court records In Wisconsin,
as well as the Suisse and United States District Courts,  and Media

Section 10  ˝  Interstate Commerce and Foreign Commerce defined

Section  11 ˝  Foreign Government defined
My lawless Suisse Extradition is in direct violation of my issued Somali
Diplomatic Credentials which have not been revoked by any Government,
among other things.

The term ý FOREIGN GOVERNMENTţ,  as used in this title,  includes any
government, faction, or body of insurgents within a country with which the
United States is at peace,  irrespective of recognition by the United States.
(June25, 1948, c 645, 63 Stat 686)

        Therefore, the sudden and lawless notice of the State of Wisconsin
and the Suisse Federation to revoke my Diplomatic Status and Diplomatic
Passports No. 04362 and 12535 has no LEGAL STANDING,  as a matter of law  ˝
and I respectfully Demand the immediate return of the illegally seized
Diplomatic Passports and related documentation forthwith, as well as all
other USGovernment and Corporate documents seized under a false color of law..

Section  35 -  Imparting or conveying false information
Whoever imparts or conveys or cause to be imparted or conveyed false
information, knowing the information to be false, concerning an attempt or
alleged attempt being made, to do any act which would be a crime prohibited
by this chapterÍ..
Whoever willfully and maliciously, or with reckless disregard for the safety
of human life, imparts or conveys or causes to be imparted or conveyed false
information, knowing the information to be false, concerning an attempt or
alleged attempt being made or to be made to do any act which would be a crime
prohibited.. ( Added July 14, 156, c 595, Sec 1, 70 Stat 540, and amended Oct
3, 1961, Pub L. 87-338,  75 Stat 75;  July 7, 1965,  Pub. L 89-64, 79 Stat
210 )

This section making criminal imparting of information known to be false
concerning attempt or alleged attempt to do act which would be crime
prohibited by this chapter was not unconstitutionally vague where it clearly
applies to facts of facts of particular case. (US v Rutherford, CA,NY, 1964,
332 F2d 444, certiorari denied 84 Sct 1922,  377 US 994, 12 L Ed 2d1046)

Statements within Section
Ficticious as well as false reports were intended to be covered by this
(U. S.  v  Allen,  C. A.  Conn, 1963, 317 F 2d 777)

3. Sufficiency
Evidence sustained conviction for violation of this section proscribing,
imparting or conveying false information. (US v  Rutherford, CA NY 1964,  332
F 2d 444, certiorari denied 845 ct 1922,  377 US 994, 12 L Ed 2d 1046)

Section 241 ˝  Conspiracy against rights of citizens
If two or more persons conspire to injure, oppress, threaten, or intimidate
any citizen in the free exercise or enjoyment of any right or privilege
secured to him by the Constitution or laws of the United States or because of
his having so exercised the same;

This section pertaining to conspiracy against rights of citizens encompasses
due process and equal protection clauses of USCA Const Amend 14 and is not
13/20 unconstitutional vague. (US v Guest, Ga, 1966, 86 Sct 1170,  383 US
745,  16 L Ed 2d 239)

     (Ex parte Yarborough,  Ga 1884, 4 Sct 152,  110 US 651,  28 L Ed 274)

The word ýconspireţ, as found in this section, making conspiracy against the
rights of citizens a crime,  is equivalent to the word ţwillfullyţ, and thus
this section is not unconstitutional for being vague or failing to state as
standard of guilt,  nor is an indictment thereunder charging that persons did
conspire for such purpose defective, on theory that it does not allege an
intent to commit offense. Id.

