Stefan Monnier wrote:
>>> I decided to test ctwm with multiple displays.  I found that when
>>> I clicked the full screen button in netflix, it filled both monitors,
>>> so half of the picture was on the tv and half on the laptop which is
>>> connected to the tv. This isn't what happens with icewm.  I don't
>>> know if this is a bug or whether the concept of full screen is open
>>> to interpretation.  I am using google-chrome on debian 10.
> What if you ask Ctwm (rather than Netflix) to do the full screen?
> Does it also fill all monitors or just the current one?
>>> Which version of ctwm were you using?
>> 4.0.3
> Hmm... IIUC this version should support multiple screens, and in my
> experience, this does work the way you expect it rather than the way you
> describe, so we may need someone else's help here.
>         Stefan
This function:

Button3 =    : title        : f.fullzoom
RightTitleButton ":bitmapname" = f.fullzoom

has the same effect, i.e. the window stretches across both monitors.

I am using a legacy nvidia driver which might have some relevance.

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