Hi Carl,

No problem, I ve set it but still is not working.

I just realized that I did a mistake, I m talking about the RaiseOnClick
function, not the Clicktofocus, so if I have the caps+numlock activated
at the same time : nothing happens when I click on a window to be
raised,  those windows can be raised only by clicking on their
titlebars, something is broken then on that function "RaiseOnClick".

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On 29/05/2022, Carl Svensson <c...@datagubbe.se> wrote:
> On Sun, 29 May 2022 11:54:46 +0200
> Carl Svensson <c...@datagubbe.se> wrote:
> Correcting myself:
>> Num Lock may be a different modifier on your system
> I think I'm mixing this up with something else.
> Num Lock should be m2 in all cases, as per the man page.
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> Carl Svensson

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