Rationale behind creation of crime of conspiracy to violate State and Federal
laws was belief by Congress that mere agreement among members of persons to
commit an offense was itself a danger to society demanding classification of
a crime,  and although an overt act is necessary for conviction, it is not
necessary to prove that conspiracy was successful. (U. S. v  Bonanno, DC  NY
1960, 180 F Supp 71)

Title 18, United States Code ˝ Section 1201 (Chapter 55) ˝ Kidnapping
Whoever unlawfully seizes, confines, inveigles, decoys, kidnaps, abducts, or
carries away and holds for ransom or reward or otherwise any person, except
      in the case of a minor by the parent thereof, when:

the person is willfully transported in interstate or foreign commerce;
any such act against the person is done within the special maritime and
territorial jurisdiction of the United States;
any such act against the person is done within the special aircraft
jurisdiction of the United States as defined in Section 101 (36) of the
Federal Aviation Act of 1958,  as amended ( 49 USC 1301 (36));  or
the person is a foreign official,  an internationally protected person,  or
an official guest as those terms are defined in section 1116 (b) of this
title,  shall be punished by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

With respect to subsection (a) (1), above, the failure to release the victim
      within twenty-four hours after he shall have been unlawfully seized,
      inveigled, decoyed, kidnapped, abducted, or carried away shall create a
      rebuttable  presumption that such person has been transported in
interstate or
      foreign commerce.

If two or more persons conspire to violate this section and one or more such
      persons do any overt act to effect the object of the conspiracy,  each
shall be
      punished by imprisonment for any term of years or for life.

Whoever attempts to violate subsection (a) (4) shall be punished by
      imprisonment for not more than twenty years,

If the victim of  an offense under subsection (a) is an internationally
Person, the United States may exercise jurisdiction over the offense if the
alleged offender is present within the United States, irrespective of the
place where the offense was committed or the nationality of the victim or the
alleged offender. [ See Federal Aviation Act of 1958 as to Gunpoint
Extradition on Swiss Air Commercial aircraft in United States air/marine
territory. ]

Common Law ˝ At common law, ýkidnapţ meant to take any act to carry
a person by force and against his will.
Constitutionality - Terms ýkidnapţ and ýholds for ransom or rewardţ  or
                        otherwise in this section proscribing kidnapping of a
foreign official or
                        internationally protected persons,  did not render
this section
                        unconstitutionally vague.

                   This section making interstate kidnapping a crime f victim
is held for ransom
                   or reward ý or otherwiseţ was intended to reach abductions
not motivated by
                   ransom or reward and its provisions not unconstitutionally
                   situations lacking the involuntariness of seizure and
detention which is the
                   essence of the crime of kidnappingÍ

Word ýkidnapţ has a technical meaning, is derived from the common law,  and
must be interpreted in light of its technical meaning at common law, and,
both under the common law and under this section, unless clearly modified
means to take and carry away any person by unlawful force or by fraud and
against his will.

This title/section adequately expressed intention of Congress to prevent
transportation in interstate or foreign commerce of persons who were
unlawfully restrained in order that captor might secure some benefit to

Í. was to extend federal jurisdiction under such former section to persons
who have been kidnapped and held,  not only for reward, but for any other

Í. was designed to punish one guilty of the transportation of a kidnapped
person in interstate commerce where the kidnapping was done for ransom or


Elements  of  offense  -  Generally
To prove guilt under this section, prosecution must establish transportation
in interstate commerce of an unconsenting person who was held for ransom or
reward or otherwise, such acts being done knowingly and willfully.

Elements to be established in Federal Kidnapping charge are: (1) the
transportation in interstate commerce, (2) of an unconsented person who is
(3) held for ransom or reward, or otherwise and (4) doing such acts knowingly
and willfully.

This section prohibits transportation in interstate commerce of persons who
were being unlawfully restrained in order that captor might secure some
benefit to himself.

While ýkidnappingţ at common law  means to forcibly abduct a person and to
carry him from one state into another state, term involves element of seizing
victim by force or fraud and against his will.

Purpose of kidnapping need not be for reward or pecuniary gain.

(42) A state may not lawfully try, convict and punish person brought within
its territorial confines by force and violence exercised by its officers in
violation of
this  section.  (Collins v Frisbie, C. A., Mich 1951)

ÍÍ. was not so uncertain that those accused thereunder would not know that
the charges constituted an offense. (US v Wilson, DC Mo 1947, 72 F Supp 812,
affirmed 176 F 2d 184,  certiorari denied 70 Sct 145, 2 mems, 338 US 870,  94
L Ed 533)







Per Wisconsin Statutes :-

s. 976.03,  Note 21 ˝ Foreign Countries
International extradition was based on treaties only, and thus any offense
which was not made extraditable by treaty between the nations involved was
not an extraditable offense. (14 Op.Atty.Gen 189 (1925))

The matter of extradition {of actual State of Wisconsin Non-residents} of
fugitives from {Wisconsin non-jurisdictional subject matter} justice who have
taken refuge in a foreign country is governed wholly by treaties between the
United States and such country.  ( 3 Op.Atty.Gen  830 (1914))

s. 976.03, Note 25  ˝  Fugitive  from  Justice  ˝  In  general
Person should be fugitive from justice in order to be extradited. (10
Op.Atty.Gen 831 (1921))  See U. S. Federal Court Dismissal of  fraudulently
obtained Fugitive Warrant,  manipulated and issued under State of Wisconsin
as authorized by the future  U. S. Presidential Candidate -  Wisconsin
Governor Tommy Thompson, Subterfuge and Perjury.

Section 242  -  Deprivation of rights under Color of Law
Whoever,  under color of any law,  statute, ordinance, regulation, or custom,
willfully subjects any inhabitant of any state,  territory or District to the
deprivation of any rights, privileges, or immunities secured or protected by
the Constitution or Laws of the United States.

Section 371  -  Conspiracy to commit offense of  to defraud United States

An agreement between state law enforcement officers and others to extort
money from inhabitants of the United States by causing their arrest and
imprisonment, without justification by such officers, and under color of
state law, constituted a ýCONSPIRACYţ  to commit an offense against the
United States in violation of this section of which Federal District Court
has jurisdiction. (Culp v USCA Ark 1942, 131 F 2 d 93).

As the American Populace fully aware of continuing ýmisconductţ in State and
Federal Government ˝ as well as Foreign Nations, the following must apply:-

Title 18, United States Code ˝ Section 1116  Murder or manslaughter of
foreign officials, official guests, or internationally protected persons.

As noted above, the State of Wisconsin refused this writer Medical Care for
my Heart* condition, that they created under the color of law and perjury,
and continuing to seize/freeze corporate and

personal assets to financially refuse medical surgery options for the
immediate hospitalization for surgical installation of the needed PACEMAKER.

Whoever kills or attempts to kill a foreign official, official guest, or
internationally protected person shall be punished as provided under section
      1111,  1112,  and 1113 of this title, and any such person who is guilty
       attempted murder shall be punished for not more than twenty years.

For the purposes of this section:
ýForeign governmentţ  means the government of a foreign country,
       irrespective of recognition by the United States.
ýForeign officialţ means ˝
A Chief of State or the political equivalent, President, Vice President,
      Prime Minister, Ambassador,  Foreign Minister, or other officer of
      Cabinet rank or above of a foreign government or the chief executive
      officer of an international organization,  or any person who has
      previously served in such capacity, and any member of his family,
      while in the United States;  and,
ý Internationally protected personţ means-
A Chief of State or the political equivalent, head of government, or Foreign
Minister whenever such person is in a country other than his own and any
member of his family accompanying him; or
Any other representative, officer, employee, or agent of the USG,  a foreign
government, or international organization who at the time and place concerned
is entitled pursuant to international law to special protection against
attack upon his person, freedom, or dignity,  and any member of his family
then forming part of his household.
If the victim of an offense under subsection (a) is an internationally
protected person,  the United States may exercise jurisdiction over the
offense if the alleged offender is present within the United States,
irrespective of the place where the offense was committed or the nationality
of the victim or the alleged offender.
In the course of enforcement of this section and any other sections
prohibiting a conspiracy or attempt to violate this section, the Attorney
General may request assistance from any Federal, State, or local agency,
including the Army, Navy, and Air Force, any statute, rule, or regulation to
the contrary notwithstanding.

Purpose ˝ Intention of this section was to implement fulfillment of
      of United States under two treaties,  and to do so completely.

4.  Conspiracy ˝ In prosecution for conspiracy to seize and confine a foreign
      official, government was not required to prove either that all the
      victims were foreign officials or that defendants had the specific
intention of
      seizing foreign  officials.

       Although regulation requires the Chief of Protocol of the State
       to maintain roster of names of persons who have been duly notified to
       United States as officers or employees of foreign governments,  the
       maintenance of such roster is not a condition precedent to effective
       notification of foreign official to the United States, for purposes of
this section.

As before your good offices is authorized to DEBIT our Suisse Corporate
Account No. 70849  at Banque SCS Alliance, Geneve, Switzerland for Suisse
francs 10,000 and CREDIT  per original bank instructions,  Deputy White House
Counsel Vincent Foster,  Jr.  fiduciary account at Credit Suisse Banque for
the amount of USDollars 125,000.00,  under Ms Elaine Guiraud fiduciary
signatory control on behalf of the Suisse controlled ˝ FGI Fiduciarie-conseil
operations,  Lausanne.

Please prepare the suggested proxy to commence Legal Action against the
Canton of Vaud,  Switzerand.  Please notify the Police de Surete of the
unreturned  6Ý940
franc suisses, as well as other personal belongings and corporate/USGovernment

All of my USGovernment actions,  including the U.S.S.R. ruble currency affair
were carried out with the full knowledge of my superiors.  I  personally do
not intend to be fraudulently used as a Human Sacrifice to deny  and cover-up
the working knowledge and shared responsibility of others.  Now without any
doubt, we have a conscious USGovernment policy of ignoring reality.

The American Public needs to learn what is really happening in the United
States and the Sovereign State of Wisconsin, so that Civil Tax Laws can be
accountable to a large and informed public,  and not just generated lawlessly
by delusional tax agents,  whose judgments are colored by their personal
needs and biases,  under the color of law.  To forcibly DRUG and IMPRISON  me
 to  collect  unknown  corporate and  personal non-residency income taxes  is
grossly CRIMINAL,   as well as a direct violation of my United States
Constitutional, Civil and Diplomatic Rights.

Once upon a time,  ý a decision which has long been regarded as the special
province of the Executive Branchţ -  charged by the U. S. Constitution to


[U. S. Const.,  Art II, Sec 3,  Id at 832,  105 S ct at 1656.  See also
Powell  v Katzenbach,  359 F 2d 234 (1965)  cert denied 384  U. S. 906,  86 S
ct 1341,
16 L Ed 2d 359 (1966)]

The overall cost of  closing your eyes to the State of WisconsinÝs Corruption
and Tax Conspiracy by acts of kidnapping/abduction on foreign sovereign soil
is beyond American traditions of Due Process and Equal Protection under our
United States Constitution, certainly exposing the Clinton Administration
complicity and open endorsement.

I was led to believe that at one time,  our United States of America
President William Jefferson Clinton had both the moral standing and the
means to ý back upţ  our U.  S. Constitution,  our Civil Rights,  and Guarded
Privileges,  under his personal World Leadership,  based on our USG
sanctioned ý De-stabilization  of  the  Evil Empire.ţ

May God save our Great Nation from inner destruction and Misuse and Abuse
of Power,  contrary to our Democratic Rule of Law and the U. S.  Constitution.

Respectfully yours,

AmeriTrust  Corporation,  Inc.

By: _______________________________________________
       Leo Emil Wanta,  Chairman and Chief Executive Officer

Aloha, He'Ping,
Om, Shalom, Salaam.
Em Hotep, Peace Be,
All My Relations.
Omnia Bona Bonis,
Adieu, Adios, Aloha.
Roads End

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